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It really does suck missing some of the MCU’s new characters who are easily some of my favorites.

Kate, Maya, The Eternals, Shang-Chi, Wenwu, Xialing, Monica, Agatha, Sylvie, Mobius, Kang…

Plus updated costumes for Loki, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Clint, Sam, and Spider-Man.

Not to mention a second chance at some returning faces from No Way Home.

At least (most of) these characters are guaranteed to show up again, so hopefully there’s future releases.

Anybody have any decent quick custom recipes?

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As someone who grew up reading more DC than Marvel, the MCU has been somewhat of a re-introduction to that franchise for me. It's bad enough that we didn't get MCU characters like Whiplash and Silver Samurai. The lack of Minimates based on minority-led and dominated Marvel flicks (not to mention all those Spidey variants) is criminal.

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Since we're naming supernaturals, here are a couple of 6-figure boxed sets that fit the broad theme:



Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange 1970s Masked [I'd take a Red Defender too]

Dormammu Classic

Shuma Gorath



Ancient One (comics)

Brother Voodoo Classic

Dracula (Tomb of Dracula)

Black Talon

Wong (comics)

Son of Satan

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I also apologize -- I realize I got way off topic and forgot this is an MCU focused thread.

The fun thing is that many of these would still be relevant as MCU releases, with the exception of:

Gargoyle, Clea, Black Talon

If we want to go full multiverse, Brother Voodoo's brother technically appeared in the first Doctor Strange movie, Dracula was in Blade III and Son of Satan had his own (crappy) Hulu series.


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1 hour ago, DSTZach said:

Does TV count? We have a Disney+ TV-based 6-pack coming up, but it may not be what anyone expects. Still cool, though. 

a “What If” set? or GOTG Xmas special?

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23 hours ago, bilbofett said:

I would want 2 main characters from the live action shows, i.e. Scarlet Witch(final costume), Any Vision or Agatha. Loki and Sylvie. Moon Knight and Harrow. Sam as Cap.

i was also thinking (hoping for) a variety pack!

it’s for a D+ series or it’s on D+? are the X-men animated ‘mates still up in the air?

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7 hours ago, fwoosheyman said:

Most of the D+ shows really only have  one/two characters that would make good minimates. The rest would be boring civilians.  

I'm not entirely sure which Marvel characters appeared on Disney +, costumed . 

I am entirely sure that the Netflix Minimates weren't as popular as DST might have hoped , I am being polite .

One of those Netlix box-sets commands a premium on & that is probably because it was produced in fewer numbers . I cannot confirm that with any certainty ....except that I'm usually right:sick::laugh: .  

I see a lot of Netflix 'mates on UK ebay , often a sign that secondary sellers are buying from UK discount stores who have had dumps of unsold US stock , similar to the current WG glut .

Netflix Minimates are abundant on US ebay at nigh on original price,apart from the one I have mentioned .  Personally I felt that the Netflix 'mates were well produced,full of accessories but ultimately civilians.

Netflix ain't Disney so I hope we get some costumed Minimates because costumed minimates are what I feel are the 'mates that people desire . I could have just posted just that last sentence but I was in the mood.


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To answer your question, here’s the reasonably interesting looking characters I remember from each show that we haven’t gotten already

I’d spoiler tag it but it seems I’ve forgotten how  I tried three edits to get it going but nothing  




Sam Wilson Captain America, The Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Halloween versions of Scarlet Witch, Vision, and their children, Agatha Harkness, Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, Khonshu, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, pretty much the entirety of What If but particularly Watcher and Captain Carter, Sylvie, Classic Loki, Alligator Loki, Kid Loki, TVA Loki, He Who Remains 

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