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  1. Goblin Queen I don't think I'll ever read that name without a smile forming .....double entendre or what ?
  2. I'm told* that a water/ baking soda paste is the way to go . I would avoid rubbing too hard on any tampo'd areas . * I am old & believe most everything I am told The old c3 'mates were prone to this & (also) years ago I had an old TV remote that literally stuck to my hand .......this was due to the plastic ,nothing to do with which TV channels I watch BTW Always read your posts though before posting .....spellcheck decided that I had meant to type ......"I would avoid rubbing too hard on any tampon areas "
  3. Oops ....Kinder is Italian (Multinational) I almost got hooked on collecting Kinder Minion figures .....almost !
  4. No attempt at humour in the following , I'm deadly serious :- I'm occasionally caught out by my Englishness on a predominantly American forum so I need to be specific & I do not intend to be patronising in the following daydream . In the UK it is a tradition at Easter to gift kids chocolate 'Easter eggs' , I am unsure whether this is traditional in the US ,if it is then skip the next bit ...or the whole post if you like A chocolate Easter egg can be just about any size but generally it is a standard size , about the size of an adult's hand & consist of a thin shell of chocolate . These are then wrapped in ornate aluminium foil & thence into generally beautifully ,themed,printed boxes . These are 'big business' , BIG business. Often these eggs contain 'whatever/gifts/chocolates' idea that a US company called Kinder make by the million . I don't live in the US so I'm unsure whether Kinder do eggs this size . So in my daydream Nickelodeon are approached with this idea , they make an Easter egg ,which is in essence a TMNT Blimp , an ornately foil -wrapped incarnation . I leave it to anybody left reading this post to guess what I'd pack inside the chocolate egg !
  5. Wow !! No suggestions from me about your next project -blimpheadsmate
  6. Trivia time . Most everything in my toy/Minimate collection,in the last 20 years,has arrived in the post,packaged from the USA & Japan . Consequently I have a pretty unique collection of x-acto knives & box-cutters that have been included (accidentally) in my packages . I have several Further irony is that it is very difficult to buy any sort of 'knife' or 'blade' on UK eBay /many other online stores. Asleep yet ?
  7. Wave 84 Yellow DD will probably go down in Marvel Minimate history as the longest-awaited updated Minimate of all time . 20+ years ! You could obviously argue that there have been several DDs but Yellow DD is IMHO , iconic . Iconic enough to be in the very first Marvel Wave. Firestar must be the next longest-awaited .
  8. You got it ! I was thinking that the 'eggshell' could be made in 2 halves ,packed in 2 halves*, & then assembled by the purchaser . Then again ....that's what Cylon said ! Eggsactly . *difficult to explain but does .....(( ????
  9. Only 'big' if you want it to be big . The minimate vehicle design 'model' has always been 'deformed' so I was thinking keep it similar size to nigh on everything else . Other Blimps are nice but too big to go on a shelf.
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