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  1. The DVD set was released between the releases of box sets 1 & 2 . I personally found that odd . Pure conjecture on my part , if sales of the second release ....the DVD set ...were sluggish then (perhaps) a decision was made (at the top) to decrease the production on 'Box set 2' ? I'm pointing that out because Box set 2 is (as far as I can see) completely unobtainable anywhere whilst the 'DVD' & 'Box set 1' are still plentiful.
  2. You're right &, I agree, it's best to just say that it update. I always felt that that Minimate & it's packman 'Colossus' had their belts way too high on their bodies , always looked weird to me.
  3. The movie Wolverine is likely to be very yellow , similar to several comic incarnations but none that are totally like this movie design. The movie design features sleeves & gloves , whilst some Minimate Wolverines feature sleeves most don't & no existing 'yellow' version has sleeves . What I'm suggesting is a subtly designed Minimate that follows a comic look yet leans heavily on the movie look , just chuck a couple of yellow spare arms into the packaging BTW I don't feel a specific Deadpool 3 pack would be well-received especially after the way Deadpool 2 'mates ended up.
  4. I was looking for somewhere to put my question & immediately found my dumb statement above , nevertheless I'll ask it here . With the latest Deadpool movie arriving soon ,with perhaps the last time we'll see Jackman as Wolverine, what's the likelihood of getting a very 'yellow' Wolverine ? We're unlikely to see further Movie MInimates in the near-future but from what I'm reading & seeing Wolverine's movie suit is likely to be inspired heavily from one (or several) of his comic costumes. There's an opportunity there to exploit this by producing a comic Wolverine that most-resembles the movie Wolverine . I'm not happy with the Wolverines we have.
  5. Oddly enough I was looking at some (C3) yesterday on eBay ....the worst minifigures ever made
  6. That's a great picture of a great bunch of Minimates . I take my hat off to DST despite my previous criticisms .
  7. A lovely set. Do I perceive some articulation in Ham , torso & head ?
  8. When I consider the tooling that has been necessary to produce many other lines , would I be right in thinking that GI Joe tooling would be considered minimal ? As I gradually tune myself in to all the characters in the Joe Universe there seems to be very few characters that command the comment "he'll be difficult to make, think of the tooling " ? I'm also not totally convinced that all the guns, knives & nunchakus we get are necessary , all very nice but ... Correct me if I'm wrong but the original GI Joe character was a guy that was naked & you dressed him up, Minimates don't generally work like that ...they generally get their clothes painted on. All that might seem pretty obvious but maybe that's why they ain't doing as well as we'd all hope ? Maybe the 'dressing up' bit was the whole bloody idea ? I could say the similar about Transformer Minimates that.. er.. don't transform. From a manufacturer's point of view , perhaps I'm woefully naive, but I would have thought that GI Joe was, compared to licenses like TMNT ,Muppets or even Marvel ......relatively simple ? They're paint-jobs & it's been a long time since anybody complained about the quality of Minimate paintwork, it's superb .
  9. I can honestly say, after reading through that lot, that I finally understand why this line could be huge . Thank you. My brutally harsh comments about this line are not intended to sink it , I wish it well .
  10. I understand Zach's tactic of "not understanding " he's often used it when replying to my posts . The term 'Bread & Circuses ' , it's basically ' superficial appeasement' & the reference to Kirk fits . Am I right 'cylonchaney'? I also understand 'supply & demand' but I just can't fathom how further releases of Joe & Transformers are justified when, as far as I can see, the earlier sets are plentiful, available (unsold?) & generally discounted? The fans might want further releases but surely the retailers are sceptical?
  11. Hey Onyx , I somehow missed your post , thank you for the great offer October ...New York ? Maybe maybe
  12. I am aware that there are GI Joe 'forums' (HissTank) , what's the opinion there ?
  13. I am loath to post in this thread because I have failed to embrace GI Joe Minimates in the way some of my fellow-members do so ...believe it or not....I have often bitten my tongue (idiom not idiot) . I want all Minimate lines to succeed & for what it's worth I support any minimate line accordingly including Joemates. I'm also not seeking to prod the bear but I'm sure as hell that I will so ..... Initially GI Joe 'mates were/are too expensive ,especially the footlockers . I respect the decision to go up that road but it didn't work . I could say that that is 'in my humble opinion' but I shan't be humble about my reason for saying that ....all of the first 3 releases are still readily available online priced way below the original asking price . The 4th release is not so plentiful (as far as I can tell) but what is available remain at their original recommended price. I have no special gift for 'knowing' but the 4th release was perhaps released in fewer numbers , I will add no question mark to that remark. Repetition of characters which re-utilise tooling is standard in almost every Minimate line , notoriously in the promotion of the Battle Beast line which, for me, became extremely tiresome & almost embarrassing . The Joe line doesn't appear to employ a huge amount of unique tooling so why the repitition ? That said the Battle Beast line for example could have been huge but it became evident that existing Battle Beast toy collectors just weren't interested . Are GI Joe collectors interested in GI Joe Minimates... I honestly don't know ? Are minimate collectors interested in GI Joe ?
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