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  1. Eaglemoss have a Dropship up for pre-order .......but at 200mm long it's not going to be minimate scale .
  2. "Plato's Stepchildren" might also fit into that statement . -buttmostlyawake
  3. I'd say they were similar in respect of no limb-joints . I think the heads are longer & the legs are shorter,the hands are different & there are no tell-tale holes on the top of the feet. The Disney kubricks (7 waves ) had kubrick style feet,legs,arms & hands ,most everything else is unique moulded heads ,bodies etc. & look nothing like typical kubricks. These Adventurer figures are perhaps what many people think of as 'typical kubricks'
  4. Not bootlegs ,official Disney merchandise They aren't too special IMHO but somebody here might be interested in the tiger
  5. A valid point although I question most ? Leg articulation (with Minimates in general) is a sore subject with me , so many minimates have separate feet parts for almost no reason at all ( unless you want to pose the feet 'a la penguin' or Charlie Chaplin .....whilst many others have rigid 'bootlike' appendages which are totally inarticulate ( TMNT /Iron Man etc.etc.) !? Then there's the Minimate knee joint that will only bend 90 degrees .....a gentle redesign to increase the angle would make so much difference to poseability but it seems like I'm the only person that it bothers.
  6. I'm not sure whether I can voice a supportive voice..or not... for the Shang-Chi movie & subsequent Minimates . It's been fairly obvious...leastways from my perspective ....that DST's Minimate direction has been completely rudderless for somewhile f@cking years.
  7. OK you got me with the IMTTA box set . That said I'd like to add that, out of the many Iron Man 'mates that we have had, very few are 'yellow' . Whether or not the DIAB comic version is actually yellow it is yellow in my memories About the closest is the 10th.anniversary Best of version (?)
  8. I yearn for a 'Demon in a bottle' Iron Man minimate ......whether or not he could be classed as a 'missed opportunity' is debatable but he was... .....generally legless. Great comic run.
  9. We'll see whether or not my new openness is going to be a good idea or not . I have an Elf Spock army which,when decanted from their life-support baggies, are ready to take on just about anybody "boldly going" . How big is the army ?
  10. I shan't give up but this is obviously not the right platform for my discussion.
  11. ...& the dough . What a great set of mates they were I wonder if any of his tooling remains available for re-use ?
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