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  1. Yeah, now that I got another look at Logan, I might need a couple sets of those, too.
  2. Series 81 is due to ship this fall. Series 82 hasn't been solicited yet. But, yeah, only concept art and no prototypes shown yet? That's... concerning.
  3. Yup. I'll be wanting two of those Deadpool (Deadpool 2?) sets. Hopefully they show up in my area someday.
  4. That's good news. Maybe they're moving to 6-packs, which would be fine with this completist and probably retailers but not so much for the apple-pickers. Anything but blind packaging.
  5. Disappointing but not surprising, all things considered. I'm just glad they haven't been canceled.
  6. I'm with Mr. Chaney. While there are an abundance of untapped (and IMO viable) remaining Kirk variants to anchor a number of SKUs, I'd sooner see DST jump into the 24th century and cover TNG, DS9, and VOY. Assuming they still have the rights to offer 2" scale block-style figures, of course.
  7. I recall stories from DeForest Kelley and James Doohan about how fans had told them that McCoy and Scotty had inspired them to become doctors or engineers. But the stories from Nichelle Nichols weren't about fans inspired by Uhura to go into communications. It was about how important it was to see a Black person as a valued member of the crew, sitting on the bridge with the other officers, as an officer. I didn't expect it to be such a big deal 50 years later but here we are.
  8. True. If anything can generate more interest at retail, it's a well done series. Let's hope it's of the same caliber as The Mandalorian. Now I'm wondering if DST has a license to continue making Minimates. Not that they can't reacquire it from their friends at Disney. 😎
  9. I have at least one smaller dropship that's fine as a background prop for photos. I was really hoping Lanard would get around to offering one for their Walmart Alien line like they did with the APC. That would probably scale great with Minimates.
  10. Understood. But Star Trek has been injecting woke political statements into its stories from the beginning. The bridge of the Enterprise represented the United Nations. They were all cultural stereotypes but it was a significant first step toward representation and the hope that we could all work together. (McCoy's southern xenophobia notwithstanding.) You're right about the fates of Pike and Spock. However, that's why I'm looking forward to new characters. Plus, "it's not the destination, it's the journey." Even knowing that Pike and Spock won't be in danger of dying, I'm interested to see how they deal with whatever strange new situations they find themselves in. I just enjoy watching characters like Spock and Number One interact in a broken turbolift. Also, my ideal Star Trek takes place aboard the Enterprise, regardless of the crew, so I'm hopeful. Optimism, Mr. Chaney. πŸ––πŸ€“
  11. JJ is really good at getting the ball rolling. He's done okay with the Mission: Impossible franchise but, I agree, Into Darkness was a disappointment. Beyond felt like a solid episode. That said, I still think Star Trek belongs on the small screen. Recent shows have proven they don't need a Hollywood blockbuster budget to have a cinematic quality. I was watching Discovery and one of my kids sat down thinking it was a movie. I have high hopes for Strange New Worlds.
  12. That wouldn't bother me if it was laden with army-builders but the idea of blind packaging kills any interest I have for this line. I'll gladly buy a counter display but I need to know what I'm getting. And don't go all Age of Ultron with it and load it with too many good guys and not enough bad guys.
  13. I wouldn't mind if DST offered something like this but the price would have to be significantly lower. 😳
  14. Same! I wouldn't mind a Silver Samurai either, although I'd lament it wasn't properly scaled. More armors from Iron Man 3 would be welcome.
  15. Depending on how well the next assortment of animated Marvel 'mates sell for Walgreens, they may ask for more MCU waves.
  16. Loki is getting a second season. Looking forward to seeing all the Funko Pop! assortments and pining for Minimates. [woefully kicks can down the road]
  17. Speaking of companies that make promises they don't keep, it seems Paramount is adapting DST's business model of announcing projects but not following through. Yet another Star Trek film is on its way! No, really. They mean it this time. It'll be out just in time to tie in with the release of the long-awaited Enterprise-C.
  18. I’m not surprised. The Eternals has all the vibe of the second coming of The Inhumans, which was an unwatchable train wreck thanks to Marvel turning the project over to Ike Perlmutter. That said, I’d have bought the Minimates.
  19. I'll say it. It's dead, Jim. While I'm interested to see what Playmates offers this time around, I'm sad that any future Minimates added to my collection will have to be customs. πŸ–– πŸ˜”
  20. If the board software had a Like feature, this comment might have broken it.
  21. I wouldn't mind if the pilot was "leaked." Even WB put out the Aquaman pilot.
  22. That's a little disappointing. My Steve Rogers Minimate will have to continue apartment hunting.
  23. Congrats to the winners and thanks again, Zach. πŸ€“πŸ‘
  24. Nice! I contemplated using Jillian Holtzman or Crimson Viper for Bobbi Morse just because of the amber spectacles. What I'd really like is an Agents of SHIELD Mockingbird to go with my MCU 'mates.
  25. I doubt we'll get any. DST has passed entirely on the last couple Spidey-flicks so it's pretty obvious who fwipped in Chuck's cereal.
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