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  1. Thanks for the support, i too enjoy that Mute button(that's just my opinion) ,but ill say no more lest someone think i'm making threats. Peace
  2. Yes, so honest question, what was wrong with the way i voiced my opinion, was it the F word?( i've seen the same or worse on here many times) looking at my original post i stated that I felt this was a F U to long time collectors, nothing more.
  3. I never said and don't think the set was designed to exclude anyone,that would be stupid for any company to do, and don't put words in my mouth, i never said or implied anything like that. However being this is a SDCC exclusive, at a higher price point, and sold exclusively online it is more targeted to adult collectors rather than children or casual buyers, unlike rehashes sold at walgreens at $8, and to not in some way make this appeal to them is a mistake, that's the difference, and why i still think it is a "fuck you" to long time collectors. i call 'em as i see 'em and that's the way i
  4. be careful you risk the scorn of the internet with your words of dissatisfaction.
  5. All i ever said was I didn't like the set, not that others couldn't or shouldn't. it was others that made/are still making it personal.
  6. "You've gotten really heated at almost anything these days" i commented on one thing, then people want to call me out for my opinion, thats on them. Zach obviously was butt hurt that i didnt care for the new set and used "fuck you" many times in his post as a way to single me out ( i said it once), maybe we should be concerned for him I appreciate your concern, but im good
  7. Scalpers? those who are late to Minimates? cardboard collectors?
  8. the set does nothing for those of us who have supported this line for years thats a FUCK YOU, but more importantly is YOUR comment that makes it that much more obvious that DST doesnt give a FUCK about long time fans, and for you to make such a statement on a site like this that is primarily inhabited by long time fans and then to be surprised by the reaction is just sad. it seems like you have a grasp of alot of scenarios, that would be met with dissatisfaction from "fans" why not try doing something different then? -Some people
  9. So @$50 gets you 6 rehashed mates and some fancy cardboard? Wow!
  10. Another big Fuck you from DST to those of us who aren't late to Minimates.
  11. Am i not reading this right? isnt that 3 days?
  12. right. like we would ever get any kind of news story or pre notice of the line ending, someday the line will end and we probably wont even realize it for awhile.
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