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  1. I‘m in for any version of TMNT and these look great but $35 for 4 minimates is price I fear will keep a lot of people away.
  2. That’s good news. I definitely would like some villains and Putties to go w the Rangers. if anyone is looking to pick up the first set it’s currently only $20 on Amazon.
  3. not that I don’t find it entertaining but I don’t think a company employee engaging in a “comments war” with customers on a fan board is the best thing. Also, a non-public discussion between the company and social media influencer(s) could be a good thing to clear things up since both want the same thing (minimates selling well).
  4. Very nice, the minimates and package designers have been doing amazing work.
  5. Instead of doing things like simplifying the packaging to reduce the price of gijoe boxsets to be in line w other sets, stop releasing the same characters over and over or an army builder boxset the decision was to do not one but two older/more obscure boxsets. 🤯 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again DST management makes horrible choices time and time again when it comes to minimates (Trek, KH, DC) I sure hope this works or the retailer comes through. GIJOE mates have been my favorite of the hasbro lines and the one w best potential to last a long time. As others have said this is a total disappointment and sure looks like a death blow.
  6. Could it be the reason the vhs pack sold better is they are cartoon colors instead of metallic? I don’t know about how others feel but I prefer the cartoon colors over the the metallic. The colors are vibrant and they look more how I remember the characters. Also turning transformers into minimates is a tough task. It really reduces the articulation and some don’t translate to minimates well.
  7. Ok I’m confused. Leo & Mikey are shown with their weapons on the box art but the swords and nunchucks aren’t listed as included and there’s no pictures of them. Did DST really release a set w no Leo swords and no Mikey chucks?
  8. I’m not surprised no one covered the panel just for minimates but given all the licenses/products DST makes I would think their panel would get some coverage.
  9. I can’t believe that no one on the internet covered the DST panel and there’s no info/pics except one marvel minimates picture.
  10. Nice team choice and lineup for the next marvel set. Would have preferred another new character over Marvel Boy but he’s from the Young Avengers comic at that time and it’s been 13 yrs since the first one so it’s ok.
  11. This is a big disappointment. 4 repaint zombies, spidey w cape and a glorified accessory for $50 is a pass. It comes off as a low effort but max profits set. As others have said the most exciting thing is the possibility of making a mr freeze custom. This just makes me miss MCU mates more. A “What If” set should have included Captain Carter, Ultron and the Watcher.
  12. Always wanted wrestling minimates, so I’m All In for these. Good pick up DST.
  13. If it’s TV show related no idea who it could be. If it’s a comic character I’m hoping for Kwinn or Dr Venom.
  14. Wasn’t a Joe then it had to be Hasbro wanting Crystal Ball removed from the pack and replaced w Raptor.?
  15. Most of the D+ shows really only have one/two characters that would make good minimates. The rest would be boring civilians. A variety 6-pack once/twice a year with costumed heroes/villains would be good way to release them.
  16. Please bring back those 87 cartoon minimates. They were so well done and there’s lots more retro/87 TMNT product then 5 yrs ago. Interest seems higher now.
  17. I like the new boxset design and I’m ok w the $50 price. Hopefully this does well and we can get back to a consistent flow of Marvel minimates. The whole 1-2 waves per year doesn’t come off as a line that’s doing well. 3-4 big box sets w a few 4packs per year sure would be nice.
  18. Zach stated the SDCC exclusive announcement got bumped from Dec so the Jan announcement is probably them. They will be in fancier packaging so that will result in higher prices. As for the license announcement who knows there’s so much stuff out there. Just hoping it’s something good.
  19. I’m just confused as to why DST has the new box set listed at $29.99 on their own online store. Is it an error or should we all just buy direct and save some money?
  20. Ouch that’s a big price increase. The power rangers/transformers 4packs are $30. This packaging design is nice but for an additional $10 I’d expect the packaging to be resealable (both the box and each card).
  21. Got the 1st box set today and they are quite nice. Packaging is very sharp as well. I did find that Optimus looks better with Bee’s face underneath the helmet. The eyes are better proportioned and it gives him his nose ridge. I’m curious why they changed from animation colors to metallics. Did hasbro demand the change or did DST change it? Either way is fine with me as long as it’s consistent.
  22. The Deadpool set is very nice and I’m sure will sell well. The Logan set is a total dud. With all the other movie choices or even another Deadpool movie set (Colossus, Cable, Domino, grey/dirty Deadpool) would be more interesting than two civilian mates. Those civilian Logan sets from The Wolverine were huge peg warmers.
  23. I agree 100%. However, Hasbro is making unmade characters and filling in the gaps. Give me some movie-mates of characters/costumes that haven’t been made and I’m all in. Even if they are packed w some re-releases.
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