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  1. My guess: Clone Saga Ben Reilly Kaine Doc Ock? Jackal Judas Traveller?
  2. Yeah but not in the 90s. They’re probably remaking this.
  3. AHA. A remake of the second Reilly suit then!
  4. Bring in Nightcrawler and Colossus and I don’t even need an X-Men movie anymore. This show is nailing it so well that like… they should just make more of this.
  5. Given that Lego doesn’t do a god damn thing with their DC license… it’s a sad sad situation.
  6. I hate children very much. But I hate parents far more.
  7. Oh that’s an idea. I’ll have to find a Joe
  8. I’ve been going back and filling in what I was missing. Now I’ve got all the available titans and really wish I had the customizing skills to make Beast Boy. He really is a big glaring hole. Aqualad would be nice too. I will say it was nice that we got so many lead characters in the line we got. And solid villains.
  9. Zach’s quote from the Daredevil page was this: “Series 86 is based on a 1990s storyline, and has two new characters, plus one who has only been done animated.” Now he’s confirmed it’s also Spider-Man which means I’m doubling down on this being Clone Saga. Jackal’s coming, baby!
  10. A very merry birthday to our favorite crack dealer.
  11. It came off surprisingly easily for mine.
  12. Yeah I wouldn’t think so but it is a very famous episode of Spider-Man, would give us that Ben Reilly outfit we haven’t gotten since early waves, and honestly what other 90s designs still hold up anyway?
  13. Wait a second is it the goddamn clone saga? Because Jackal is also animated only.
  14. Was there a 1990s Inhumans based story? Medusa is animated only.
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