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  1. God Age of Ultron was such a golden age of MCU minimates. I don’t think anyone who mattered got skipped. When the biggest possible complaint is that “Hawkeye’s Wife and Maria Hill got skipped” you really did nail it.
  2. I’ll keep a look out myself. I’ll have to start making the Walgreens rounds again especially when that Juggernaut drops.
  3. I accept this logic. sooooo wen we gettin em?
  4. Hey @DSTZach did you forget Deadpool was in XMOW too?
  5. Gorr? … is… he still purchasable or did I miss out?
  6. He was the first ever Deadpool Minimate after all. Assuming Ivan has everything in chronological order on his Database.
  7. Aye but NTW hasn’t and neither has Laura.
  8. God I’d love some Lower Decks stuff. I haven’t been this instantly attached to a Trek crew since DS9.
  9. Civil Warrior is just neat enough for me to want one. I’m in.
  10. While I understand the pushback against the Logan set I’m all in for it. Mostly because Logan is the best film of the entire XCU and I’m excited to have minimates that represent it. If they do more from Logan I’d like a two pack of Professor X and Caliban. I also want some Deadpool in my life and that set looks delightful.
  11. Just wanted to reiterate how stupid ass excited I am for this and 81.
  12. Hoookay then... do I need it? No do I want it? Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah
  13. Yaknow I originally ordered just one pack out of this wave. But now this has me reconsidering. I wanna see Sable in full before I decide but man. That’s neat.
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