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  1. I’ve got so many Minimates waiting to ship with that Ronin set. It’s about to be a tidal wave.
  2. Thanks bro! I’d love to see either the new characters or the Old Man Ghostbusters. I do hope we could get one set from Afterlife so we can have Ghost Egon.
  3. So that trailer for the next Ghostbusters looks damn awesome. Who’s in for a #bringbackghostbusters campaign? Ill start. @DSTZach could you ask your buddies to bring back the Ghostbusters?
  4. Especially if you’re getting Zords. The Godzilla Vinimates will make badass Zord scale enemies.
  5. Yay! I’ve got a few Loose Fridays worth of mates coming to me with the Last Ronin which I’m quite excited to finally get.
  6. I just want to acknowledge how well thought out this chart is with plenty of examples and a relatively good flow. Well done. Also you mentioning you’re a woman got me wondering about the demographics of our community. I honestly kinda assumed everyone really active on here was a dude. Maybe we could set up some kind of anonymous survey. See how far and wide our community goes.
  7. I feel the same. Snyder is extremely hit or miss for me and I need to know which I’m getting.
  8. Announced by Chuck at AskDST and slated for a reveal at NYCC our next property is Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon! Now we can stop highjacking the Joe thread and talk here.
  9. Paint the Movie Mandarin perhaps? Hail Ivan
  10. I don’t think I’d get MCU mates if they started making them again. Part of the appeal for me was how thorough the collection was. They may miss a character or two from a movie but they didn’t miss a movie until FFH. Now we’ll be missing such a huge list of characters and looks that starting again feels pointless. A reasonably thorough list of one-off characters that’ll stay missing unless they do sets from already released films and shows Conqueror Kang, Wenwu, Mysterio, the Elementals, Electro, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Gorr, Mighty Thor, He Who Remains Kang, Kevin Bacon, Scarlet Witch Wanda (maybe), every member of the Illuminati, Ramonda, Gravik (which is honestly fine), Ikaris, The High Evolutionary, Ralph Bohner, Harrow, Ammit. This of course doesn’t count characters who we will probably see again enough that they could get future minimates (Namor, Moon Knight, Shang Chi, Kamala, Kate, Man Thing, Jack Russell) or characters who have a reasonable stand in from previous minimates (FNSM, ASM, Lizard, Sandman) It’s just missing too much. Our previous MCU woes were missing, like, a single look from a movie. Final Battle Whiplash comes to mind, or Fat Thor. Or if we did miss a character they weren’t actually in the movie very long like Janet Van Dyne. They even managed to make an Ego Minimate which even Lego completely dropped the ball on for Guardians 2. MCU was thorough and often gorgeous for Minimates. But like I said, it’s missing too much. But it was an EXCEPTIONAL run while it was a thing.
  11. I think that satchel is somewhere in Walking Dead as well. Glenn maybe? Or an early Rick. Either way, probably cheaper than getting it in that Deadpool set. EDIT. Officer Rick or the Days Gone Bye box set.
  12. Kang, yes. Very much so. There are some more options for Juggernaut but the only genuinely good looking Juggernaut is one of the rarest non-promo releases of Marvel.
  13. Agreed. I assure you, one of each of your favorite characters is adequate for a Minimate collection. I just hope for your sake your favorite characters aren’t Juggernaut and Kang.
  14. Nah man usually nothing scales. The X-Mansion is likely to be directed specifically toward minifigs and therefore Minimates will look really damn huge. Rivendell was this big premium set that was definitively an exception. And even then you can’t really use the original LOTR line in there because of the 2.5inch scale.
  15. Eyyyy IGN has an article out on these now and they’re so pretty. Especially Elektra. It also says Preorders open on Friday!
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