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  1. 🙄 I'd come around more often if DST offered anything I was interested in collecting. I used to live here but with so many Minimates properties being abandoned (MCU, Alien, Star Trek...) there's nothing in the current catalog that's hooking me. I'm glad stuff like pro wrestling and Joe seem to be working out for the brand. But when I see what should have been done with Trek years ago being applied now (and successfully) to fucking Power Rangers... 😖 Does DST still have the Trek license? No one seems to be able to answer that simple question.
  2. I'd keep aliens in episode-specific SKUs with a variant main character. Depending on the alien it could also be a standalone army-builder set.
  3. I don't hate Barclay (much) but O'Brien and definitely the better choice. Yar would need to be included in a first season set. Not sure who an alternate noggin would go to given her more voluptuous tampo. Probably a guest star. And of course they'd offer yet another Picard though I'd rather see his head in another set from First Contact. Put him in the spacesuit with an alternate Worf head and a couple Hawk heads (one assimilated).
  4. I see this yay shot and can't help imagining Data with alternate hands and head for Barclay, Worf with an alternate head for Geordi, Riker with an alternate head for Wesley, and Crusher with an alternate head for Troi.
  5. Iron Man is still my favorite MCU flick, the one that faithfully started it all. The rest are in no particular order: Black Panther Captain America: Winter Soldier Black Widow Spider-Man: No Way Home The Incredible Hulk Thor Avengers: Endgame Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Ant-Man My favorite comic book flick ever is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It makes me believe that all comic book adaptations could be animated in a more stylized way and be just as entertaining as the abundance of photorealistic animation used in "live-action" films, if not better. It also had a top-notch score and soundtrack. A new bar was set with that movie.
  6. McFarlane's line is often referred to as 7" scale. It isn't. Based on images I've seen of different characters posed together, the figures are just 7" tall. I'm too much of a stickler for scale to fall into Todd's tarpit. That said, I'd also be all over a Super Powers Collection-inspired line of DC Minimates, even though I already own most of those 'mates.
  7. Hiya Toys is "brovely [sic] going where no man has gone before" according to their social media pages. They're mostly known for their highly detailed, fully poseable 1:18 scale action figures and the occasional vehicle. No product announcements yet but I'd be surprised if they got the 2" scale block figure category away from DST.
  8. I'm guessing the yellow Daredevil is DST's excuse not to offer an MCU version like the one that appeared in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Not that DST has shown any interest in recapturing the market introduced to Marvel through feature films and Disney+ shows. (Okay. Zombies were thrown a bone with a What If...? SKU.)
  9. Today is the 30th anniversary of DS9. It doesn't appear to be getting much attention from the studio beyond social media. I wonder how the new Playmates line is performing. Target is treating it as an adult collectible, merchandising the figures amongst NECA, Bandai, and Super7. It'll be odd seeing Prodigy toys there.
  10. How would DST find out? In my experience that's what a marketing professional would be tasked with. Would DST come up with digital renders of the Minimates and maybe the packaging to show retailers? Would they offer pre-orders through Previews?
  11. There's no doubt in my mind MacFarlane adores Trek. I agree; the tone shifted in the last season, ironically once the show was put behind the dreaded paywall. 😁 I wouldn't mind seeing him develop an actual Trek series though I'd prefer the aesthetic to be more contemporary. Those late-80s/early-90s production values are another part of the cringe. And yes, I'm missing out. Amazon Prime is one of the streamers I don't have but I keep hearing The Expanse is consistently satisfying.
  12. Yeah, Fox has never done any favors to the genre when it comes to promoting such series. However, I have to take exception with Orville being "very serious." He's got a terrific group of creators who are giving him great Trek material but it still seems like MacFarlane then injects his low-brow humor wherever he can. The tone often feels off and out of place, which is what makes me cringe. It reminds me of having an engaging, philosophical discussion in college and the kid who was the class clown in middle school throws in a fart joke just so he can say he was part of the conversation. Forced humor makes me cringe, like Jar Jar stepping in poop. The material deserves better.
  13. I call The Orville "Cringe Trek." I was totally open to something like Galaxy Quest but Seth MacFarlane's love letter to the franchise is clearly more an homage to early TNG than a parody.
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