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  1. True convention exclusives were what drove me away from collecting Playmates Star Trek line. They were produced in such low quantities and only sold at a couple conventions so obscure that I can't even recall where. All I know is that it made the hobby more frustrating than fun. Full disclosure: I'm historically a completist. That usually only applies to figures, not packaging. Exceptions are rare since I'm an opener. Show me some really fun, clever packaging and I'll buy the product even if I already have one. This Vader figure, for example. Lately, "exclusives" aren't necessarily d
  2. A double-decker of Cylon skinjobs! 🤓 👍
  3. Walgreens seems pretty keen on NBX at least once a year. Marvel might be an evergreen but NBX has shown up every Halloween for as long as I can recall.
  4. It'd be great if the Nightmare Before Christmas characters had a variety of expressions that intentionally lent themselves to stop-motion.
  5. Deluxe Kirk with a '65 Corvette Stingray. Deluxe Kirk with Corvette Mako Shark. Deluxe Kirk with PX70 Motorcycle Deluxe Kirk with "Shore Leave" Tiger!
  6. I'd be happier if it weren't a convention exclusive. If it brings in more collectors and jumpstarts interest into the Minimates brand, I'm all for it. I'm just thinking that making it a con/line™ exclusive is not the best way to reach the broadest possible audience. Then again, even if Walmart picked up something like this, what consumer would buy it? The packaging better be really sexy.
  7. Does this mean Cap will get the latest shield attachment? (Which was met with mixed reviews.)
  8. I'm hoping the packaging is based on this shot: By the way, what happened to "part two" of this announcement? Is another set going to be offered? Maybe based on NEW Avengers? (Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Captain America, White Wolf, etc.)
  9. ROM would be great but I hope they don't decide to test the waters for Micronauts the way they did with Lost in Space and The Munsters.
  10. Godzilla 'mates are a couple of the few sets I never opened. I almost feel like putting them on eBay just to see what the actual going rate is for them. Yeah, some are asking upwards of $100 but are any sellers actually getting that? So many kaiju. So few Jaeger pilots. 😔
  11. Godzilla vs. Kong was my first visit to the cinemas since February 2020. The auditorium was spotless, to the point I almost missed sticky floors. After watching the Marvel sizzle reel, I can't wait to go again. That's my church.
  12. I saw that earlier and was reminded of all the MCU 'mates we didn't get. This would be a great time to play catch-up.
  13. The only info DST has is when Walgreens receives the stock. After that it’s up to the retailer. That said, I don’t think we’ve been told if Walgreens has gotten the assortment yet. Personally I’d prefer it to show up after I’ve managed to acquire the Falcon/Winter Soldier wave. ☹️
  14. Cool collection! One thing has kept me from acquiring an army of Sentinels; scale. If DST would offer a Minimates-styled figure in their Diamond Select line, I think it would do well.
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