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  1. Eternals feels like a weak apology for screwing up The Inhumans. I still haven't made it through that... whatever the hell it was. I noticed some Shang-Chi toys on clearance at Target. Not everything.
  2. Maybe if Shang-Chi had a lead named "Chris" the retailer would have been more supportive. I'm having trouble recalling how many Guardians of the Galaxy fans I knew of before that flick hit. Not that I found the first trailer for Eternals impressive by any stretch. It may be a property worth revisiting.
  3. If the differences between what's being offered through specialty and at Walgreens is strictly packaging, we're running into the same old cannibalizing of sales that occurred with TRU. Given that my Walgreens is offering Minimates at $8 a 2-pack, I might take my chances with their haphazard distribution than pay almost twice as much for the same product.
  4. I'm guessing Walgreens might have that basic yellow Bumblebee.
  5. This packaging works for me. The colors pop. It shows off the product. This should be in the mass market but I'd still want specialty to get it first.
  6. Just in time for the holidays. 😬
  7. I wonder if the low preorders on Bruce Lee Minimates had any impact on DST's decision to pass on Marvel's first movie with an Asian lead. I sure hope not.
  8. I agree about the sculpted faces on the Yautja. That'd incur more cost but I think it'd be worth it. There's SO much more material to mine from Alien. I see how deep NECA is going with xenomorphs alone and weep for my little plastic block figures. 🙁
  9. There's also the line of Kenner figures that NECA has been inspired by.
  10. Atom Smasher, Colossal Boy, the Anti-Monitor, and maybe Mongul would also have been Minimates-friendly DC Vinimates.
  11. Macy's and TRU; Two desperate brands that taste desperate together. It's like a shitty peanut butter cup. I'm still waiting for Kay-Bee to return to malls. They were supposed to try a few hundred pop-ups years ago and nothing happened.
  12. Yes, 400 pop-up stores with underwhelming inventory.
  13. "Monket" (a typo of "monkey") was the "yay shot" of a long time ago.... And those were good times.
  14. Yes. And we should all contact TRU customer service to ask when they'll continue stocking Minimates from Diamond Select Toys.
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