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  1. Did I miss Series 86? this is not the one with Peter Porker, correct? Were these formally announced?
  2. Are we still talking Inferno? Is it N'astirh? S'ym? When will these be announced formally? This is my favorite X-Men era!
  3. now all we need are some Castlevania minimates and it will make the investment totally worth it!
  4. Pretty sure Kinder is owned by Ferrero. They are an Italian company. I used to have them all the time in Italy. They changed the packaging there. The packages are halved: one side has the egg and the other a creamy confection. They sell this style here in the US as well.
  5. The scale is a bit large (as is the price tag) but this diorama looks amazing!
  6. The King and Queen
  7. These are great. I was working on a Sylvie custom using one of the Loki ragnarok torsos. The black and green one. I have to dig it up. looks alot like the costume she wore during the 1st season
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