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  1. 'Bread & Circuses ' is the name of the Kirk figure, I think
  2. This is awesome! Any hints as to what it is?
  3. any word on when these will be advertised? I'm trying to look back but I didnt see a time frame. Really eager to see and order these!
  4. now i'm going to have the spend the rest of the afternoon scouring this page for ideas. any hints?
  5. I bought the 6-inch characters many many many moons ago just for the starships they were packed with. Absolutely amazing designs. Love JMS's work.
  6. He was easily my favorite character on the show, next to Zathras.
  7. Don't know about customs, but "fun fact," the Horowitz family (Three Stooges) used to own the house next to the one I grew up in. Unfortunately, the family moved out before I was born.
  8. Space Ghost incoming when it's closer to completion
  9. I also QC'ed some of the silverhawks and am working on a space ghost right now. I am more than happy for any and all 70's/80's/90's cartoons to get some representation!
  10. I just bought the Visionaries complete series on DVD (that sounded so f-ing old)! Loved that show!
  11. I haven't checked the secondary market on these but the boxes are a wreck. My prize possession is my Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt I-Men. BF looks silly but the the dog is AMAZING!
  12. I am happy to second this! I have the I-Men sets but they are nowhere near the same quality as minimates
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