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  1. That's who I initially thought it was when I saw the torso piece in the instagram photo. That said, this is a great Sable update!
  2. If this is true, then we likely will not see White Vision again
  3. There's still time! Maybe in one of those cool (and uniquely relevant) hexagonal boxes? B&W Wanda and Vision Agatha (Final Costume) and Monica (Final Costume) Fietro (or White Vision) and Scarlet Witch
  4. Made an update. Found the decal on a Lego thread. A bit more brown than I had hoped but it's coming along.
  5. some more QC's that I am working on. Modern Batgirl and comics Agatha Harkness
  6. How did you order these? The only items I see on the DST site are Vinimates.
  7. Thank you! I heard the Sandman audiobook and became inspired by the fact that we would likely never see 'mates from this series. I have been a Silverhawk fan since I was a kid. Here's hoping that the new licenses expand to other titles.
  8. I've been racking my brain since you asked me this. I had it in my parts bin. I can't remember where it came from. Now, it's all I'm going to be able to think about!
  9. I'm genuinely annoyed at the lack of minimates for this amazing show. So I attempted to make my own: The Scarlet Witch White Vision (it's a really silly QC but there were limited options)
  10. This minimate drought has inspired me to make some more quick customs Hellstrom and a potential MCU-ish Hellcat First Appearance Moonstone A Armored Spectrum (or Photon or whatever she is calling herself these days) Imperial Guard Oracle Captain Britain Morpheus the Sandman of the Endless The many faces of Death of the Endless Knightmare Superman Silverhawks
  11. Well done! Loved both of these shows as a kid!
  12. Hopefully, Lady Jaye is in the boxed set or that would be a missed opportunity
  13. These are coming at the right time
  14. I started one with a guardsman minimate and vulture wings. the helmet almost passes. Then maybe gold pieces from the red king's armor?
  15. sorry, fraternity of raptors. The original series had other darkhawk armors in different colors
  16. Shi'ar soldiers Skrull Soldiers Shield Soldiers Amazons (generic figures to not antagonize DC) Brotherhood of Raptors (in different colors) The list goes on..., I would be on board for all of them
  17. These do not seem to be available in the US at all.
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