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  1. Since Thunderball is color matched to Best of Loki and (I think) Raph from the TMNT line, I believe the four yellow rectangle stickers are for wrist wraps if you’re using Raph. If you’re using BO Loki, he already has yellow wrists. 😊
  2. Can anyone confirm if the Warduke blue leg matches the Dreadnought blue?
  3. These are so awesome! Great job! I love seeing the lesser known characters represented in minimate form.
  4. Thank you! It’s a Hawkgirl mask, with the hair trimmed off. I wanted the collar to be big and tall, so I trimmed the cape off of NBX Short Vampire (which is where the wings came from). A Best of/Greatest Hits Sabretooth head. And a purple body. I think it’s from Animated MODOK. He also has Sabretooth hands and some Morbius wings. Baron Blood is a minimate I’ve wanted for quite some time. I’m going with the grey/purple color scheme. So, the mask, torso, arms, crotch, and legs need a nice portion of grey paint added. I do feel like that recipe is quite inspired and I’m very proud of it. 😊
  5. Thank you! It’s Gregor Shapanka Blizzard. 😊
  6. Thank you! Solo is: X-Force Havok hair peg trimmed and glued onto Animated Sandman’s head. The rest is wave 19 Marvel Now Vision with Snake Eyes gear.
  7. I have about 100 minimates sitting on my “workbench”, which is just my work desk, that I’ve been cobbling together for a few months now. These are all in various levels of completion, some further along than others. Some are just QCs. Other’s are QCs with modifications (parts trimmed with an x-acto knife). None have been painted yet, but, most of these will require some level of painting. Starting at the top left, these are: Gorgon (will need paint on his arms and on his mask and torso). I may make changes to this formula, as I think I want to be able to swap hair pieces to show his eyes. Solo (will need paint on his hair) The Grandmaster (will need paint on his ears, eyes, and collar) Maximus the Mad (needs paint on a non-visible part of his legs) Baron Blood (needs paint in a lot of places, lol) Nocturne (needs paint on hair, ears, and torso) Commando (M-Nell) from the Imperial Guard (this is just a QC, no modifications) Fandral (this is just a QC, no modifications) Scourge of the Underworld (needs paint on the hat) Foolkiller II (needs paint on the vest) I think most of these parts are pretty recognizable; however, if you have any questions about anything let me know. 😊 I hope y’all enjoy!
  8. Heinous (otherwise known as Joe) has passed away. I was lucky enough to get to know him, and even luckier to be able to call him a friend. I dunno if there were others here that were close to him. He was very active on Instagram (under Heinousminimates) where he would post his custom figures and photography. He will be missed. I just wanted to post in case anyone else was close with him. RIP, bruv.
  9. @cylonchaney, just curious if you might know about the quality of 3D scanning technology currently being utilized. Is it possible to use a 3D scanner to scan an item and print it out directly with no fuss or muss?
  10. I think the hat on the character that is second from the left would be a dope hat for DC’s Scarecrow.
  11. I’d love Vox Machina minimates. 🥰🥰🥰
  12. Speaking of TRU, with the announcement of TRU opening 6 stores in 2024, will we see our favorite plastic crack being sold in TRU again?
  13. T’was I! And I believe @hellpop had said that he did the same.
  14. @DSTZach, the set looks great. I didn’t take it as you demeaning the WG animated mates. I was just confirming my love for them. Will ole Peter Porker be articulated, or is he just a static figure?
  15. I adored the WG minimate line, and was truly gutted when it ended. The WG line got me minimates of some of my most wanted characters, like Hyperion, Speed Demon, Doctor Spectrum, Kaine Scarlet Spider, Man-Thing, newer Spider-Man 2099, bulked up Executioner, and many others. For some collectors, the animated style was a detractor, but for me, almost all of those releases were solid home runs.
  16. I do wish we could have had a villain in this set, as we’ve been low on villains recently (IIRC Doom is the only villain in the Marvel sets). But, I think this set looks great. Ben Reilly from wave 24 is probably THE Ben Reilly minimate for a lot of people, but for those who missed him, he’s quite expensive on the secondary market. I really like the Animated Miguel, but the web cape and arm spikes look like a nice upgrade. And, of course, I needs me a Spider-Ham! So, I’m on board.
  17. Would Keith Lee or Brian Cage have powerhouse torsos or will they be just the standard chest block?
  18. The Acclaimed with two fingers up in a peace sign on each hand?
  19. The puns are still going on? I’d have thought they’d have fallen off by now.
  20. The return of DC minimates confirmed!! LoL
  21. There’s a Spider-Ham Lego head that goes REALLY well onto the Itsy-Bitsy Spider-Man minimate. Here’s mine posing with a (for some unknown reason handless) Spider-Man Noir. 😊
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