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  1. I think Omega Sentinel will look AMAZING as a minimate. I cannot take the credit for that guess, as it was @Nessex who first mentioned her.
  2. Ok. I’m back with a second guess: Cassandra Nova. She can be in different bodies, even inhabiting Charles Xavier’s body for a time. So, she’s not always the same person.
  3. My very first thought was Omega Sentinel, but, I don’t think she’s been anyone other than Karima Shapandar. But, for sure she’s been extreme evil and good. i don’t even know if X-cutioner has ever even been a mutant protector. LoL
  4. I know this will be hella wrong, but my guess is the X-Cutioner.
  5. Thank you for the compliments! 3 more for the fans! From L to R: A nice, simple Xorn QC Starbolt from the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. I’m so proud of this one as it’s my first fully painted torsos. I know it’s not the best, but, I’m still proud of my progress Crystar
  6. Thanks for the kind comments, gents! Here’s my next batch, which I guess means I’ve been on a villains kick (although is anyone who is X related a villain anymore?). From left to right: In the back a really simple Fallen One QC Swarm Callisto Exodus Squadron Supreme’s very own Amphibian Gideon And my personal favorite of this bunch, Ahab Lemme know if there’s anyone that you’d like a better picture of.
  7. This is amazing @luke314pi!! Is there any way I might be able to purchase an additional decal of the metal skin?
  8. When life hands you an extra Lucky the Pizza dog, make Cosmo.
  9. Getting more of these off of the work desk. from L to R: Vermin (pretty much just Werewolf By Night with hair and a tail) Lauri-Ell King Cobra Fang Yuri Topolov or Gremlin or Gargoyle. Whichever you’d prefer. Genesis - Tyler Dayspring Bug
  10. Alright! I’ve had a slew of partially completed customs sitting on my desk for the last several months. I’ve finally gotten around to completing several of them. We have: Batroc Captain Carter (not the usual costume, I found one much easier for my skill set) Vulcan Deathbird (quite chuffed with this one. Her helmet is made entirely from minimate accessories) Dennis Dunphy as Scourge Clea The Grandmaster
  11. Welp, it’s time for the third annual holiday wishes post! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. This past year has seen triumph, and unfortunately, tragedy. I hope y’all are able to spend time with the family you’re born with and the family you choose. May your days be merry and bright. And here’s to hoping for health and happiness in the new year.
  12. Any updates on the shipping for this wave? I believe it was slated for December.
  13. Don’t forget: Death’s Head I and II Vostok Super Adaptoid Omega Sentinel Ghost Rider 2099
  14. Firestorm and Plastic Man are my two biggest wants for DC minimates. The looks are so toyetic.
  15. You’re my hero. If I ever meet you I’m going to hug you.
  16. OoooOooOoOoOoooOooh! I’m so excited that there will be more sticker kits! Will we also see monsters? The Monsters and Aliens sticker kits were some of my most favorite things that you released.
  17. Yep. I agree. After the Amazon exclusive hint and a google search later, I think Riot fits. Especially with this hint from Luke: “displayed with similar types of characters that have already been made as Minimates”
  18. Ok, this really does sound like Coldblood. Which @elhonez guessed earlier.
  19. I’m not in the know on ML figs, so, I’m not of much help. I’m stoked to see whoever it is. Can you give another hint on what corner of the MU the character is from?
  20. Well…I did get the parts I needed for my Bonebreaker from Luke.
  21. Ok. Out of left field: is it a bulked up comic book Abomination? He was in Shang-Chi.
  22. Yeah. Different Ajax. Francis Freeman, the main baddie from the original Deadpool movie. The Ajax from the Pantheon would be cool, though. I’ve had an idea of making a Pantheon Ajax for a while now.
  23. @luke314pi, is it Ajax from Deadpool? He was a merc and then became like a robot type thing.
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