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  1. Yeah was not really the revisiting of past films that I was hoping for- though it is a start and the first retroactive release. Not enough of an update for me to grab this one.
  2. Finishing out falcon and winter soldier really makes me want a Disney+ blind bag series. DST could cover so many characters and looks for all the shows slotted. A man can dream...
  3. Anyone with Skurge from the Ragnarok wave mind comparing the sleeve color to the most recent Zemo's chest if you have both? Trying to see if the purples match up.
  4. Wow I miss those days! So many exclusives, re-released looks, single packs from ULTRON...
  5. What's the DST usual spiel? Never say never? These would be great but sadly I think we'd have seen something by now, especially given how long FATWS sets have been out. And there is no precedence for retroactively making corresponding sets for the films, so I think we're SOL on this one. Bummer. I would still love a generalized "Disney+" assortment to encompass all the series coming our way- just titular characters, new looks, villains, etc. We definitely don't need all the side characters like Darcy, Woo, or even Ralph Bohner. Some are better than none, and sadly I think most of the show
  6. I'm still in the camp of thinking these are fan mock-ups. The character choices seem off for DST, whereas a pack with Wanda and Vision in one of the sitcom era looks seems much more likely. Or if they are late releases, why wouldn't Wanda be in the new costume look the posters have been teasing? I wouldn't be mad at all if these are legit, getting any is better than none, but I'm skeptical.
  7. Oh man, if there was just a general release wave for Disney+ that would be awesome. Much better chance of getting assortment from everything.
  8. Figured I'd start a thread solely for film and Disney+ releases seeing as we won't really go longer than 3 weeks without any new MCU content for the entire year (if these dates are mostly accurate): WandaVision: 1/15 - 2/19 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 3/19 - 4/23 Black Widow: 5/7 Loki(probably): 5/21 - 6/25 Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings: 7/9 What If...?: 7/16 - 9/17 Miss Marvel(probably): 9/24 - 10/29 The Eternals: 11/5 Hawkeye(probably): 11/12 - 12/17 Spider-Man 3: 12/17 Obviously we've already gotten two of these releases pre
  9. Zach- any reason behind the new shield mold for the Cap 'mates? I didn't really mind it for the Black Widow sets but I'm more just curious as to the change.
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