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  1. I'm never going to get Boomerang and Beetle, am I?
  2. I actually deleted a sentence in my reply about how I sorely want "Rusty Collins specifically in the Liefeld costume that he never wore in a comic".
  3. I feel we only need the one Warpath (and wishing for more than one is ridiculous with the current snail's pace of releases). The design didn't change ENOUGH between Liefeld and Capullo to justify two. Capullo just gave him cleavage. The Marvel Legends figure is exactly what the Minimate should be based off (likewise, they did a Capullo Sunspot in that same wave of figures). I don't even remember Feral having a Capullo costume. Wasn't it just a pink bathing suit? I'd consider that a waste of a figure and over Warpath, (either version of) Sunspot or a Stryfe is terrible. Reignfire would be cool but again it feels wishful to think this line is going to ever have a character like Reignfire offered. I could spend ages asking what about Adam X the X-Treme? Gideon? I've long wanted a Rusty Collins and X-Terminators Boom-Boom. I don't think any of these are likely. I hold out hope for a Warpath and Sunspot to at least complete a line-up.
  4. Strike while the iron is hot give us the Wave 85 we never thought we'd see.
  5. Don't have the Batgirl head (and the spare Sentry parts I had are the other Sentry Minimate), but Frankie Raye torso works better for Hellcat and possibly matches well with the older Sentry arms you're using: Might have to track down that Batgirl head. And other Sentry. And Deathstroke parts so that spare Hobgoblin cape can get used for something besides Hellcat's accessory.
  6. Firestar, Sentry, Batgirl... where's the sash from? Corsair?
  7. Oh man, completing the 80s Defenders team is one of my dreams. I wanted to make Devil-Slayer for ages. Even pegged the same Deathstroke and Hobgoblin parts but could never work out the torso. Was going to settle for the old Taskmaster torso which I think I could live with. We still don't even have a Hellcat. I've no hopes we can ever get around to getting an actual Devil-Slayer or Gargoyle.
  8. Typhoid Mary is the only one I am remotely interested in (and even still I have to kitbash her with Jean DeWolff legs and a different arm to get her close to what she actually looked like). If she's gone, that's 3 "waves" in a row with ZERO for me.
  9. Real death rattle stuff.
  10. I'm just here for an easy D-Man kitbash. (and the Typhoid Mary who I can probably fix up to actually have her classic costume... one arm should be bare and she needs her classic fishnets)
  11. I gave much thought to Star-Lord's initial team from Annihilation Conquest because that could really work. So, the boxset would be Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Bug, Mantis and Captain Universe. Deathcry didn't last BUT it's dead easy to also include a Deathcry as a bonus - all you need is the head, then you could remove Mantis' skirt piece for the body.
  12. Could include Sharon Ventura who was in that story and remains unmade (and otherwise unlikely) and then either the Skrull woman baddie that brought them together or Sleepwalker (who replaced Ghost Rider in one New FF reunion)
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