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  1. Has there been any news on when the Xmen animated series mate come out?
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. That one convention picture is what prompted me to ask. I keep lookin at cyclops' visor. It doesnt seem to be deep enough. But if it were a separate piece, that would be cool!
  3. Hey, so is the optic blast for Cyclops an add on piece, or is it connected like the previous visors?
  4. I'd love a Hydro Armor ironman. I remember that poll. I'd also love a spikey Thing/ lumpy or rock form Sharon Ventura Ms. Marvel! Hmmm maybe a transformable Ms. Marvel to Ms. Marvel Thing.
  5. Thats awesome! Any hints as to who's gonna be in the packs?
  6. I saw that BBTS has there gi joes as sold out. But entertainment earth has their gi joes box set comin out in october at $29.99 Will gi joe mates be released at walgreens? If so how will it be sorted? Box sets or 2 packs?
  7. Will the Transformers that are gonna be offered at walgreens be 2 2packs, 3 two packs or box sets? Will they possibly be out the same time as the specialty shop box set or later towards the end of the year?
  8. Is there any update as to when series 82 will be up for pre order?
  9. Hi Zach, will this series 81 be solicited soon? Also is there a timeline for when the xmen animated minimates will hit walgreens?
  10. I know this is a long shot. But will we see vehicles with these minimates eventually? Wild Bill and his helicopter and maybe the cobra bubble with a cobra trooper?
  11. Well i suppose this article and a few other videos i've seen showing these mates, should get the minimate name out there to a wider audience.
  12. Since September is almost over, is wave 80 possibly coming out in October? Also since Halloween is around the corner, will we possibly see a zombie box set? Since marvel has been or is about to release monster varient covers could we see a box set like Cyclops as Frankenstein or Storm as a Vampire?
  13. Has anyone thought about using the mega construx halo pelican as a stand in quinjet?
  14. Hi, have the newest animated wave of minimates started hittin stores? If so have they made it out west yet?
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