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  1. so @DSTZach, is the packaging just packaging or is there a cool base that holds 6 figures that also goes into this? just curious since someone mentioned a blacklight feature in the packaging of the NBX one. i'm a sucker for cool display bases.
  2. i think making it part of the sdcc releases also gives it more attention as a lot of folks know to look for the sdcc exclusives (even if this isn't really a con exclusive)
  3. hmmmm, i thought for sure it'd be LOTR but that's cool. now, as a long time fan who has all the NBX i'm gonna wait to see if there are variations i consider worth getting and if not i'll pass without getting upset. any chance to spread the minimate love is good for me. i mentioned it in the GI JOE thread in different words but its impossible to please everyone and some people will always find something to complain about. now, the other part of visiting DST's booth at SDCC is seeing the new releases. so now that we know what the exclusives are for minimates i'm dying to know wh
  4. I ordered one. And when luke opens up orders i’ll probably order another set. I’m not a scalper - i just think this set looks like a lot of fun and maybe i’ll want to open one and keep one closed bc i honestly think the packaging will be awesome. that and i have (i believe) every marvel movie mate and i’ve been collecting minimates since the oversized art asylum days. I got the first toyfair promo and the rob zombie, alice cooper, etc ones and never quit. I don’t have them all but i buy what i like and when i don’t like something i just don’t buy it. But i don’t complain it go
  5. that'd be awesome but i doubt both minimate sets would be marvel film related.....announcements will continue until friday so we'll see. i honestly don't even know what to guess. based on the original announcement there is still a Lord of the Rings exclusive to come. doubt that would be the other minimate but who knows. there's still time for the spanish inquisition box set
  6. plus suckers like me who love the marvel movie mates and gotta have em all -- even if it is just a cool exclusive packaging to keep it in (assuming its gonna be cool anyways)
  7. ha! work isn't the problem....... we're both vaccinated and i hear theaters are pretty empty so i feel ok going but i'm having trouble convincing the misses. espcially since it will be a movie we could watch at home at the same time
  8. i teared up. its an experience i knew i loved but didn't think i'd miss this much. i'm trying to convince my wife black widow will be worth going back to the movies for. if she doesn't agree i can sneak off one day during work since i work walking distance from a cinema.
  9. man, just watched this video of everything marvel has coming out in the next 2 years and got a small tear in my eye -- that said, so much potential for kick ass mates:
  10. as much diversity as there were with the joes i don't think we need an army builder. maybe something like aliens where almost each human came with an alien -- each joe 2 pack can come with a cobra trooper and the trooper just gets repeated a bunch. not sure how walgreens (if that will be the only place to get 2 packs) will feel about army builders though - they may see it as an inferior product but at the same time it could keep overhead costs down. but what do i know -- i'm just envisioning what i want to see..... in my head that would be firefly with a bunch of alley vipers
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