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  1. frozen jack for sure! i'd probably make a hedgemaze playset for them to spend family time in.
  2. I think the kaine looks accurate based off the art posted. The face and cleavage look like they should be a lighter blue. Plus, i think the cleavage is sexy too
  3. sorry if this has been covered -- what story (or plural) is this tied to if we wanted to read up. i quit reading comics for a bit in the 90's and honestly NONE of these designs look familiar to me but it looks like a crazy story. EDIT i just saw the two series posted on the prior page of the post. d'oh! any others i should look for? is this version of doc ock in there?
  4. don't forget always flexing thier muscles and grinding thier teeth that are tiny and much more in count than they should be. and pouches.
  5. well, in July i said we have a year and here we are. just saw the trailer dropped and there is a july release date............ any chance this is our return to the MCU Minimates?
  6. Well, I was hoping for a shit ton of tiger force Minimate but yeah- guess I could always make my own
  7. I broke and bought a classified. 😢 tiger force outback was too cool to pass up. Was really sure I’d have him as a Minimate someday……….i’ll keep hoping
  8. damn, would love to see close ups of some of these. they look fun!!
  9. i love the hint game. so 3 new characters but in flat animated and based on an episode....... well, it could be anything really but i hope the repaint is soundwave!
  10. gonna put this out there, am i the only one who would love a CARDIAC figure? is he an anti hero? probably not really........ but love me some erik larsen spider-man!
  11. so, i'm always trying to think of cool repaints that could be done with these molds and i came across SHATTERED GLASS. where the good guys are bad and vice versa. hasbro seems to do it every couple of years. i think the first time was for a transformers convention con exclusive a long time ago. @DSTZach i know you said there's a con set already for sdcc (which better have the last damn seeker included) but for next con or just later on please consider this idea.
  12. english is my second language and i say "boughten" a lot. only person to call me out on it is another hispanic dude. but yeah, if gotten is a word boughten should be too. can't wait to see what we're getting!
  13. oh hell yeah!! how could i forget albert?!!? that'd be 2 'wolverines' in one box though. interchangable parts would be needed.
  14. Honestly, the 3 team x and omega red and you can put a turd in there i’d buy it. Silver fox is probably better. Sorry for being off topic from the great customized mates here
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