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  1. mixed up is good!! i don't want to get ahead of myself though but glad there's still hope of getting more! thanks for the update!
  2. fingers crossed. thanks for the update and i will donate $100 to a charity of your choice if you manage to get firefly in there $250 for a tiger force box set.
  3. dude, those are pretty good! thank you for sharing!
  4. i hate that i'm not a power rangers guy b/c these sets have been awesome and the vinimates look like a great addition. i'm envious of what power rangers fans are getting with these sets. has the question been answered though as to why there weren't any bad guys made for this line?
  5. yeah, normally i love bbts but i hate that when something is on sale they won't let you put it on pile of loot. i've got some stuff i could get shipped now -- if i could add it to that i would probably grab another set.
  6. awesome!! also, hope you're feeling better but if possible i'd love to see that control art again (at least so i can save a copy of it)
  7. there you go!! that's the justification for the repaint!! kinda surprised i didn't notice it but i think i was just too darn excited. my wife worries sometimes.........
  8. mind reposting? i should have saved it. i just noticed mine has 2 flesh colored arms. i am curious if i missed that when you posted the art thanks!
  9. finally went to my comic shop to pick up my villians set and yeah, about as perfect a set as can be. figures look awesome and i even opened it before going back to work and i love it all packaging is perfect for a set like this not sure it could have been made any better. if anyone bought a set and doesn't want their warduke let me know. i can totally see me building an army of him.
  10. No need to apologize! Tell your friend thanks!
  11. and actually, that archangel is pretty rad as well
  12. a) the ben reilly and the spiderman 2099 are some of the only figures i'm missing so i'll gladly take these b) what's the figure to the far left of this picture? looks like another minimate c) Peter Porker!!!!!!
  13. No price yet but that’s pretty awesome. Works with any of the 3 3/4” figures too
  14. I buy some super7 reaction. Not a lot. But i love the alice cooper they did. The devo line is awesome. The mf doom i was able to get 3 of and he’s pretty damn hot on ebay. I love the glow in the dark toys they make. Of the joe line i only bought some sdcc exclusives. Super7 was a design team before they were a full blown toy company. But their specialty is nostalgia more than anything. Their slogan is perfect though. They’re building the toys they wish they had when they were little.
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