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  2. In retrospect.... succinct. I've said it before ,you are between a rock & a hard place .
  3. Thanks for the support, i too enjoy that Mute button(that's just my opinion) ,but ill say no more lest someone think i'm making threats. Peace
  4. I also had my second jab yesterday. But what I mean is you can buy these same figures for roughly the same price on the secondary market. So to me they aren’t exclusives that add anything to the over all collections. I get they have slight modifications and some have different faces but they are Minimates… anyone can give them different faces. Obviously these are aimed at completionists and to people that missed out the first time. It would have made sense to me to show off the same 6 characters just in looks we hadn’t gotten yet from the same movies but I am sure there was somethin
  5. True convention exclusives were what drove me away from collecting Playmates Star Trek line. They were produced in such low quantities and only sold at a couple conventions so obscure that I can't even recall where. All I know is that it made the hobby more frustrating than fun. Full disclosure: I'm historically a completist. That usually only applies to figures, not packaging. Exceptions are rare since I'm an opener. Show me some really fun, clever packaging and I'll buy the product even if I already have one. This Vader figure, for example. Lately, "exclusives" aren't necessarily d
  6. I had my second jab yesterday & that might be slowing me down , I generally spot sarcasm but I am genuinely unsure what you are saying . I'm also aware that I am also perceived as being sarcastic , I can be ....& I'm not in this instance. So here's the question ....are you saying that SDCC exclusives have been historically hard to get hold of ...or are you saying that IYO they weren't particularly elusive? I was going to PM question to you but if we all did that then there'd be no forum would there ?
  7. Hope those that want them got them and those that want exclusive to mean exclusive… I will see you at the bar. We can chat about when we got exclusives that weren’t available anywhere else like them dirty new muties, AOA, or even the “horrible” selling Alpha Flight. @Mattallica I hear you brother and as someone whose said far worse I have found the mute function to be really enjoyable.
  8. Also, looks like Luke has these up for pre-order now. Get ‘em while they’re hot!
  9. I got into the show because of the Minimates. It’s one of only 2 tv series I have watched in its entirety twice through. Such good character development and just good sci-fi
  10. Last week
  11. Spoilers Despite my omnipresence on this forum I originally avoided any BSG thread for quite some time , I had every BSG 'mate release way before I'd seen an episode of the show. What a show !
  12. I don’t really do wrestling, but The Rock is awesome and I’ve always wanted to get one of these customs. Thanks, Luke!
  13. My latest WWE custom is up for preorder - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! He is comes with an alternate torso block with a logo shirt. He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here:
  14. So this and NBX are getting these "hex packs"... @DSTZach how soon will packaged images be available? I like it. It's like a small wave in a box.
  15. A double-decker of Cylon skinjobs! 🤓 👍
  16. I loved BSG & I would have loved to have seen this hex/6 concept back in the day .
  17. From what I have seen, it is six windows/trays in the round, under a hexagonal cover. But the cover can be removed to reveal a diorama-type artwork that surrounds the figures, so I believe they can be displayed without the cover (still in trays). Not sure if you can remove them from the trays and put them back into the diorama-type artwork. Waiting on some details. No black light in this one, sadly. WG has had our NBX figures on the shelf year-round for a while now. Not sure if that will continue, or if we're moving in other directions. I know their planned Creature Under the Sta
  18. Walgreens seems pretty keen on NBX at least once a year. Marvel might be an evergreen but NBX has shown up every Halloween for as long as I can recall.
  19. so @DSTZach, is the packaging just packaging or is there a cool base that holds 6 figures that also goes into this? just curious since someone mentioned a blacklight feature in the packaging of the NBX one. i'm a sucker for cool display bases.
  20. Not that I am aware of, but it is certainly less of an impulse item in this format. I agree!
  21. I am not aware of any plans, but if these do well, maybe. I do not know. This may have entirely been based on timing, why it did not go to Walgreens. But Marvel is a much stronger brand than NBX, and the style needs to stretch to fit the NBX designs, so maybe they have more confidence in Marvel MM than NBX MM. If this does well, maybe we'll do more!
  22. Is this packaging being looked at as a possible replacement to the specialty 2-pack cases since is it still 6 Minimates per wave? This would allow retailers to order full sets in numbers they need without worrying about being stuck with leftover single packs they might not be able to move. If 2-pack cases are still going to be produced, is there any chance more of these 6-pack box sets could be produced to supplement in between wave solicitations? I would love to see DST alternate Marvel waves with Marvel deluxe box sets, this would be a great way to get some of the teams we’ve been cla
  23. So can we expect any further NBX Minimates? The line has been dormant for 2 1/2 years (October 2018 was the last release), it would be nice if we could get some additional characters and accessories, like the Select line is and has been getting all this time. Has Walgreens ever given any indication why they will carry the Select figures but not the Minimates? Alternatively, a seasonal specialty boxset with a couple re-do characters, a couple new characters, and some new accessories/display pieces seems like feasible option.
  24. As someone who has done Minimate Stop-Motion, this would be amazing! Closest I was able to come was using a couple different Tony Stark heads and swapping them back and forth.
  25. I hope it opens the door for more sets from the previous movies. Do a 6-pack from each of the Avengers' solo series: Iron Man Mk III (or 4 with the sunglasses), Iron Monger, Whiplash Mk II, IM3 Final Battle Killian, IM3 Final Battle Pepper, War Machine Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Captain America, Red Skull, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Crossbones, Zola Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Maria Hill, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Robert Redford Hulk, Abomination (bulky), Betty, General Ross, Ultron, Hulkbuster Iron Man Mk I Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Luis, Janet,
  26. It'd be great if the Nightmare Before Christmas characters had a variety of expressions that intentionally lent themselves to stop-motion.
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