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  2. Heading out Tuesday AM. I'm hand- carrying prototypes for AEW series 4, Marvel 87 and I'm going to put designs for D&D3 in the panel. That might be it for this show, besides Marvel 86 and AEW 3, but hopefully everyone likes what they see. Looking forward, we should have some cool stuff at NYCC, as well as a few exclusives.
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  4. my guess is you're heading out soon (if you haven't already). safe travels and can't wait to see what you guys show off!!
  5. It's the same piece. Just differently-colored/printed.
  6. There's a big difference between fat & toned muscle . Honestly some people
  7. Can’t we just add the flesh colored Bisceps from a blob to one? I did that with Hyperion and called it a day years ago.
  8. WG Star Brand's shoulder pieces on a Thor might just do the job that I'm suggesting .
  9. Like I said, it depends on proportionality. Thor Minimates have been standard-sized for the longest time simply because there wasn't an inherent NEED (that I can think of) to make them larger since it would compromise the posability. Some, such as the original Thor and Thor Reborn, tried to make the character taller and bulkier, but IMO, they look a bit overly-cumbersome and awkward due to the need to balance that bulk with articulation. You are right in that Minimate engineering technology has advanced to the point where it IS feasible to get that semi-bulky look Thor has in the comics. It's just a matter of making it a reality. I might make a mock-up of what the figure's silhouette COULD look like from cobbling together pieces of other figures. I am curious, but also cautious as well. I don't wanna get mine or anyone else's hopes up.
  10. Maybe a moulded head/helmet would be unnecessary but I'll never waiver from my desire to have the massive arms that the comic Thor generally has . I'm just suggesting that he gets 'shoulder pieces' (at least) like many other Marvel characters have gotten ,currently any Thor Minimate has the same size arms as Howard the Duck or Aunt May ! If it's a Wrecking Crew we are after , surely Bulldozer will get the bulk why not Thor ?
  11. Yeah, nah. Sorry, I disagree. I can see a valid point made about there not yet existing a "definitive" Thor helmet sculpt in the line, but having a head that makes the helmet part of the head itself seems excessive. It also takes away from the interchangeably, I feel. Unless it's a character like Spider-Man or Deadpool, a whole separate head seems rather pointless to me just to have an option of revealing a little more of the character's face. Interchangeable helmets/hair has been a mainstay in the line for a long time and it isn't one I'd wish to see go away so soon. I'll give you the point on it being the most beneficial for the Thing, but I cannot agree with Thor. I also see what you're trying to say on the arms, but IMO, that comes down to proportionality. The only way I can see what you're saying work well with a character like Thor is if they made it resemble the Series 76 Venom but without the bulky chestpiece for the sake of balancing out the mass. It could work in THEORY, but take the boots into consideration, and I can EASILY see it backfiring. He might end up looking TOO bulky in that respect, even without a chestpiece.
  12. My Little Pony Thor would be funny AF, NGL. XD
  13. Do we know when this set will be announced? Will it be at SDCC or in NYCC?
  14. Absolutely all of this! I don't think classic thor has ever been done full justice. First appearance is closest but he is not muscular or imposing enough and needs that metallic helmet.
  15. The only Thor looks I can think of that aren’t done are the Crossing Thor and the Herald Thor. To me, the Thor is just there. I just want the Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball. Sell them with My Little Pony Thor for all I care.
  16. I'd love to do the Wrecking Crew. I think classic Thor could be improved on. Frog Thor could be the pack-in.
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  18. It's really the logical next step for a modern Thor Minimate. We've gotten P much ALL of Thor's comic costumes. A plethora of Silver Age Thor figs, the Armored suit, Eric Masterson Thor, the Heroes Reborn/Heroes Return appearance, the 2007 design, the Marvel NOW! look, Jane Foster Thor, Unworthy Thor, Ages of Thunder Thor, etc.
  19. I don't really follow Thor but the Legend's figure is 🔥
  20. They're small things, but I'd like a classic Thor with both muscle detailing and the lowest two discs on the legs, the cape with shoulder pads, and a metallic helmet.
  21. Actually, wait. I got it. Herald of Thunder Thor. It's the most recent design for the character I can think of (unless the latest comics have given him yet another costume I'm unaware of XD), and from what I've seen, it's a fairly popular look for the character. I mean, if Diamond can get away with throwing a classic yellow Daredevil in a box set with all-modern-looking characters, they can get away with putting the Herald of Thunder in a box set with an all-classic Wrecking Crew.
  22. Yeah, but which design of Thor would they go with? I'd argue that the classic design has been done to death and perfected in at least two figures (Classic Heroic Age and First Appearance, specifically) already. IK Zack will prolly remind us about the whole thing about classic looks being more profitable, which I believe, don't get me wrong, but how many times can they do the EXACT same look for classic Silver Age Thor until it gets old? That's my only concern for the set, what kinda Thor are we likely to receive from it. The Wrecking Crew, themselves, I have no qualms over. I'd be excited to get new villains.
  23. I think it’s because we have been banging on for Thor V The Wrecking Crew for a few years now.
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