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  2. SOrry, Chooch, feel free to reach out to customer service (
  3. Thanks for the confirmation Hellfire. On the plus side he balances well without it.
  4. The tray backing in the Last Ronin Minimates set works well as a backdrop for the figures! 😁
  5. I'm guessing some came from here Search shapeways for minimates and you might find some more. Edit: The actual minimates don't sort to the front of the search that well. There is also I believe this store is multiverser Dave who is still active here. Tons of cool stuff in this one!
  6. I just checked my set since I had not yet opened it & mine has the tail so it is sounding like you unfortunately got a bum set
  7. I got my Zord Vinimates and the Dragonzord does not have a tail. Looks like there was space in the blister for one. Did I get a bum set or did that not cost out or something?
  8. Looking forward to those sets especially the Party Wagon for Casey. Just got my Last Ronin sets from the LCBS. So far this is my favorite Turtle made but I do wish we had gotten all of the new weapon molds that were shown in the solicitation shots or at least the new full katana shown so it matched the broken one with the round tsuba. Maybe with luck that mold will pop up in a future set.
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  10. Sorry! Not sure about that either. I've made my suggestions, but I have not heard that we have moved ahead on Series 3 yet. But Series 2 is likely a January release, and the ring in spring.
  11. LOL I actually meant solicits for a third box set or a second two pack (which I assume is Darby and Sting). I should have been more specific!
  12. The marauder looks great! I appreciate how you've adapted some of the design elements to work at this scale/aesthetic.
  13. First prototype. I don't have any brown PLA. One of my printers can print in two colours or mix them. This is a blend of black and red but they don't blend together as much as you'd like. I need to redo the underside detail and make the ship a bit shorter. Looks like a good match in the photo but in person the Marauder is looks just a little to big to go with the Starfighter. In any case, I'm pretty happy with how it's going and don't think it will take too many more iterations before I'm done. Still not happy with the canopy but I think I've captured the general look of the ship fairly well. I need to get some brown plastic.
  14. Last week
  15. Not 100% sure. February is the estimate release month, but it may be out as early as January, I'll ask. About the ring, also.
  16. I think stackability was discussed at one time, but it did not make its way to this iteration. And no peg inside, but the dimensions make it such that most regular-sized Minimates do not move around very much, so they always appear to be standing up, at least the ones I tried it with. Not for everyone, obviously, but I thought they could be useful in many situations.
  17. Technodrome set is in stores Dec. 20. Party Wagon will be offered late January, sorry for the delay.
  18. Here are the work in progress of my MotU custom mates, thanks in part to Shapeways.
  19. Now that Barry does most of the MM packaging himself, I don't always get to see it before it goes out, but that looks fantastic! Can't wait to get mine...
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