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  2. W00t! That Jackal is PERFECT. Loving Kaine and the Goblin as well.
  3. Probably not for a while, this was an advance tease. 86 gets offered next Friday.
  4. Yesterday
  5. No argument from me, your post is spot on ......although... ...IMHO the 15 year old GG* (Bring on TBG) is perfection & it is the only true comic version out of the 9 GG we have gotten (Himmel ) . The other versions look archaic or straight from a Walgreens wave. * which was also included in TRU Wave 2 . TRU wave 2 had 10 characters which included (to date) my favourite Green Goblin, one of my favourite Spider-Mans , my favourite Magneto, my favourite Doctor Doom, my favourite Punisher ,my favourite coloured Hulk , perhaps my favourite Wolverine , my favourite Wonder Man & ....cor blimey mate ...Union Jack TRU Wave 2 ....that wasn't a wave it was a Tsunami .....wonderful.
  6. Omega Sentinel Omega Sentinel would sometimes hunt and sometimes help mutants, depending on her programming and persona. She comes with an alternate head with her Karima Shapandar appearance (you will need long black hair to complete the look). She is a limited edition of 30, and I will post the public preorder link here tomorrow.
  7. The Bring on the Bad Guys! and Wave 41 Green Goblins are, IMO, sufficient enough as just classic Goblins. The former if you want detail, the latter if you want the glider and alt. Norman Osborn head. I want a design we haven't seen before. Again, if marketability is the issue, a Thunderbolts Green Goblin is the perfect answer. It's just a moderately-updated look to the classic design. Throw in a glider and an alt. Norman head and boom. Instant lure for young and experienced collectors alike.
  8. Nah, it's fine. I'm just the odd autistic dude who can't understand humor sometimes.
  9. Do we know when this is getting solicited?
  10. Boy, that "toy friend" of yours sounds as smart as he is handsome and an all around cool dude.
  11. Has anybody else considered the possibility of alt-parts to create Spider-Carnage?
  12. I don't think I have ever read a Carrion issue. You learn something new every day!
  13. Carrion is a clone of Miles Warren, alias the Jackal. So, yes, we've received a non-animated version of the Jackal, in as much as every Scarlet Spider variant counts as a Peter Parker Spider-Man.
  14. Last week
  15. "Solely available from ....Shinister Socks ,your favourite Shoe-per-heroes " I'm wandering whether Bigbadtoestore & Lukes Toe store will be stocking them? .....or Entoetainment Earth . -bigtoenailsmate Please help me .....
  16. Simpsons House with Homer
  17. Not at all. I just meant it is not the first thing most customers think of. Sorry you feel abandoned, we have been trying to regularly pump out Marvel sets, but we are only now getting back up to speed. I'm hoping that with this next Spidey set being revealed this Friday and offered next Friday, that will be three Marvel sets we will be able to release in one calendar year (2024). It may not always work out like that, since DD came out in January, and the third may hit in December, but fingers crossed. I didn't realize he had changed his name, but he doesn't sell internationally anymore, either? That is unfortunate. Postage is high across the board, it costs me $15-20 just to send an action figure part to the UK for customer service. But I know Luke offers out-of-package shipping and the like for international customers. Whatever route you choose, I wish you luck - I would subscribe to Luke's mailing list even if you don't order anything, so you can see what's out and what's coming up. You can also subscribe to the DST mailing list, but we don't have one just for Minimates, so you'll get a lot of toy news. But we also have regular sales, so that might be helpful.
  18. Well, I don't think I am the only person who has ever felt the need to change a Minimate to be more in-line with what they prefer or what they wanted? I will apologise for any projection, I have felt incredibly outside and abandoned as a customer - I actually didn't even know DD was OUT (and I can't find any listing on Luke's?), I've been aimlessly searching eBay every week expecting the boxset to show up for sale somewhere. It's release, down to the figures included, seemed to be fluctuating and unsure - I had no idea it had actually been out for months (I think?). I'm someone who doesn't check things daily, at this point weekly or maybe even monthly. There's like 1 Marvel release per year! I knew it was coming out "some time in 2024" and have been keeping an eye out for it on eBay. I have now found out the reason for my obliviousness and apparently unavailability - a .. certain eBay seller that once had a menagerie... began blocking people from viewing their store on any eBay besides .com when they changed their name away from specifically Minimates. I think all my frustration, disappointment and anger should now be directed at them. And those big stupid idiots even gave the loose Puppet Master the Ultimate Nullifier accessory instead of the loose Reed Richards that one time!! Buying from Luke's is inevitable now, I guess. I did definitely get X-Factor wave from him (with several Madri) and I think Dark Phoenix too. Always wanted to get some sticker sheets and loose parts just for fodder but it'd always come time and it's like "yeah, I can't justify the postage cost on small buys" which equated to me getting the entire Dark Phoenix wave when all I really wanted was Gladiator and maybe Dark Phoenix. Just it was nice going through eBay and cherry-picking what I wanted when that was an option because... well, I use eBay to buy most other hobby things that I buy... it was easier to go on eBay and search for things than going to another specific website.
  19. I’m just glad I didn’t have to toe the line on the puns in here.
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