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  3. I'm back! I found three more blue Leos and one more yellow Mikey! Let me know if you DON'T HAVE and need either one and I'll send 'em out! If more than three people say Leo, and more than one person says Mikey, I'll do a random drawing. (You can say both, you just might not WIN both.)
  4. Dave, Onyx, Cylon and Jettstorm, you are the... only people interested, apparently. So you win by default! DE FAULT! The two sweetest words in the English language! DM me your addresses!
  5. Not showing them as part of the panel was my fault, I think I meant to and forgot. Lots of products, and I usually try to make sure and put something in for you guys, but I blew it. As far as I know, they are still next in line, I know the new parts have been sculpted, I do not know if they have been tooled. I'll try to keep everyone posted.
  6. Yeah, now that I got another look at Logan, I might need a couple sets of those, too.
  7. Series 81 is due to ship this fall. Series 82 hasn't been solicited yet. But, yeah, only concept art and no prototypes shown yet? That's... concerning.
  8. Got some plates in the air, nothing ready to reveal yet. Also, some changes at Walgreens. We'll keep everyone posted.
  9. Hey @DSTZach, Just wondering if these are still coming? I've never been a huge FF fan but would definitely buy these. No reveal at ComiCon has me worried.
  10. This and the original sighting should (hopefully) indicate they’re ideally dropping sooner rather than later. I’m definitely in for two sets of both
  11. Yup. I'll be wanting two of those Deadpool (Deadpool 2?) sets. Hopefully they show up in my area someday.
  12. they have the deadpool ones too -- way out of my price range but the pictures are great!
  13. I think its the 1st time in 10-12 years without any news or teasers from new minimates. Strange times indeed…
  14. Yesterday
  15. I was on the Bay of E and I saw one listing for the Logan pack. The seller was from Canada and they wanted $49.99 for the set.
  16. Last week
  17. That's good news. Maybe they're moving to 6-packs, which would be fine with this completist and probably retailers but not so much for the apple-pickers. Anything but blind packaging.
  18. i'm listening to the video now and the only minimates news is that they're not abandoning the line but that they are rethinking the approach to how they're released. we'll see what that means and i was happy it got mentioned.
  19. Any upcoming waves revealed at Comiccon this year ?
  20. So are the Transformers minimates delayed also? The G.I. Joe minimates being delayed really sucks. They are right up there with Thundercats as my favorite minimate licenses. I hope the delay isn't too long.
  21. Disappointing but not surprising, all things considered. I'm just glad they haven't been canceled.
  22. I'd love one though I did win in the TMNT thread before so no hard feelings if not. Thanks again for the awesome offers!
  23. At this point in the ripple effect of COVID on the logistics of everything in the world we're lucky to get any products at all. I can wait a few more months.
  24. well, this stinks as we were all looking forward to getting these. no mention of when they'll actually make it out but i'm hoping for sooner rather than later: if you don't feel like clicking the article its basically just that the Joe minimates are delayed
  25. I have a couple already so I don't need another, but thanks for offering these up Zach!
  26. I'll take one if someone more deserving doesn't come along. (I got one of the Mallrats giveaways) I know you like to spread it around.
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