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  1. Luke, I now recall you showing me these before & I was stumped then . There are still kubricks that appear online (in Japan) that are new to me , generally they are promos & generally they are still bagged so that makes it easier to verify them as genuine kubricks.My gut feeling is that these are not kubrick promos & I am fairly certain they are not mainstream. Are there peg holes on the bottom of the feet ?
  2. The feet look right, the hands look right . Please can you show me the back of the leg printing ?
  3. Struth ! My best mate emigrated to Oz in 1982 , I saw 'Dundee' 4 years later & I was hooked on the idea of eventually going out & meeting up with my old cobber one day. 1988 saw me spending months in hospital after a car crash , during those months I decided that "F*ck it" I won't be waiting around any longer when I get out of here . 1989 I arrived in Brisbane ,fell in love with Australia & returned another 4 times over the next 10 years! My point ...if you're missing that Crocodile Dundee wasn't just a movie, it was, for me, an epiphany .
  4. Bearbricks ? You just have to admire the amount of licences that they have covered which is mind-boggling but they are visually horrendous IMHO. Fake & trick ....they are the ones with the clock/meters on their faces /chests I recall ? The irony of Hitchcock kubricks wasn't lost on me
  5. Kubrick cases, that most of my displayable kubricks are housed in, are unbeatable . Why on earth are the bases on these ones black ? Kubrick cases were 'similar' yet so dissimilar .....they had clear bases that incorporated a stud for holding the figure & were stackable upwards ,downwards & sideways . Kubrick cases are (were?) beautifully designed . They were also expensive but they also became 'de rigueur' for those nutty collectors who had opened their blind-box packaged kubricks could open your package & then entomb your figure in its new ,clear ,visually enjoyable Medicom approved case . Then you could stack it up with the rest of the collection . They were nigh on perfect... except when you wanted to get at the ones in the middle of the stack ! minimateship - I remember the cubes , somewhere in a box they do lie .
  6. 12/6 ? Can you be a bit more Pacific ? -beachhutsmate .....your favourite chum
  7. I've just ordered the latest Kubrick figures which are a standard size (100%) & a 400% 'Alfred Hitchcock '. I can't get too excited by them because ,TBQH ,they look extremely weird ....even for kubricks ! They look more like Bearbricks 'bodywise' with Hitchcock stylised heads.
  8. You 2 , elhonez & cylonchaney are the clever f*ckers not me
  9. Brilliant stuff . Maximus's head is ...?
  10. Anyone ordering Vinimates from DST or BBTS (e.g.) might want to add the various Godzilla Vinimates that are still available to their order. Those particular vinimates are really nice ,worth having & pose well with several Minimate characters. I know I keep on but there is one rule of thumb (pun intended) for a good Vinimate is .....if it has non-minimate type hands then it nigh on always looks great . I detest the stylised hands which feature on most Vinimates .
  11. Resting..... or perhaps stunned..... not dead. -butttheparrotsdeadmate.
  12. "Dildos ,bongs & blunts* We'd hear it from the people of the town They'd call us dildos,bongs & blunts* But every night they'd all come around & lay their money down" - Cher ? * I couldn't think of anything that rhymed ? Whilst I'm at it what was the real story behind the 'Bluntman & Chronic " set ? Was it really shelved/withdrawn ?
  13. I'll elaborate on cylonchaney's stuff. I had received a rather magnificent load of this guy's vehicles , "amazing stuff" thought I . Over the next day or so I went back to the box they were packed in , lifting out the ships & studying them yet completely disregarding the minimates that were packed within the box . I do still get a kick out of Minimates but TBQH I just thought " hey the guy's even packed a few BSG 'mates for me !" I was totally immersed in the ships .....then ....& only then..... it clicked ...... ...they were cylonchaney's workmanship .......they are that good
  14. As someone who is proud to own some of cylonchaneys minimates, I am qualified to say that they are quite superb .
  15. I always describe constipation as my Clobbering' Time Thing . If you're not sure WTF I'm on cigar !
  16. You...mean.....I'm wrong ! I hate being wrong , it always means that everybody would have been happier if I'd been right . The future for Minimates is undoubtedly 'custom' pieces ......but I might be wrong ? Not twice !
  17. I'm no expert but I have had a good experience (years ago) with a Lego Wehrmacht helmet fitted a Minimate head no problem . Just a suggestion . Google 'Lego cowboy hats' ,there seems to be plenty of choice. -cowboyhatsmate
  18. Forgive the necro thread . I was inspired to hunt out this thread after seeing an US eBay listing for a Desperately Seeking Susan 2-pack which stated that the pack was ' RECALLED ' .....I don't recall that but I have been known to be wrong ? That aside , reading back through a fifteen year old thread was, to me at least, very interesting !
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