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  1. Why? If a single army builder character is good… that is the box set. Just sell four army builders together. Oh wait. DST likes to gatekeep “army builders” like the new Bullseye and Foot soldiers behind $40 box sets so that they’re cost prohibitive for a collector to actually build an army of figures without an excessive amount of costly duplicates of unique figures.
  2. Putting an army builder in a $40 set with four non-builder figures is a silly decision. You can probably count on one hand the number of people who are going to spend that kind of money to army build that costume. Cutting a character at all was also a silly decision. Doing the math, a $40 set with five figures is $8/figure. A $50 set with six figures is $8.33/figure. I don’t really see the logic there. Considering most people are probably buying their sets from online retailers, sets with fewer characters are going to end up costing more per figure because they’re paying for shipping too.
  3. It’s hilarious that DST dropped Echo from a pack that will be on shelves within a month of her own show premiering on D+. #facepalm
  4. New Hasbro figures are hitting stores and seem to be flying off the shelves. Any plans for Minimates to go with the new series? DST had an animated set designed two years ago and we’ve been waiting for release ever since.
  5. Juggernaut is definitely a Spider-Man villain, right?
  6. @luke314pi, have you ever looked into Kickstarter for that type of thing? Might help gauge interest in sets like this.
  7. So they dropped a new, popular character that was just introduced to the MCU and will have their own show on Disney+ around the time the set hits stores. Also a character that hasn’t really been released in other toy lines and was featured in the mainline Avengers comic not too long ago. Also, also an indigenous, female character, which every toy line is lacking… Alright then.
  8. Well we've been waiting on the animated X-Men wave since October of 2020, so I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.
  9. Still on the fence about this set. Losing a character doesn't seem like a wise decision, but I agree with others that it definitely shouldn't be Mary. I feel like its crazy to have seen these in October and still not have a confirmed solicitation. DST should look into Kickstarter FFS.
  10. Damnation - Brother Voodoo, Mr. Knight, Blade, modern Dr. Strange, modern Loki, Mephisto, Ghost Rider(s), Elsa Bloodstone Any mutant character post House of X - Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Magik, Storm, Wolverine, Moira, Kate Pryde, etc. Secret Wars/Hickman's Avengers - Dr. Doom (white), Maker, Dr. Strange, Namor, Black Panther, etc.
  11. Anyone have an idea of when Series 1 actually ships? I thought these were supposed to be out in like July…
  12. Endgame Thor Mr. Knight WandaVIsion finale (or MoM) Scarlet Witch He Who Remains Sylvie Maya/Echo I also think a proper MoM zombie Strange Minimate with a soul cloak could be really cool, although I think figures like that are outside of DST's tooling budget these days.
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