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  1. So this and NBX are getting these "hex packs"... @DSTZach how soon will packaged images be available? I like it. It's like a small wave in a box.
  2. I think it's a cool release, and I'm happy to see more Mates make it out there.
  3. I would love army builder box sets of 4. I don't see any way around them being mostly Cobra, but that's fine by me. Vipers (all varieties), Troopers, BATs, Crimson Guard, Python Patrol, Iron Grenadier, Eels...
  4. Did the first three MiniMates sets do well? The three I mention (plus another Godzilla) could be packaged in a "Destroy All Monsters" box, since they all appeared in that one. Kilaak army builders? Sign me up. So goofy:
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I've made peace with the scale limitations, but I totally get the reservations about buying bigger characters. Ex: It's weird to have Galactus, with a mini-Surfer attached to his shoulder, standing next to a full-sized Silver Surfer. I kept messing around with those Sentinels. I ended up hacking an "ultimate classic sentinel" from Wave 33 & Wave 59 parts. Pretty solid looking. The W59 pelvis has a printed design, and it's got those classic Sentinel moon boots. But the W33 helmet is the only accurate one, and its limb colors are much more vibrant. FWIW: the W59 boots
  6. I was going through my X-Minis, and recognized that I may have a serious Sentinel addiction (Not pictured: MAX Sentinel ). In seriousness, these are pretty fun to re-visit. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Like the boots of the first army builder release not working with the flight stand, but the rocket fists being a novel idea that would be cool to bring back. Or for classic Sentinel fans, the pros and cons of the under-armor designs of the original army builder vs. the two most recent releases (Wave 59 / TRU 19). The DOFP Sentinel has by far my favorite color sche
  7. I was late to the Godzilla line, but have most of them now. And I agree -- at minimum we need Anguirus and King Ghidorah. Minilla could round it out (plus a requisite Godzilla variant), so we'd get everyone with multiple appearances in the Showa era short of Kumonga. Zac, any chance the team revisits this license? Ghidorah is a glaring omission, and with Minilla in the pack this seems like a winner.
  8. Use the "Other Media" dropdown menu on the bottom-right of the post editing window, right above the "Submit Reply" button.
  9. Is that a hint? please say it's a hint...
  10. Thanks Zach! It was fun to put this one together. And also to imagine a young Clint Eastwood as WWII Nick Fury...
  11. Thank you! Yes, it was definitely a labor of love, with parts compiled slowly over a couple of years. It was hard to sacrifice an Eastwood for Fury, but who better to use? He's chomping on a cigar, I couldn't pass it up. The Blackhawk Squad, very cool... How are you thinking about Lady Blackhawk? (torso cap, head & hair)
  12. I also posted this in Modifying Marvel, since they're mostly QCs: WAH-HOO! (my internal numbering) Wave 15 / WWII Series 1:
  13. Bwahahaha! That gif is amazing. I hope this line has long legs. I'd love to see the team mix in some B- and C-listers with the top dogs from here on out.
  14. D'oh! So close. But Storm Shadow got to Duke.
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