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  1. Well I was wrong. Cottonmouth neither failed miserably, nor did he win the whole wave. Probably would have been easier just to make a decal, but for all of my early customs I was super committed to trying to do as much as possible without them. No longer! I'm back to waiting on parts for the next one, although I can probably move the needle on a couple of others while I'm waiting. I'm just in a bit of a creative lull at the moment.
  2. I love your work, because the fun you must be having while making these is apparent in the attention, care, and detail you bring to your creations. It's inspiring.
  3. I love seeing that shelf with all of the different ChaneyMate scales and vehicles together.
  4. Well if my self-imposed shackles are off, and while I have your eyeballs, please allow me to briefly summarize [rubs hands together]: In the six-figure box set days, this would be pretty straightforward -- the Syndicate plus Spider-Man. A simple removal would then be Hydro-Man, who has had a couple releases, including a thoroughly updated version (much love to Wave 77!!). So the short list: Beetle and Boomerang are clear choices for 2 of 4 villain slots. I love-love-love that old 80s Beetle armor. Speed Demon as you mentioned has been released in his animated format only, while his comic costume is distinct enough to merit a detailed update with a new color scheme. Rhino is hugely popular, and that MiniMate remains in high demand. But also -- the last one was a hybrid version. It had the studded bands of the Syndicate armored version, but lacked the chest armor. A massive win would be a Rhino with parts to alternate looks between "smooth" and "armored." If this came to pass, you would witness a grown man faint. Spidey of course would round out the box as #5. This is my pitch [insert obsequious bow with hand flourish]. (And just to further muddle things, Shocker was also affiliated with the Syndicate. We haven't gotten a Shocker figure for some time, and the previous version was more 90s-ish than the classic puffy-suit version. So Shocker's also on the table). But back to regularly scheduled programming: I think I have all the parts for my last PMIF wave?? I picked up a second Sela. Which I will be using for armbands and a necklace to make Nightshade "pop" a bit more. Her costume's pretty plain. And, spoiler, since I'm doing (Cornell) Cottonmouth, I might as well divulge that I have a very absurd but potentially fantastic way to portray his unique facial hair. It's either going to win the whole wave or fail miserably. If the latter, at least I've picked out some snazzy metallic paints to help his green suit stand out. We'll see how quickly I can bang these out. So far, it's... not quickly. 😅
  5. Boomerang checks a lot of those bronze age boxes for me... colorful costume, absurdity meets utility (boomerangs everywhere!), instantly iconic. I've been waiting for a couple decades for him to show up in Marvel Legends, hoping that all of those 'rangs will be removable. I would also [ahem] totally welcome a MinMate version! We could complete the Sinister Syndicate with him and classic armored Beetle. But I think I've probably posted about my dream Syndicate box multiple times, so I'll button it. 🤐
  6. Did you mean DC's Captain Boomerang, or Marvel's Boomerang? I'm a big fan of the latter.
  7. DM me. My plan has always been to make the art available on request once I'm done.
  8. Most of these guys are touch-ups or reworks, with the exception of Man Mountain Marko and the Eel (II). The Golden Tigers are the "army builder" for this throwback wave, with parts to make variations as seen here, "packed" with Warhawk and Scythe. Only one more Power Man & Iron Fist wave left: "Criminal Masterminds." I've done the hirelings here, now it's time for the big bads. There will be four net new characters (out of eight total), one of whom I would be surprised if anyone knew existed (I didn't).
  9. If it's Mutant Massacre, it could be like Scalphunter or Arclight. But yeah there was a lot of conjecture about Inferno.
  10. I see what you did there! That Tri-Sentinel is amazing! It's awkward when we meet though, because I'm never sure which face I should be looking at when I'm talking to it. I think it would have a lot to discuss with the Living Tribunal. Either that or it would argue with like 9x intensity.
  11. I am in awe of this -- knowing nothing of 3D printing, am I right to assume that this would need to be assembled in parts?
  12. I really dig Amphibian -- he's a nice complement to Hyperion, Spectrum and Power Princess.
  13. BHM FTW again! Nice work. Villains For Hire This wave will be an old-school "army builder wave," so it'll have 7 characters in total
  14. Guessed: E,D,R __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ R __ __ R E
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