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  1. Just wanted to reiterate how stupid ass excited I am for this and 81.
  2. Hoookay then... do I need it? No do I want it? Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah
  3. Yaknow I originally ordered just one pack out of this wave. But now this has me reconsidering. I wanna see Sable in full before I decide but man. That’s neat.
  4. “For what it’s worth”
  5. He wasn’t. He was called into the Feige office and expected to be told he was done and they just pitched him the show instead.
  6. And yet still POPular.
  7. It is nice to know that you tried. Eternals going the same way? I guess this is the good cutoff point for MCU minimates for me. With Black Widow being a prequel before Endgame and FWS kinda acting as an Endgame epilogue I can solidly say that the story ends there and not feel too incomplete (despite FFH being missed) I can say that but frankly I’m expecting to get pulled in by something like Fantastic Four.
  8.'s+Black+Cat they’re fuzzy and not attached to the boot but you can just put a black foot under the cuff.
  9. Honestly I’d be willing to sacrifice the B/W versions (hopefully to be released as a convention exclusive) to get the kids in Halloween costumes. so I’d like: Halloween Twins Halloween Pietro Scarlet Witch White Vision Agatha (ALL ALOOOOOONG) I only exclude Monica because there’s no damn way she’s not showing up in something else later. She has further opportunities. I don’t know if the same can be said of Agatha, Pietro, and the Twins
  10. Not enough. I keep eyeing that case that Menagerie has so I can get Strucker and Mark One Ultron too. Just not willing to spend that yet. I’ll see about grabbing one when I get home from work.
  11. It’s why I buy Age of Ultron drones every time I make a Minimate purchase online if they’re available. The tide continues to turn against the Avengers in that display.
  12. I suspect Caliban would make it in over the log or maybe even pierce.
  13. Is fuckin Logan that old movie that Walgreens was gonna play with!? That’s amazing!
  14. Not Marvel. Similar concept. hm I’m putting my guess firmly on Joes, but personally I’d prefer more Transformers. Could be a new line or something making a comeback though which would be welcome. As a dark horse guess I’m gonna throw out there the Fellowship of the Ring. Big collection of well known characters and its Fellowship’s 20th anniversary. ... Jesus fucking Christ it’s Fellowship’s 20th anniversary. And it occurred to me that DST has done a pack that large once before with a 10 pack for the Hall of Armor which was SDCC exclusive. Hell I’d be all
  15. Issa nice set. I don’t need one. but it’s nice.
  16. Please Mortal Kombat. I can’t think of a more suited to minimates line right now.
  17. What’s this unique mechanic do?
  18. I know Menagerie (Figure Freak now) got like 80 out of his sets. Let me know if you do. I’ll see about taking that Rodan set off your hands.
  19. I feel like I remember them being cancelled due to a lack of preorders. And with the lineup of that final boxset I’m not surprised. Burning Godzilla without Destoroyah is weird, the design of that Rodan was a little off and he’s not exactly a big enough gun for people to lose their minds over finally getting him (despite the fan outcry on this particular board), the Mothras were kinda just lil statues but were also the best part of the set, and Megalon came from the... like... second worst Showa Godzilla movie. It wasn’t what I call an attention getting set. Hell I still don’t have it
  20. The other half is traumatizing violence!
  21. I feel like the optimal pack for what we’re missing would be Ghidorah, Anguirus, Kong, and, a KKVG head sculpt Godzilla since we’d need at least one of him given how long it’s been since the last Godzilla set.
  22. Only if it brings an opportunity to get Ghidorah, Anguirus and the like.
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