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  1. How big are you looking for? Like FoX-Men’s Juggernaut? Or like MCU Drax’s boots? Or like Ultimate Thor (which IIRC is the same as above Juggernaut).
  2. @TheMinimateKing30, those look really good! I would love a Wasp in that look.
  3. I’ve seen some pics of Adam Strange (most likely more modern versions and not classic) where he didn’t have the straps across his chest. Would animated Falcon (hail Ivan) be a cheap alternative? This way people could have a version of the character in their collection?
  4. Howdy! Yes, you are spot on with the base for that figure! I used different arms with some cuffs instead of the O-Ren arms. I had considered Thunderbird from from wave 68, and even X-Force Warpath as an alternative. I thought it might look kinda shadowy. I also considered a Harada head for an unmasked look. Or trimming down a Daredevil mask, though that gets away from the Q part of QC. 😊 And the hairpiece I used is from the Walgreens Animated White Tiger. I really liked the shape of it.
  5. These are gorgeous minimates! But! I kinda would like to see the new spiked forearms from Spider-Man 2099 used on Kaine. Not a deal breaker, though.
  6. There’s minimate STDs going around? Is it Gamorarrhea? Syphilester Stallone as Barney Ross?
  7. That’s a gorgeous box set. I’ve always loved the Kaine look, probably due to nostalgia. These all look spectacular (pun intended) and I can’t wait to add them to my collection.
  8. I’m just glad I didn’t have to toe the line on the puns in here.
  9. I have Luke’s Cardiac custom, and he’s stupendous! I would also love an official Cardiac. Because the character is just so epic looking. I do think Cardiac would be considered an anti-hero.
  10. Even though there is a very passionate, dedicated fan base for Minimates, the sets still need to appeal to kids/new collectors. It would be a hard sell for kids to pick up toys that only have villains with no heroes to fight. I don’t know if 10 year old me would’ve been thrilled to only have the baddies with no one to fight; current me who has been buying minimates for almost 20 years would be on board. I do hope that we will get more outlets for minimates so that we can get more collector themed offerings, while still having the mass appeal offerings to keep the lights on.
  11. I watched Remember It on Friday night. I gasped so loudly in the last few minutes of that episode. Then I heard the line “…remember it.” And saw the ending. I handed my wife the controller, and I told her I needed to take a shower, and if she heard any sobbing coming from the bathroom it, most assuredly, was NOT a grown man crying over a cartoon.
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