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  1. I’m buying every Dreadnok I can! I’m pretty excited for this!
  2. @Padrino, LoL. Don’t go through all of that. It’s all good. I had looked on the database (hail, Ivan) for red eyes and I didn’t find anything that matched so just decided to ask. I appreciate you trying to remember.
  3. @Padrino, these are all awesome QCs! I love the Silverhawks so much! I have a soft spot for my childhood cartoons. May I ask what head you used for Hellstrom?
  4. @Captain Paco, it was a great choice! All of those customs look awesome! Great job! The Red Lantern kinda gives me Atrocitous vibes.
  5. @Captain Paco, man, how did I never think to use that Deadpool chest for an Arsenal/Red Arrow/Speedy?! That’s brilliant! Time to update the one I made.
  6. I was think about Thunderbird’s chest. That’s the closest I could think of without re-painting a whole bunch.
  7. I will take you up on the amazing offer, Luke! Thank you so much!
  8. Oh, man. I’m sad about the timing of this one. It kinda caught me in a weird spot. I hope this will still be available next week. Looks great, @luke314pi
  9. Oh, man! I’m pretty stoked to see how this turns out!
  10. @Captain Paco and @Minimike, I had immediately thought of Black Adam when I first saw that new Adam Warlock torso. I’m so glad to see that it works so well! I will need to pick one up. In my head, a good Black Adam recipe was Namor head, the receding hair that Minimike used, the Adam Warlock torso, black arms (with a different lower arm), initially I had thought that Shazam’s belt would be best, but that Iron Fist sash works so much better, black crotch piece, black legs and Shazam boots. The lower arm I thought would work a little better is the Walgreens Adam Warlock lower arms with whi
  11. Happy New Year! Here’s best wishes for the year to come.
  12. @Captain Paco, those are all awesome! Is that the Lego Black Manta head? It looks great!
  13. This year we’ve seen a lot of madness. From wildfires to global pandemics and political and social issues. It’s been a trying year no matter how you slice it. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to come on here with a group of likeminded people. A place where we all have the same love for our plastic addiction. Where we may disagree, but, usually stay respectful. This has been a respite from the troubles of the world. It has been invaluable in keeping good mental health during this trying year. I hope everyone has an awesome holiday. I hope you all get to spend quality time wi
  14. @luke314pi, Kierrok looks awesome! I’m glad you’re back. I hope all is well! 😊For what it’s worth, I have no hard feelings about the delay for Warstar. We’re in a global pandemic, amid other things, and delays are expected. I’m just glad you and yours stayed healthy!
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