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  1. SOrry, Chooch, feel free to reach out to customer service (
  2. Sorry! Not sure about that either. I've made my suggestions, but I have not heard that we have moved ahead on Series 3 yet. But Series 2 is likely a January release, and the ring in spring.
  3. Not 100% sure. February is the estimate release month, but it may be out as early as January, I'll ask. About the ring, also.
  4. I think stackability was discussed at one time, but it did not make its way to this iteration. And no peg inside, but the dimensions make it such that most regular-sized Minimates do not move around very much, so they always appear to be standing up, at least the ones I tried it with. Not for everyone, obviously, but I thought they could be useful in many situations.
  5. Technodrome set is in stores Dec. 20. Party Wagon will be offered late January, sorry for the delay.
  6. Now that Barry does most of the MM packaging himself, I don't always get to see it before it goes out, but that looks fantastic! Can't wait to get mine...
  7. We may not have any news until Spring, but I'm not sure how they're announcing con exclusives next year, which these will most likely be. Fingers crossed.
  8. In case anyone is interested in small display cases for Minimates, well, we made some. They're available on the Ironguard Supplies website, in packs of two. They won't hold a Hulkbuster, but most normal size Minimates will fit.
  9. Believe it or not, Arise is NOT one of the storyilines we are doing... yet. And as much as I adore Shipwreck, he is not one of the next four Joes.
  10. They will be on sail 12/6. Sub to our newsletter for updates. Water you waiting for?
  11. Last Ronin MM are in the warehouse. They may ship as early as next week, we'll see tomorrow, I think.
  12. Not quite there, but I may not be helping when I say things like "Firefly hasn't made it in yet..."
  13. NO talk of vehicles at this time. We're just trying to get the figures out.
  14. You named seven out of the first 8, but we'll see how it goes.
  15. I think we have learned over the years not to include an army-builder in a unique-character box set. We have talked about a troop-builder set, nothing firm yet. Hoping to make 3, 4 and maybe even a fifth set of main characters happen first. We'll see.
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