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  1. From what I have seen, it is six windows/trays in the round, under a hexagonal cover. But the cover can be removed to reveal a diorama-type artwork that surrounds the figures, so I believe they can be displayed without the cover (still in trays). Not sure if you can remove them from the trays and put them back into the diorama-type artwork. Waiting on some details. No black light in this one, sadly. WG has had our NBX figures on the shelf year-round for a while now. Not sure if that will continue, or if we're moving in other directions. I know their planned Creature Under the Sta
  2. Not that I am aware of, but it is certainly less of an impulse item in this format. I agree!
  3. I am not aware of any plans, but if these do well, maybe. I do not know. This may have entirely been based on timing, why it did not go to Walgreens. But Marvel is a much stronger brand than NBX, and the style needs to stretch to fit the NBX designs, so maybe they have more confidence in Marvel MM than NBX MM. If this does well, maybe we'll do more!
  4. I believe it was originally pitched for Walgreens, but I think everyone including kids will be happier being able to order it from wherever they want. It's not a con exclusive, because there's no con, and it's not an online exclusive, because brick-and-mortar stores can order them as well. Hopefully kids in those stores see it and say "Wow!" Or someone orders it online for a kid they know. It's certainly a nice introductory set. I think it would have done well at Walgreens OR Walmart.
  5. Good news, everyone! NEw images of NBX set with updated tampos. Not sure about Cap's shield, but let's assume yes.
  6. As far as new NBX characters go, I think we are getting to the bottom of the barrel and/or the limits of Minimate engineering. On the one hand you have barely-speaking characters like the witches, Frankenstein, Gatekeeper... on the other hand you have overly-designed characters like the Creature and the Hanging Tree.
  7. To be fair, you said the set was a "f--- you", which is more than dislike, it's an implication that the set was designed to specifically exclude or even annoy existing fans. I think that was what I took issue with. People are obviously free to dislike it. But I apologize for targeting you.
  8. Sorry, I should not have used foul language, and I should not have targeted someone's negative opinions as being necessary for a response. I love MInimates, and I love DST, and I can get overly defensive. I still think this release is more indicative of the perceived potentially broad appeal of Minimates rather than a negation of the long-term fan base.
  9. Of course we care about long-time fans. If DST didn't give a [darn] about long-time fans, we wouldn't still be rolling out series 80 and 81 to specialty stores with half of them being all-new characters. We'd walk away and focus on movies and animated at Walgreens. As far as me coming on this board and saying something should not be TAKEN as a "[dang] you," i'm merely pointing out that not every single release in a line -- ANY line -- can be about the old fans. Marvel Legends inserts Spidey, Cap or IM whenever they can, and repackages them in new retro packaging and fans go nuts. MM
  10. How is a set of Minimates a [dang] you to anybody? We could have made NO Minimates as an SDCC exclusive, and I'm sure that would have been considered a [dang] You by somebody as well. I bet if the set had had one, two, or three new Minimates and three-to-five rehashes it would have been considered a [dang] You to somebody who didn't want to pay for dupes. My guess is there is a very narrow window of what would NOT have been considered a [dang] You, at least to some people. The overall concept of the set was the original six Avengers, as a tribute to that in-the-round scene. They were nea
  11. Obviously the set isn't for everybody. But if you're late to Minimates, you might want a Movie 1 set.
  12. Remember, these will be available through Luke's and other retailers, so don;t worry if GG sells out. We were conservative this year, we over-ordered last year on a lot of stuff. is still a work in progress.
  13. It'll actually run from Monday through Friday, so five days is accurate. That art is not correct, I will post. And there is cool new packaging, although it's not finished yet.
  14. See post above. Warehouse processing and shipping to stores can take a couple weeks.
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