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  1. All shipments crossing the ocean are A. delayed leaving China due to COVID concerns, and B. delayed coming into the US due to a massive backup of container ships at the port of Los Angeles. So I am not sure when they will arrive, unfortunately. But they are coming.
  2. I'm back! I found three more blue Leos and one more yellow Mikey! Let me know if you DON'T HAVE and need either one and I'll send 'em out! If more than three people say Leo, and more than one person says Mikey, I'll do a random drawing. (You can say both, you just might not WIN both.)
  3. Dave, Onyx, Cylon and Jettstorm, you are the... only people interested, apparently. So you win by default! DE FAULT! The two sweetest words in the English language! DM me your addresses!
  4. Not showing them as part of the panel was my fault, I think I meant to and forgot. Lots of products, and I usually try to make sure and put something in for you guys, but I blew it. As far as I know, they are still next in line, I know the new parts have been sculpted, I do not know if they have been tooled. I'll try to keep everyone posted.
  5. Got some plates in the air, nothing ready to reveal yet. Also, some changes at Walgreens. We'll keep everyone posted.
  6. I do not think that means what you think it means. - Inigo Montoya
  7. Hi, guys - with Free Comic Book Day 2021 fast approaching (August 14!), I thought I'd offer up another free giveaway, of four (4) Free Comic Book Day 2009 Minimate blanks. WARNING: THESE MINIMATES DO NOT HAVE HOLES IN THEIR HEADS. BE AWARE AND STAY SAFE! Anyone who wants one and DOES NOT HAVE ONE, sound off below, I will choose four random winners.
  8. I used the Random Number Generator and got Nerdy Trev, Captain Paco and GMonkey2K as the winners. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest. Winners please DM me your addresses.
  9. As soon as I have details, I will keep everyone posted with vague clues and sly winks.
  10. Looking into that. Not sure where the picture came from if they were not found at Walgreens.
  11. One never mated: NTW One Redo: Wolvo Two who have only ever had comic forms: Laura and 616 Deadpool, who has a different origin than the XMOW Deadpool and also doesn't suck. XMOW Deadpool is an abomination and should not be put in the same plane of reality as 616 Deadpool. See!
  12. I didn't specify when I posted, but since five people have already expressed interest, I'll make it a random drawing like the last one. Anyone else interested, sound off.
  13. I'm back! And this time I brought a few Stealth Vorins from 2012, a retailer incentive with issue #1. If you DON'T have one, and you WANT one, sound off below, I'll give away three of them.
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