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  1. I can't get the image to load, but I want to see them!
  2. Really? We haven't made a single good Yellow Wolverine? Not even the Best Of version? No plans in the works, aside from the perpetually discussed 90s set, but no release date for that yet. A movie 2-pack or box set would be great, not sure it's in the cards.
  3. It sold out in our main retailer warehouse immediately, and more will not be made. It should arrive in our website warehouse at some point, but not in huge quantities. Just FYI.
  4. If 1:1 means "accurate", yes, Hasbro would prefer them to be accurate. Including weapons. Heads are nothing, we can make heads until the cows come home, doesn't matter if they're shiny or not. But I'm not sure we have helmets that match all of the different helmet styles. Maybe we could piece something together, but I don't know if it would be accurate enough to get approved.
  5. We planned out several waves of 90s X-Men, I believe, but the only ones shown were Jean, Juggs, Sinister and Cyke. Those were originally going to be Walgreens two-packs. Larger box sets of those figures have been discussed, but I do not know the timeline as of right now.
  6. I don't think we re-used the radar piece, as far as I know. Bases are all spider-verse portals.
  7. No, it's a four-pack of Turtles. BUT they are different enough that I think people will want them.
  8. There is a lot of tooling for GI Joe. Everyone has a slightly different helmet, a slightly different gun. Sure, we have a lot of knives and pistols and holsters and harnesses, just waiting to go, but I'm pretty sure the Cobra Trooper helmet is different from the Cobra Commander helmet, and the rifle is fairly unique. The Crimson Guard helmet is unique, as is the rifle. Ditto the Viper. Ditto the Tele-Viper (one of my faves). Sure, most COULD be blank bodies with a few add-ons, but some like the Viper would warrant a full torso cover with grenades, etc. Series 3 is mostly basic bodies with harnesses and holsters, etc., but there are some unique hats and hair pieces that are, I believe, tooled. Robert and I have been pushing to release them in more episodic VHS sets like the Transformers, but it is tough when Series 1 and 2 did not sell as well as we thought they would. I have not given up.
  9. We actually try to do the exact not that. We put a Foot Soldier in every set, so you could collect multiple. If you want more than three, sure, that makes it difficult, but I don't know if a solid set would sell, not for us, not to retailers. I'll look into it, though. And Bullseye could be seen as an army builder, but having finally read the trade, the other two clones die fairly quickly, leaving the real Bullseye, so it's really not that big a selling point. But those are definitely two recent examples after 20 years of making army builders as accessible in variant two-packs as possible.
  10. After refreshing my memory of the original Trek line (it was before my time), I have trouble seeing what the plan was with that series, but I never told anyone to buy boring Kirk Minimates in hope that we would make TNG Minimates, which seems to be what people were hoping for, right? Granted, we eventually made Picard and Sisko in that series, but I assume by then retailers were choking on Gladiator Kirks. My point is that if you want army-builders (or secondary characters) in a toy line, you need to buy the main characters that fight those army-builders. Before they got to Alpine and Dial-Tone and Techno-Viper in the Classified line, Hasbro had to make a few different Scarletts and a few different Dukes in regular boxes and retro cards and what have you. Out of curiosity, I consulted a checklist, and the first 30 Classified figures included 2 Snake Eyes, 2 Destros, 3 Cobra Commanders and 3 Roadblocks, not counting the entire WAVE of Snake Eyes Origins figures that are still on clearance at GameStop. G.I. Joe Classified Series action figures Checklist ( Could we have done better with our Joe line? Sure. Would an army-builder set have succeeded this early? I don't know. I'll admit, the Red Ninja and Cobra Trooper came out fairly early on in the Classified line, but single army builders are a lot easier to work into a wave than into a box set. I wanted to compare the "Must buy X to get Y" to something else in life (I don't get the gaming reference), but it's hard to compare toy lines to anything. Kickstarter, or Hasbro's HasLab offerings are similar -- if you want to unlock X character, you need to back the big character or vehicle. The more of you back it, the more likely it is. I think that's fair. Maybe a toy line is like a comic book series. If you don't like the main character in the book, you can stop buying it (or not start), but if you're just waiting for a certain character to show up BEFORE you buy it, then you can't get mad when they cease publication before that. See, even that is not a great comparison. If you want to get someone to fight Duke, you have to buy Duke. Especially if you plan to buy Duke as soon as the second thing happens. You don't have to buy EVERY Duke, but one would help.
  11. I'm sure most of you would buy a Zach Minimate and a hammer.
  12. I wasn't around in the TOS Trek MM days, so I don't know what they were thinking, or even what a Bread and Circuses Kirk is. I was around to voice my support for the later wave, where we made captains and aliens from several different shows, and I don't think those did gangbusters either, or we would have made more. I never said buy three. I said buy one. Have you bought any Joe MM yet? No, right? Because you want army-builders? If you want to own a Duke, and we make a Duke, and you don't buy the Duke, then you have zero say in what we make next. Sorry, that's called voting with your wallet, except you're voting for us not to make more Joe Minimates. Not trying to be argumentative, I just don't think people who essentially boycott a toy line understand how supply and demand works.
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