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  1. I plan to show them!
  2. If they are not in stock they should be soon! Sorry if people are having trouble, you should be able to order both.
  3. Yes, everyone can enter. You can enter in multiple categories (once per category) but you can only win one prize. Submission end date is the 17th.
  4. Were there two pink rangers? I am uneducated. I thought we were providing all alternate heads.
  5. $50 is the standard price for a six-pack now. $30 is the standard price for a 4-pack. Fewer accessories in this set is unfortunate, but for most 6-packs we try to include extra parts, figures and accessories. Keep in mind, they all have removable helmets and hairpieces, as well.
  6. All - Submissions for the 20th anniversary Minimates Photography contest are now open! Find out more info here: Minimates Photography Contest: OPEN FOR ADMISSIONS! - Diamond Select Toys
  7. It's a picture of a DVD, not a removable fake DVD. So it's not like we spent all the weapons money on it. A real DVD would have significantly increased the cost of the set. A fake DVD wouldn't have been cheap either. And I am not a Rangers expert, but someone said they didn't really use weapons in the movie, and this was originally a Movie set. You may have to borrow some of the seven bazillion weapons from the regular TV box sets.
  8. Prototype pics will be sent out in late October regardless.
  9. I think we're waiting for Series 1 to ship, and I do not know where that is. That said, they may send it and surprise me. I'm sometimes not told everything.
  10. I believe pre-order is Wednesday at midnight EST/9 PM PST, leading into Thursday, the first day of the show. I think D&D will be in the case at NYCC, and art is in my presentation. Scarlett's chest: Zach Oat (@zachoat) • Instagram photos and videos
  11. The person who shoots the packaging doesn't open up the packaging, so they may not spot something like Scarlett. The product manager is not shooting the pictures. To be fair, I did not spot the issue myself until someone pointed it out here. If by "lot of mistakes" you also mean TMNT not having all their weapons, I'm assuming not all weapons fit in the prototypes' hands, and the photographer did not realize anyone would care or be turned off by it. Not sure which other ones you mean. Here's a not-great shot of Scarlett's chest (can't believe I'm saying that): Zach Oat (@zachoat) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. G2 Megatron. I think we'll get to him eventually. We call the Joe set (and all con sets) an exclusive so people know to come get it at the convention. It gets the set promoted specifically in connection with the show, by press, and we are allowed to promote it officially THROUGH the show because of it. Yes, we will make some available after the show, but it's all repeats of existing characters -- except Biggles, who nobody knows. We almost had a TON of new characters in the NYCC Joe set, and that would have been great, but it might have been frustrating to some. I suppose it is SIMILAR to Battle Beasts, since all of the BB promos and exclusives were ALSO variants of specialty characters -- except Zik, who everyone hated. And the TRU Moose. Maybe we overdid it with the BB promos, but we were trying to spread the word, and it still didn't work. (And no, I don't think it had a NEGATIVE effect.) This is ONE AEW promo, and it is to hype up the upcoming Minimates release -- these promos are not highly demanded outside of the die-hard fan base. The Vinimates set was limited, but it did not sell out at the show, and now we are making more of Sting available because he will be in attendance. BTW, Red Son Superman was available online. New 52 Superman is the one that was not. Snake Eyes has a loop on his back for the smaller sword, I believe. But we tried to mimic the toys whenever possible, and I'm not sure who had scabbards in that line.
  13. Not the promo, but the other two will be on the DST website. And I believe Luke can order them as well, starting around the time of the show. Sure!
  14. No. Nope, fake DVD. Like the VHS sets come with a fake VHS. No comment.
  15. I believe we will offer them to retailers after the show.
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