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Wave 84 (Daredevil)


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10 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

Somebody needs to figure out who actually buys Minimates these days . Once that is established then somebody needs to figure out who would potentially buy Minimates .

I actually like the characters in this wave but let's be totally honest , I'm 67 , I have adequate versions of most of the characters & I know who they are .  The original yeloDD 'mate looks bloody awful now but are there that many new Minimate fans going to get excited about this new one ?  I'll be very pleased to get one but it ain't going to generate new blood which is what this line desperately needs.

I realise that the TRU Bullseye was supposedly scarce , for those who wanted one then I'm sorry but that pack was released in 2009 ! Nearly 14 years later , we have a new version of what I consider to have been a perfect Minimate which is being aimed at whom ?  I don't profess to know the answers & I'm concerned whether DST does .









this entire post  bears repeating, hence the quotation. 

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In the case of the FF set, I think aside from the price, the biggest problem was none of the characters were new and the looks/costumes aren't classic/iconic enough to trigger nostalgia for someone on the fence about a purchase.  If that FF set was a classic Kirby FF with classic Surfer and Doom with the new cape, it would probably have been a better seller.  

Look at the Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 series, by no means "great" action figures but the presentation/characters/costumes chosen are outstanding.

Marvel Minimates needs to reboot/relaunch the line and get back to basics, focus on iconic looks of characters and avoid the temporary story elements like Elektra Daredevil, Silver Surfer Black.  Treat the line like the "Greatest Hits" waves from a few years ago, build out a few waves of ICONIC versions of characters while throwing a bone to the long time collectors by including long-demanded characters and spend a few years trying to build up the customer base.

As far as distribution goes, go back to 2-packs at a higher price point if needed, just make sure the accessories included help justify the pricing.  Make these 2-packs the core of the Marvel series featuring the big names in bright iconic costumes (ala Greatest Hits).  Supplement these 2-packs with boxsets (maybe DST Direct timed pre-order exclusives) catering more to unique looks, modern or alternate costumes, and lesser known characters for the long time collectors.

Marvel Minimates needs a new #1, but keep the legacy numbering.


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 The FF box set .

On one hand it shows how far Minimates have come ,a beautifully presented set of well-known characters ,beautifully painted with tons of accessories .  I actually saw my box-set for the first time & just stared at it with a huge grin on my face , I thought it was great . 

On the other hand it shows how Minimates are bogged down in the past . My thoughts on any Thing Minimate aside, open the box & we see 3 similarly uniformed team -mates, 2 that have identical bodies & another with an altered chest-piece!

I'm sorry but (almost) 3 identically bodied Minimates in a box set is a waste , I might as well say it ......that's why I cannot stomach the idea of more Star Trek Minimates . Bring on more Star Trek Minimates by all means but for f*cksake just produce some 'heads ' .

Partly-flamed Torch , Visible Woman &  Mr.Bluesuit -guy-with-4-on his chest  don't really shout "FANTASTIC FOUR" to any new buyer.

 A 'Charcoal' Surfer ain't going to help, if I have to 'Google' a Marvel character then I am unlikely to relate quickly to the Minimate . 

I am NOT the person that DST should be trying to please ,that's my point.

Over the years my personal gripe with newly-released FF characters was that the 'blues' never matched the previous versions , that one has been solved :huh:





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On 1/7/2023 at 6:10 AM, buttheadsmate said:

The original yeloDD 'mate looks bloody awful now but are there that many new Minimate fans going to get excited about this new one ?

I'm guessing the yellow Daredevil is DST's excuse not to offer an MCU version like the one that appeared in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Not that DST has shown any interest in recapturing the market introduced to Marvel through feature films and Disney+ shows. (Okay. Zombies were thrown a bone with a What If...? SKU.)

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I will say if we go back to the Greatest Hits model, I want to request that no team remain unfinished. The Mr Fantastic made in that Greatest Hits wave was my favorite version of that character ever, but he was also the only member of the FF in that style. You could make a Johnny with a second Reed but drawing titties on him wouldn’t exactly work with the printing they used. 

so yeah I like that the box sets don’t let them do that dumb shit again at least. 

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My only anxiety with this model is that I worry about seeing lesser known teams, especially including villain teams, get represented. Characters that haven't appeared in a movie or live-action series might struggle to be seen as a viable option. 
The 4 x 2-pack system worked well for getting a lot of characters out. Wave 60's Strike Force vs Brotherhood set was, IMHO a good way of selling recognisable characters in order to support the release of some villains. And it very nearly completed two teams in a single wave!
Box sets often seem to be team-focused or story-themed, but it's hard to fit two teams into only 5 spots, meaning that the less sellable team might get dumped. I seriously want to see Stryfe and some MLF figures made... but if a big name set like the F4 is not performing as hoped, then I can't see the MLF (or GenX, or the Nasty Boys, or the Upstarts, or the Hellions) having enough pull to warrant their own 5/6-pack. 

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We cannot make BAFs anymore. End of story. Not a financial consideration.

Assortments were a price barrier for retailers to order (over $100 just to get on board) and a pegwarmer issue for retailers to sell (army builders either disappearing or lingering depending on popularity), making the whole thing a distribution barrier for customers.

Box sets are more expensive, but can be ordered individually by retailers, encourage customers to buy sets, and would not lead to pegwarmer two-packs. Additionally, some online retailers often would not sell individual MM 2-packs from an assortment, but they WOULD sell box sets. 

Our next step is to try to make box sets less expensive. 

And the lineups are designed for old comic readers, current comic readers, and old and new MM collectors. This set has classic DD characters, in classic and modern looks, and includes characters old MM collectors want and new collectors need. I think it's a perfect set, and hopefully the new lineup is to everyone's liking. 

This is how I see it. Not sure if all of my thoughts are the same as the management's thoughts. 

Getting more press would be great. I sent the FF set to anyone who would take it, but not everyone wants to review (or photograph) Minimates. I can post some of the reviews and pics if you want to check them out. 



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I think I know the owner/editor. I'll have to look at what reviews they do. They have never requested samples. Shartimus Prime I send to, but he has declined Minimates in the past I believe. I have a few non-traditional reviewers who do Minimates, @chavs25 on TikTok and Nerd News Today and RoccotheGreat on YouTube.

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hi @DSTZach -- just want to clear up that the point of my rant was i don't think there's a solution that would please everyone so my hope is that more people become aware so that there are at least more people to buy what i think is the coolest products out there.

i was not trying to tell anyone how to do thier job or what they're doing wrong.


my apologies if it came off that way


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It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here. Was always way more active in the Facebook group. I have to say Wave 84 drew me back in after selling off most of my collection last year and I’ve been buying up Spidey and Spidey adjacent mates like it’s no one’s business… though I guess it’s *our* business. Sincerely hoping that this wave is still coming with the original assortment of six. Definitely bringing me back to my childhood and the original first wave, just updated! I’ll be sad to see a character go, but alas, here we are! If I need to make a new social media account to start championing mates, I’ll do it!

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I've been able to mature past my name like twice now, it's about becoming your truest self 😜

I don't know if it says anything, but I do believe there's an untapped market in the Youtube space for Minimates. Covid caused a huge explosion of new collectors for a lot of lines I noticed. If it says anything back when I did Youtube, I'd get dozens of (What I assume were children) comments asking more about Minimates, where to find them, etc. I'd say reaching the following I did based on a single toyline alone was impressive. There's some very dedicated collectors on Instagram too, and they're all chill from the ones I've talked to.

I don't know if you could replicate it again though, usually toy reviewers have a niche and if you go outside of it that video tends to perform poorly.

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