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  1. Yeah!! Thanks so much for the interest 🥺
  2. I think one of the worst things a company can do is go “if you want the possibility of X you have to buy Y, otherwise it’s your fault you didn’t get X.” The gaming industry is full of this. Shit is so expensive these days, do I want a tank of gas or a set of Minimates? You kind of have to prioritize what you want over the blind hope that you spending money on a thing you don’t care for will eventually get you the thing you want. Like, having too much of a personal stake in something? I’m not a business lady (I have a radio degree of course I’m not good at numbers) but it never feels right to see companies go “Oh the thing you wanted won’t happen cuz you didn’t buy the other thing.” Like shifting the blame almost? I dunno where I’m going with this. I buy a lot of toys (I just got the Classified retro Duke and Scarlet and they’re fantastic) but the amount of Minimates I want has shrunken significantly. I got the recent Daredevil set (even came out of YouTube retirement to talk about it) but as soon as I got those figures on the shelf I just had a feeling of, I dunno. This is it I guess. I used to buy everything, even things I didn’t know, just because I wanted to hope that it would lead to something I would want.
  3. This is disappointing. It feels like every time there’s a Minimates line based on an IP I like it just fizzles out instantly (Still bitter about Sonic and KH). I skipped the Cobra set because it just didn’t feel like it was worth it. Anyone got custom recipes? I want a Flint and Beachhead the most but getting to boost the ranks of either side would be nice.
  4. It stinks, Last Ronin is one of the first box sets I’ve wanted in awhile but I just can’t justify the $35 on it. All I want is the Mikey, the other 3 are kind of boring. For the same price you can get the Neca deluxe figure and it’s overloaded with stuff (I have it on the shelf, it’s awesome). if the box set goes on sale I’ll probably pick it up. Now what I’d really kill for is a box set of the Fortnite designs. A girl can dream, no? 🤭
  5. I just got one from a friend, so I’m good. Hope to see you on my journeys!
  6. For those who want it, BBTS has the first set for what it should have been: $24
  7. Thank you!! I don’t talk a lot here but I certainly am passionate about stuff. Life and depression got in the way. Honestly I’ve been thinking about going back to it the past couple of months. Maybe I will, even if it’s not all Minimate stuff. Thanks 🙂
  8. Zach-- I have a lot of strong opinions on the phrase "pretty much," for a grown woman I have way too much time on my hands to talk about toys on the internet. I've made a little chart detailing how these figures don't really stand in for what the mass market sees as Spider-Verse. Times are changing, peoples perceptions on characters evolve. The casual buyer thinks Miguel is this roided-up beefcake, they think Hobie Brown is a Spider-Man, etc. It's not a matter of sweatpants, it's a matter of people caring more about something when it's a thing they know. I think a reliance on comics is going to be a detriment moving forward, people are going to be more excited by the versions of characters they know and associate with. People know these characters from media outside of paperback and tbh the average fan isn’t going to go read comics after watching the movies I never should have quit Youtube, I got too many opinions and too little a void to scream into
  9. I can’t help but feel disappointed by this, it’s such a weird thing. On one hand, this is an opportunity to have Spider-Man and his friends on shelves again. On the other hand, it’s 100% characters that have (arguably) been done better elsewhere - I’m looking at you, Ben. On the other *other* hand, it’s clear this was made to piggyback on the Spider-verse movies with the character selection but it’s not the spider-verse designs so you lose that market. If DST wanted to do a Spider-Verse box set, they should have gone all in. Swap Ben for Hobie, make a jacked AF Miguel, bathrobes Peter with his kid as an accessory would be so cute.
  10. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a D&D video game and it’s huge right now. I feel like not capitalizing on that is a big miss.
  11. Oh. That’s, uh. Disappointing. Out of all the Netflix things to go for, something I hadn’t heard of until right now doesn’t seem like the best bet. Good for Snyder fans I guess…
  12. I’ve always considered Minimates to be in the realm of kids toys - they were sold at Toys R Us for years and always were bright, colorful characters. I wonder how the sales figures on kids-focused and adult-focused IPs have been. There’s definitely more Joe fans than just men in their 50’s, I’m a 28-year-old woman and the classified line is one of my favorites. It’s one of those lines that ascends needing an attachment to the IP just because each release is so cool. Hasbro provided an extremely quality product at a budget price point. You buy a Snake Eyes, you got *the* Snake Eyes to end all Snake Eyes. $22 for a single 6” figure versus $40 for four 2” figures is a lot harder for people to justify. I think the entire industry is moving to a 6” preference, it’s a uniform scale so everyone can compete in the same arena. I had both my TMNT and D&D sets drop in my pile of loot last week and I just couldn’t do it, it’s so much money for so little. I think I’ve officially moved on after what, like 15? Years of collecting. There’s just nothing to care about and what is there is so expensive. I got bills to pay, a wedding coming up, i can get a half a tank of gas or 4-5 Minimates I’ll be entirely honest, I never see the DST socials promote Minimates at all. Just a single post of the stock product art going “this exists!” And that’s it. A 360 video of some statues isn’t going to make me want to run out and buy them. Minimate solicitation images are *ROUGH* and always make the product look inferior, most people expect what they see is what they get.
  13. Loved the heck out of Barbie, my girlfriend and I thought it was hilarious The real marathon is Shin Barminheimer (Shin Kamen Rider, Barbie, Pikim 4, Oppenheimer)
  14. I’m sorry, I don’t understand business so I shouldn’t have said anything. Was stupid of me
  15. The more product out there the better. I don’t understand the hesitancy to solicit sets if something is already available to preorder, every other toy company I know does multiple sets dropped at once. This feels like drip-feeding
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