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  1. Do you think they would do two Spider-man sets in a row? I would be all for more Spider-man sets, but I don't think they would do it.
  2. I'm dying for a Lucha Bros set. Their minimates would look amazing. Too bad you couldn't release the four packs and then a few two-packs of tag teams throughout the year. We already got a Young Bucks two-pack.
  3. The Echo show was pretty bad. The fight scenes were pretty horrible. I still don't even know what her powers are on the show. They should have kept her with her powers from the comics. The show definitely isn't going to get people to want to buy her figure. I think you guys made the right choice removing her ( I do look forward to her in a future set though). Does Bullseye not have a chest tampo? It looks odd to me from what I can see. I am slowly going blind though so maybe it is there and my eyes can't pick it up.
  4. That's what I get for posting at 3 in the morning, combined with the fact that I am old and going blind.
  5. Someone has to be pretty happy now that Starduster has been revealed to be coming out for the G.I. Joe Classified line. I believe that I had pretty much stopped collecting G.I. Joe by the time he was released. I wish the G.I. Joe Minimates would pick up steam and that we would get more than 2 sets a year. These were announced back in early 2001 and we have only got four sets in that time with only 9 characters out of all the G.I. Joe characters there are out there. I hope 2024 looks better for this line.
  6. I don't think Tiger Force, Python Patrol, etc. should be released until way down the line. Give us characters in their normal looks first. I have passed on quite a few of the Classified Tiger Force and Python Patrol figures so far. I'm not a real big fan of the redeco's. Tiger Force Dusty is currently warming the pegs at all of the Targets around me. I did buy the Night Force Shooter figure and pre-ordered the Night Force Wolf Spider though since they are new characters and look pretty cool. I do wish you could sell them as single packs. They looked fantastic in the sets that we got them in. That might even give more people the nostalgia feeling and get them to buy them. Are series 3 and 4 still going to be one set G.I. Joe, and the next Cobra, or will you be mixing them together? Has there been talk of a Dreadnok set of Zartan, Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch?
  7. Any update as to what is going on with the G.I. Joe line Zach? It has been awfully quiet for a while, which has me worried that the line is dead before it ever really got going.
  8. I was so disappointed in Christmas Vacation 2. It was horrible.
  9. I would love to see single carded figures released. I think a lot of G.I. joe collectors would love to buy them. They looked great for series one and two. Very nostalgic looking. Do I need to pull a Cousin Eddy and snatch the head of Target at Christmas and talk to him about the error of his ways and convince him that G.I. Joe Minimates on the pegs at Target would be a great idea? Damn, what a long run-on sentence that was.
  10. Zach is there any word on series three and four? I think if more people were aware that G.I. Joe Minimates existed that the line would really start selling. Hasbro Pulse selling them would help immensely. I think you guys need to keep going with them if possible.
  11. I am happy with this set, and the webbing parts look great. I would also like to say that I will prefer Minimates based on comics over the movies 100% of the time. That is what got me and all the original members of this group to buy them. We didn't get any Minimates based on the movie until Spider-man 3 if I remember correctly.
  12. Do people collect those horrible Re-action G.I. Joe figures? They have released lots of them but I just see them warming the pegs around me.
  13. How about Drizz't then? Tons of characters and monsters to choose from. Hasbro has released two Drizz't figures so far. He is probably the most popular DnD character there is. He has had numerous looks over the years also so he could anchor numerous sets.
  14. Well Jade Cargill is off the table now. She is apparently done with AEW and heading to WWE. Her Minimate would have been great too. Oh well, I hope she does good in WWE
  15. An army pack of Cobra troops would easily sell out. Viper, Cobra Trooper, B.A.T., and a Crimson Guard would be amazing. A second set then with Televiper, Alley Viper, Cobra Eel, and Snow Serpent. You could make a set three, four, five, etc. There are so many different Cobra troop builders. Luke should seriously consider it. I would buy four sets minimum as long as they come in a 4-pack like the Transformers and MMPR sets to help keep the costs down. The Troopers would also be great as single carded figures. Have 3 or 4 sets of each figure per case. That might increase their price though.
  16. I love the look of Kingpin. I am glad that he wasn't cut from the set.
  17. I'm thinking it is going to be a Spider-verse wave, which is ok ( I am dying for a comic version of Spidey 2099). I am kinda sick of all the multiverse storylines that have been done to death over the past 10 years or so though. The Ultimate universe is the exception to that in my opinion. The Ultimates, Ultimate X-men, and Ultimate Spider-man were great comics.
  18. They have always been a heel team to me. I never cared for them whether it was them in TNA, ROH, or AEW. I'm just not a fan. I don't like how the Elite came back from their suspension and they are suddenly good guys again either. They act like arrogant jerks naturally and should always be heels.
  19. Please check out his review and subscribe. He has some good, older Minimate reviews. It sounds like he might get back into reviewing more Minimates in the future too.
  20. Will there be a G.I. Joe set announced for SDCC Zach? A Troop builder set would be amazing, even if it was just a 2-pack with a Cobra Trooper and a Viper. A Dreadnok set with Zartan, Ripper, Torch, and Buzzer would be even better!
  21. I just got caught up on The Last Ronin: The Lost Years last night. I can't wait to get this set. It looks amazing!
  22. The Adventure Team and Super Adventure Team sets should be some sort of con exclusive. Series 3 and 4 should have been released before these were even considered. If DST cares about the sales of the G.I. Joe Minimates why would they not release series 3 and 4 first. They are going to easily outsell the Adventure team sets and shouldn't DST want that? Are others at DST even aware of all this negative feedback over the choices for release? 99% of us G.I. Joe Minimates collectors can see that, yet DST seems to be blind to that fact. We of course will buy the Adventure Team sets because we are Minimates fans, but you all are really messing up on this line (between the lack of advertising and the characters released so far). The Review Spot is another Youtube channel that would do reviews of the G.I. Joe Minimates if you sent him some sets. I know he has done some Minimate reviews in the past. I think he even reviewed the first G.I. Joe box set. Do a search on Facebook and join the G.I. Joe fan clubs and show pics of the Minimates to garner up more interest. I'm sure tons of G.I. Joe fans have no idea that G.I. Joe Minimates even exist. Heck, they even went out and bought those lousy Lego knockoff G.I. Joe sets until people realized that they were complete garbage. G.I. Joe vehicles would also help sell this line. People are currently 3d printing huge G.I. Joe Classified sized vehicles because the vehicles are just as important as the characters in the line to many. I've stated before that G.I. Joe fans are pretty fanatical and support the products. Unfortunately you can't expect them to support the G.I. Joe Minimates if they don't even know that they exist.
  23. How can the ReAction G.I Joe figures that are warming the pegs at Targets be on wave 6, yet the G.I. Joe Minimates be struggling to get wave 3/4 released? I'm wondering if it is due to lack of awareness/no advertising for them. G.I. Joe Minimate fans need to start posting pics of them on any G.I. Joe Facebook fan pages that you are a part of. Help get the word out.
  24. I would have loved to have seen Taz included with Excalibur but I digress...
  25. I'm so disappointed in this reveal. It's like your taking a baseball bat to it's knees before it this line even has a chance to stand and run. As mentioned above, maybe releasing these as a SDCC set down the line would be OK, but this early in the line is huge disappointment. A Dreadnok 4-pack with Torch, Ripper, Buzzer, and Zartan would sell insanely well, same with a Cobra troop builder pack. It's already reminding me of the DC Minimates where they were releasing obscure characters like Ma Hunkle and Ambush Bug instead of concentrating on fan favorite and well established characters. I'm not pointing a finger at you Zach, I am sure you were probably as shocked as the rest of us when you saw that these were being made. Is there some behind the curtain reasoning why these were decided on over the popular 80's G.I. Joe line?
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