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  1. Super exciting! Will you be correcting Hasbro's mistaken skin/hair tone?
  2. Just had a little brainwave: Lady Deathstrike has played both sides of the fence & she was once in the body of Ana Cortes (so not always the same person). And there are a few costume options we haven't seen as Minimates yet: X2 movie Messiah Complex era (Might have been a Humberto Ramos design?) Sugar Skull/Dia De Los Muertos (Ana Cortes)
  3. That would be a DOPE minimate! Has Omega Sentinel ever been someone other than Karima Shapandar? I feel like she's swung pretty heavily between executioner to protector and back again.
  4. Merry Crimbo, folks. Hope you all get some down time over the New Year period. Thanks for making this such a nice space to get away from the world in 2023.
  5. Can't wait to see the Life Foundation Symbiotes! They're the only non-x-men Marvel Legends I've collected. I don't know if she counts as a 'Robot', but Cylla Markham is sorely missing from *any* toy line. She's just so toyetic.
  6. Love seeing the most prolifically represented character being turned into someone a little more niche/obscure for the fans. Beautiful work as always, man.
  7. Really keen to see the box art on this set. I think it'll be killer.
  8. Apparently we've had cigars from the very beginning! Ol' Fisk had one in the first ever wave of Marvel Minimates (Hail Ivan). His was a permanent fixture, sculpted into the hand. Interestingly... his cigar smoking hand was obscured in the packaging behind Daredevil's (Praise Ivan). I wonder if this was a deliberate choice to get it past the licensors? Doing a quick search for 'cigar' on MMMV, I was actually surprised by how many smokers there were in the Miniverse. And @minimateship is correct - we did also see a loose cigar accessory with Clobberin' Time Thing (Glory be to Ivan).
  9. Such sad news. I didn't get to know him very well, but I follow his insta and his Minimate photography is just amazing. Gonna miss his creativity and talent. RIP, buddy.
  10. Ha ha, Right! The wave has some odd choices... but I love that they're including some classics from the vault. Interestingly, most Australian ML distributors have announced that they are not being supplied with this wave. It seems that Hasbro might be making smaller quantities going forward?
  11. That would be Miles Morales Spider-Man. Apologies for the pic cutting him off. I wasn't actually there IRL, and this was shared with me by someone who was actually getting a photo of Archangel.
  12. So.... are we talking about this yet?
  13. YAAASSS! I was desperate for that X-Men Animated Sinister. @DSTZach has stated a few times that they were still trying to find a home for the set. I feel like that'll be easier once X-Men '97 starts airing on D+.
  14. I can't explain why but that is one of my most loved 2 packs. When I eventually part with all of my non X-Men related minis, I suspect these are two I'll hold on to.
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