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  1. This is a character I didn't know, but he looks like something from Videodrome by Cronenberg... 'Long live the new flesh!' His powers seem a lot like Random from X-Factor? (although he pre-dates Random by a few years)
  2. That finale was pretty bloody smashing. And the stingers at the end was brilliant! I'm VERY much looking forward to another season of this. (Sidebar: In my effort to make a seperate place to talk about the TV show, I created a thread that seems to be doubling up with content in the X-Men '97 minimates thread. If a mod wants to just merge the threads to avoid further confusion/dilution, please do)
  3. This weeks episode was another bloody winner, IMHO. Spoilers for those who aren't up to date
  4. Daaaamn! That's such clever reuse of the Shadow Merk wings.
  5. I don't know what happened with the X-Factor Angel minimate. Whether it was printed in smaller numbers or not, folks really seemed to scramble for it. I had a mate hooking me up with TRU releases at the time, and he (absolute legend btw) hooked me up with every single one. Even some of the tougher ones to come by like Moonstone and Bullseye. X-Factor Angel was the one damn figure he never managed to find an extra of for me. I lucked out with an obscure online trade a few months later, but I always wandered what happened to make Angel seem so difficult to come by.
  6. Oh wow - THERE'S an obscure 90s classic. Hey - I'd be down. If they made her, I'd buy her!
  7. They all wanted to look like Beyoncé in concert 🤣
  8. Sikorsky (is the bug) And I am HANGING out for a Deathbird minimate. She'd look look so bloody good at this scale with her bright purple and wings.
  9. It's approaching 'Spawn's Cape' levels of windswept 90s insanity. So good.
  10. Kaine and Jackal look dope! Kanie's design never struck me as especially practical looking... more a case of riding the wave of flowly caped, dark/edgy characters that Spawn epitomised in the 90s.... but in pink! I think they've captured the essence of his windswept hair and cape and 90sness perfectly.
  11. Masterful work. Beau's comments on the Pulse nightclub shooting, and the violation of safe spaces for minority communities felt especially poignant, and that translated seamlessly into the episode.
  12. If we're talking about the live action show that ABC produced... that window probably existed in the lead-up to the show's premier. The second that first episode went to air, it killed any hope for The Inhumans being touched again for a long time.
  13. I am... not ok after the most recent episode. I'll shield this for those who haven't watched it yet.
  14. I assumed they meant Kamala Khan. She appears to be getting almost Deadpool levels of saturation at times, so I'm genuinely surprised she's never been given a Minimate outside of the animated line.
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