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  1. Are the molds the same as Kubricks though? They look pretty close.
  2. Rob, have you seen this? Are these bootlegs being sold by Disney?
  3. We got multiple waves for X-Men Origins Wolverine and Spider-Man 3, lol. Thank god DST is focusing on the hot properties like Logan and Deadpool. It gives me hope that maybe they will release Shang-Chi Minimates in 5-6 years, you know, when the product release window is right. I personally can’t wait for next year’s Fant4stic and New Mutants releases.
  4. If anyone is looking for Walgreens Series 9, 10, or 12, I have a couple extra sets of each wave available for cost & shipping or for trade for Series 11 Cap & Peggy.
  5. My guess is that Logan set is most likely future 2-packs for Walgreens, and were just being used as stand-ins at the factory for the hexagonal prototyping.
  6. Happy "belated" Birthday, Zach! 😉
  7. So these didn't pan out apparently, is the Vinimate brand pining for the fjords?
  8. I think if DST can find a way to get us more of the types of releases we are hoping for, re-do's will be less disappointing. If these exclusives are a step in that direction, then I will put my money behind them in hopes it leads to more of the types of releases I am looking to get in the future. This has been my main motivation for being a "completest", buy the stuff I am less excited or ambivalent about to support the brand in hopes I get the stuff I am excited about. It's been a really rough 3-5 years though, and I speak only for myself when I say I'm ready for my patience and support to pay off.
  9. Is this packaging being looked at as a possible replacement to the specialty 2-pack cases since is it still 6 Minimates per wave? This would allow retailers to order full sets in numbers they need without worrying about being stuck with leftover single packs they might not be able to move. If 2-pack cases are still going to be produced, is there any chance more of these 6-pack box sets could be produced to supplement in between wave solicitations? I would love to see DST alternate Marvel waves with Marvel deluxe box sets, this would be a great way to get some of the teams we’ve been clamoring for over the years, Warriors Three, New Warriors, Wrecking Crew, Inhumans, etc.
  10. So can we expect any further NBX Minimates? The line has been dormant for 2 1/2 years (October 2018 was the last release), it would be nice if we could get some additional characters and accessories, like the Select line is and has been getting all this time. Has Walgreens ever given any indication why they will carry the Select figures but not the Minimates? Alternatively, a seasonal specialty boxset with a couple re-do characters, a couple new characters, and some new accessories/display pieces seems like feasible option.
  11. Guess it was too much to ask for a single new character? Hopefully the faces are different for Jack and Sally.
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