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Wave 84 (Daredevil)


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Im not familiar with this Bullseye costume; but after a quick Google search I found out that there's multiple of this Bullseye. In case anyone else didn't know.

So I might be more inclined to buy second a set to get a second radar piece and an extra Bullseye now. 

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i still have a soft spot for that first DD w his yellow suit from all the way back, so i’m really excited to see it again 20 years later

and the kingpin in black/purple is nice! i really liked the TRU w13 version, he needs to be huge

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Quote from Zach over in the 83 thread:

"But 84's theme doesn't have an appropriate small character, so right now the set includes extra parts to transform two characters, one into a different character, one into a different costume, and an extra unmasked hair piece."

Re-reading that I guess I'd say an alternate head to make D-Man and parts for Elektra or Echo to make a Ninja Elektra or Ronin Echo. But the alternate character is a new one so that would eliminate Ninja Elektra right?

Sounds like it's a good number of extra parts in this wave once you add accessories in.

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8 hours ago, Chooch said:

Tatterdemalion from the Night Shift, I believe.

Tatterdemalion (Arnold Paffenroth) is a supervillain with gloves coated with a chemical solution that dissolves paper products, such as dollar bills. Created by Tom Sutton, the character first appeared in Werewolf by Night #9 (September 1973).

What an oddly specific power! 

Thanks for the hook-up, @Chooch. Rather embarrassed to say I've never heard of him before.

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I'm trying to game this one out, here's what I'm thinking:

Hat/Hair: Zoot? Bullock? Doc Brown? Tiger Jacket Rocky? (painted)

Bandanna: Elektra-Devil

Arms: Damaged Superman (or Shadowcat, if I don't think he should be as "tore up")

Gloves: Damaged Cap

Legs/Pelvis: Civil War Damaged Cap

Pelvis Cover: Pole Zombie, painted

What about a chest block? Any solid blue ones, with wrinkled cloth details? Like Sin-Eater, but blue?




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