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  1. He was super easy to make, if that makes you feel any better.
  2. Do we know when this is getting solicited?
  3. Echo, comic Miss Marvel (who has only been made in animation), Red She-Hulk, Jack of Hearts, Jocasta are all Avengers we really need!
  4. Seven for me; one to keep MIB for display, four to open, two for parts.
  5. Agreed; that said, it seems to be how Hasbro/Kenner/McFarlane/etc. get a lot of extra orders. /I agree with you,/ but it seems to get results.
  6. This is a good idea. And try to partner with Hasbro if you can, and still, talk to HISS Tank forums. I can get you in touch with folks there, too. But genuinely, maybe getting a set with army builders built in. Flint, Lady Jaye, Zartan, Cobra Trooper (with a torso and a head for a female conversion). Shipwreck, Spirit, Firefy and a Cobra Viper Tomax, Xamot, a Crimson Guard and Stalker. Dusty, Gung-Ho, Dr. Mindbender and a BAT.
  7. Same. ARAH and troop builders are the way to rev this up!
  8. Hey @DSTZach I was reading back and was confused; are Series 3 and 4 still happening, or are they up in the air? Or is it this crossover set you were talking about being the one in the air? Because if you do a crossover, Old Snake and Marissa Faireborne would be top notch. Hmm. I could probably do an Old Snake custom, now that I think about it...
  9. Now that the game is 'dusted,' I wanted to re-recommend this. The game does not have a lot of merch, and yet, it is still very popular in sales. Too much longer, and I think the 'window' closes, but wanted to re-beg for this!
  10. This confuses me; there are Marvel Legos, too, unless the rights/licenses have different clauses or something? Not arguing, just looking to understand, and to HAVE HOPE!
  11. I swear to gosh, if Dazzler in her white 70s Disco outifit is too inappropriate, Marvel may need to start to really wonder why sales dip. Not just here, but in comics. Look at DC. They do 'thirst trap' covers for Nightwing, Batman, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, etc., of men and women, and they get huge boosts in sales.
  12. Shanna. Rachel Grey. Cassie Hack. Anne Bonne. Any of the girls from Sin City. The Femme Fatale sets. Buck Rogers' princess. Ultimate X-Men Jean Grey, Storm. Some of Storm's other outfits. X-23. I also understand, but like... surely we aren't that timid of skin?
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