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  1. Anyone in a blue uniform and anyone in a yellow.
  2. I'm hoping the Hasbro license will usher in the new golden age of minimates. Next year will be the 50th annversary of Godfather, the 40th anniversary of Rocky III and the 15th anniversary of the Ghost Rider wave. Since minimates will be so popular, they can release these as con exclusives! Add clean Bishop, Ferro and a dropship and we're set! Also I want to win the lottery and have flight powers.
  3. Somehow in my head, I saw this a posted by DSTZach. I thought to myself, how uncharacteristically candid of him. Had to do a double take. LOL
  4. Any version of Dinobot and Dragon Megatron! Also, we're going to need Omega Supreme and Devastator Vinimates.
  5. These giveaways are great for generating goodwill in the community. Well done Zach!
  6. Is that the Chef Duff pile or the Desparately Seeking Susan pile?
  7. I'd watch another JJ Trek movie. They fell down hard with Into Darkness but I enjoyed 1 and 3. Wonder if they'll go all new cast? I think the only Trek mates that would interest me at this point would be Next Gen, DS9, and Voyager crews and aliens (maybe Enterprise too). The new shows have not been to my liking and the new movies are basically the classic crew. Maybe if they really popped or if they had a bridge playset or something.
  8. Transformers and GI Joe are going to save minimates. We can close this topic now.
  9. I'm telling you guys these two licenses are going to unleash the second golden age of minimates. We'll get some kind of translucent "Matrix of Power Optimus" that will trigger the return of Geohound and TTFC. Mini-myte will return for some Transformers GI Joe crossover Tales from the Mini-Bar. More will follow.
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