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  1. I'll take one if someone more deserving doesn't come along. (I got one of the Mallrats giveaways) I know you like to spread it around.
  2. We have a full TOS crew with plenty of Kirk and Spock variants. I'd rather they go with TNG and forward. If they go back to TOS the only thing I'd probably want would be an alien 4 pack of some kind. Klingon, Romulan, Andorian, Salt Vampire. Something like that. Personally, I'm Kirked out. The other series only have captains and an enemy really so there's a lot more they could do with recognizable characters.
  3. There's a TV series coming. If it does well enough, maybe we can get more Alien product including Bishop, Farro, and a dropship.
  4. Who thinks Rick and Morty would be a good fit for minimates? Probably too close to the MacFarlane stuff to get licensed. But I'd love to see what mates would look like.
  5. Live long and prosper MisterPL! 🖖 (I love that the Vulcan salute emoji is a thing)
  6. I don't. Honestly I don't have hope for anything produced these days. Hollywood seems so obsessed with injecting woke political statements into everything instead of putting storytelling first. And if Discovery is canon for Strange New Worlds, they've damaged the character of Spock in my opinion. Anyway, let's hope I'm completely wrong and it has the spirit of Treks gone by. And even if it has the TOS / TNG spirit, the fates of Spock, Pike, and any other TOS characters are known. Spock can't die in this time period so can never really be put in jeopardy. Pike has to end up in that mobile box. So if someone has a knife to his throat, you know he's getting out of it. Only original characters or those with unwritten outcomes can truly be in danger. Again, forgive my negativity and let's hope I'm very very wrong.
  7. I love the director's resume. The writer's less so. And I feel like JJ is a King MIdas these days (except he turns things to shit instead of gold). I did enjoy 1 and 3 which he produced so I'll cross my fingers for this one.
  8. The only thing that begs for blind assortments is manufacturers' profit margins. Why would you ASK for such a thing? BSG / Terminator style is fine though.
  9. There's also a Mega Contstrux Enterprise bridge. I don't see a single one available on eBay or Amazon currently though.
  10. They look close enough to the untrained eye.
  11. Nice! (this is just a comment not a request for one)
  12. "PLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  13. Elf Minimates - Santa Hail Ivan!
  14. Did you know bhm gets paid for these dad jokes? It's not very lucrative though. He's got to deliver multiple puns per nickel.
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