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  1. Well you're doing a great job without trying then. And now starting to get a little personal. I'm out.
  2. Seriously? I supported the Star Trek line right into the ground. Buying product I didn't want, in the hope that stuff I did want would come eventually, did not encourage DST to make any of those characters. Doesn't buying Bread and Circuses Kirks create a feedback loop where DST thinks that's what people want? How exactly do you tell, from a marketing perspective, when people are buying because they like the product and when they are buying to "support the line"? To more realistically frame your post above, I don't want to buy 3 Destros and 3 Dukes in the blind hope that you might make an unannounced Crimson Guard some day. Yes, that is a decision. It's called voting with your feet.
  3. If DST wants my money, DST needs to make products I want to buy. That's called marketing. Fair enough if the market I'm part of is too small to be worth listening to. But I'm not going to support a line in the hope that DST will make what I want. I have enough Bread and Circuses Kirks, Thank You. I will definitely be able to live with that decision. Most of the (over 1000) Minimates I already own are examples of DST making products I wanted.
  4. I would have been if there had been less duplication and an army builder release at the start (or even now). I've mentioned before that I was waiting for an army builder to buy into the line. Still no army builder and still no sales to me. I know it's ambitious for a new unproven line but I feel vehicles would have helped as well. The vehicles were as much a selling point of the original line if not more so than the figures.
  5. A comic shop near me used to have a packaged Monty Python and the Holy Grail official horse action figure. It was, of course, two coconut halves in a bag.
  6. It's OK. Me and whatsismate can barely remember our own names. If someone insults our age, we'll forget quickly. 😵‍💫
  7. DST refused to make them because they were worried the tax man would come after them for making so much money. And when it comes to this license, it seems they're allergic money.
  8. Always great stuff from you. I don't know the source material but they look great!
  9. I no longer want it to be Star Wars. 😢 Plenty of exciting potential licenses out there. We need a hint to fuel the speculation fun.
  10. He wouldn't be good in a box set though. Nobody listens to poor Zathras. On the other hand, some would buy a dozen.
  11. I would love a set or two based on Babylon 5. I don't know if it would be a big seller but a G'Kar Minimate would be a must-have for me. One of my favourite sci-fi shows ever. For those unfamiliar, G'Kar was played by the amazing Andreas Katsulas, a wonderful character actor who sci-fi fans might recognize as the Romulan Ambassador Tomolok from Next Gen. Two of his best roles. He was also the one armed man in Harrison Ford's Fugitive.
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