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Marvel 85: Spidey 2010s

Trekker 42

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So we’re getting a 2000s Spider-Man boxset and it’s about time it gets a thread and stops stealing Daredevil’s thunder. 

Anyone got theories? Raving conspiracy theories?

Im gonna make my raving conspiracy theory those PS1 games from the early 2000s. 
As for a legitimate guess, probably something with Morlun given how he’s a pretty big one off villain from that time. 

This could be the assortment with Ronin/Echo so something with the Avengers isn’t out of the question. 

Actually @DSTZach are you allowed to say if this is where Echo wound up?

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Copying my post here from a different thread: Interesting - that wasn't a great time period for memorable new Spidey villains, except ones we have already gotten, like Anti-Venom and Menace. That era had short-lived villains like Morlun, Shathra, and Shade. Some lasted a bit longer, like Ezekiel, but he is just dressed like a civilian. Maybe it's based on the excellent Spider-Man: Blue by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale? That series had Kraven, Rhino, Vulture, Lizard, and Green Goblin, although it feels like we already have great Minimate versions of all of those. 

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lotsa good stuff.

first spider-verse story if i recall correctly.

superior spider-man (which i know was done already but the story that led up to it was great and had one of the coolest doc ock's)

plus more.........whatever, i'll get it

in the ultimate verse we got miles morales.  he's kinda hip right now, no?


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  • Trekker 42 changed the title to Marvel 85: Spidey 2010s
4 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:

We had Kraven so recently I’d be surprised if they did him again that quickly. I don’t think his look changed that much. 

Isn't that the cloned son of Kraven, though? Or something? Could technically be a new character. 

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Was there a 2010s Miles centric story? We just got a great Peter Spidey in Wave 76, and a great Vulture and Kraven in Wave 77.

Thinking this could be: Miles current costume, Lizard, Morlun and maybe a couple new alt universe like Spider-Punk, and 2099? Spider Ham as a smaller figure like Lucky and HERBIE?

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Yeah, Spider-Verse of variants is a safe bet.  Especially with sluggish collectible/toy sales across the board I could see any company wanting to focus on big guns.  And the release date was probably close to when the next Miles movie was to come out.

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