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  1. Had this thought late last night: In 2012 we received two sets of 4-packs meant to combine and form the core of Alpha Flight. On the back of each box was a solicitation image of the opposite set indicating "Coming Soon!" or "Also Available!" Even so much as recently we had the two Power Rangers box sets which were intended to be united to form a single front packaging image. Could the same model be applied to this way of releasing minimates? Plan two "waves" meant to be released within a short window of one another and intended to interact directly with each other? Example: A tandem release of Fantastic Four / Inhumans featuring two members of the Four and three members of the Inhuman Royal Family each. It could be done based on completing teams, commemorating storylines, etc.
  2. Ah well. A boy can dream. If nothing else, I may've facilitated the beginning of a new Warlock fan!
  3. Friday can't come soon enough!
  4. That's in reference to the Starlin Warlock suggestion right? RIGHT??
  5. I think that the Spider-Man we're about to get in the next "wave" could be the most definitive since the original from more than twenty years ago! Of course, the final verdict will have to wait until they are in hand. I think proximity to other releases is an important, often overlooked factor here. If we're getting ALL these Spider-Men now, then maybe a set of just friends and foes isn't so absurd? The TRU waves often felt like mismatched assortments of random characters because they were the place the essential figures went that did not otherwise have a home. Why is Fantomex packed with Mr. Negative? Because there wasn't a fifth slot available in the Uncanny X-Force box set! Vindicator and Box exist in a non-Alpha Flight related wave because the two Alpha Flight box sets had just released and it made sense for them to be available concurrently. Same for the Outback versions of Havok and Storm to line up with Series 47. There isn't a straight answer here. I totally understand why a set of Spider-Man characters without Spider-Man is a total bummer move. However, if there were to be a hypothetical release of solely Spider-Man villains, would it not be beneficial to put on the back of the box advertisements for the other Spider-related minimates? Seems like we're getting TWO in the very near future. That's already ten additional Spider-characters collectors can look out for. Minimates used to have a "Collect Them All!" mentality (corroborated by the back of older boxes showcasing droves of characters and even saying the words), but now it feels more like "eh, get em if ya see em."
  6. This would be my choice. I love those Skroce issues.
  7. I think a S.H.I.E.L.D. boxset based on the pop-art Steranko designs could be quite successful. Similar to the recent multi-pack Hasbro just did, but taking advantage of the mix-matching feature of such figures. Nick Fury (in standard blue/white S.H.I.E.L.D. fatigues) Dum Dum Dugan (in funky orange & yellow) Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (in black "Femme Force" attire) HYDRA Agent AIM Agent Packed with alternate heads for Gabriel Jones, Clay Quartermain, James Woo, Sharon Carter, basic Male/Female Agents and filled to the brim with an arsenal of weapons and armor pieces to fill out your ranks. I feel like I'm channeling a different franchise here. . .
  8. Star-Lord has received a comics figure. Hail Ivan. But, to your point, a modern-classic set of Guardians of the Galaxy characters would be terrific. In the navy blue/red uniforms emulated in the last movie. It could just be the core five characters from the movies with a Cosmo pack-in figure. Although, based on how Spider-Ham looks in the upcoming "Spider-Verse" assortment, I would trust them to do justice with a Rocket Raccoon mini-figure, freeing up a spot for an additional character like Phyla-Vell or Adam Warlock. Speaking of which. . . I would also advocate for a seventies-era Jim Starlin Warlock set. Warlock Magus Gamora Thanos In-Betweener pack in Pip the Troll, based on the same confidence in the Spider-Ham figure.
  9. I would welcome a definitive Wolverine in this costume. I don't feel like it's been done total justice yet. Plus, it would free up a slot in an Astonishing X-Men release for Colossus, completing the team. I don't imagine I would be the only one disappointed if when we finally get Crystal she's in a white costume wearing a bomber jacket.
  10. Forearm is very impressive! Looks like you gave him a nice wash.
  11. I think this is as Romita as we're gonna get. I would hear arguments against this being quintessentially "Romita," though it doesn't scream "Ditko" in the reverse direction, either.
  12. In the context of the show, however, it's Ben Reilly. So depending on what DST is judging by, Kaine has not yet been made.
  13. Porting this over from the X-Men thread: Should this indicate that it isn't the Clone Saga? Because we certainly have seen several of the key players of that storyline. . . Could it be "The Gathering" ? or "Planet of the Symbiotes" ? I can't think of anything other than "Clone Saga" that fits this so purely.
  14. It's a snarky way to say Wolverine because X-23 was Wolverine at one point. Anyways. Based on Zach's earlier comments I would be comfortable saying that it doesn't HAVE to be Wolverine. Could be a Storm variant, could be a Colossus variant. Could be loopholes saying that they're looks we haven't seen. Could be entirely fresh. I trust DST to not make the same mistake 20th Century Fox made in considering Wolverine as the only X-Men member.
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