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  1. A little miffed that it's three re-paints of a figure-type we already have three times, but the animated Shockwave kinda makes up for it!
  2. Very clever and innovative! I'm excited to get these. Does the "Retro Gaming Minimates" branding herald further figures based off of classic video games?
  3. Ultraman is an inspired guess BHM. I would LOVE for it to be true, as a cosmically unashamed tokusatsu buff. Still disappointed we didn't get any more Godzilla 'Mates than we did.
  4. I want Inhumans. Or Shi'ar Imperial guard. Doesn't always work out.
  5. First things first, "Bread and Circuses" is the title of the Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk wears this. Secondly, because this has unofficially become the most hate-filled topic on the forum. I'm beginning to believe that making G.I. Joe minimates was the worst thing DST could have done for the brand.
  6. Intergalactic Wrestling Ninja Turtles ?!?!
  7. I was thinking Bullet, but Bushwhacker is probably a better choice.
  8. Is it a Nick & Nora Charles 2-pack from the Thin Man films?
  9. If there is a redo of Grimlock in cartoon colors, may I request that he come packaged with a crown a la the Marvel comics.
  10. Fingers broadcasted from the Mojoverse Or cybernetically enhanced by cyborg Aussies
  11. Movie Falcon World War Hulk New Master Splinter Brittle Bones Thor Animated Cap Marvel Ryu Arnim Zola Stretch Attack Hulkbuster
  12. Starting at second from top left. Movie Winter Soldier Man-Thing Cartoon Shredder (not currently listed on the 'base) Lady Loki Movie Loki Pyro
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