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  1. Knowing that I wonder if Diamond would ever consider looking into whether it is worth it to make a weapons/accessory pack for minimates. Don’t make it tied to any license and keep the cost to around $5 or $10. There would be no licensing fee and no special package art needed.
  2. Lol. If the door to Joe minimates truly opens after this first set I can come up with years and years worth of mates before diving into the movies. I have to say this is the most excited I have been about minimates in a long long time. I really, really hope the line lasts at least long enough for me to get Flint, Lady Jaye and an army of Cobra troopers (Crimson Guard, Vipers and B.A.T.S are right up there too along with Shipwreck, Alpine and Dusty). My pipe dream are the H.A.V.O.C. and Hiss Tank.
  3. Okay good and also thanks for answering. I thought maybe the free comic book day was a loop hole that let you sell them there. So if they sell well we may end up with two outlets for Joe mates; comic shops and Walgreens. When you say that there likely will be exclusives would that be entire waves or maybe just one two pack in a wave, or it’s so far in the future that it has not discussed yet. Also I really hope you make the army builders sets one that can be preordered.
  4. Does this mean if the line continues we are looking at it probably being a Walgreens exclusive line? While I will take Joe minimates any way I can get them and be thankful for it I was really, really hoping they would be nice and easy preorders from Luke’s.
  5. I preordered from Luke’s
  6. Ordered! super excited about these. Hopefully these are the first of a series of minimates and not a 1 and done thing.
  7. Yes! Can’t wait for Monday for once.
  8. Yes! Cannot wait. How long before you can show them or let us know the line up?
  9. Yikes! Hopefully that toxicity doesn’t come over here. Although I am fine going on record saying the Target exclusives are painful. Not worth moaning over but I have come to grips with the fact I will not ever have them. I won’t loose sleep over it but a really hope the vipers are released later like the troopers so I can get them. Flint and Lady Jaye were always my two favorites and those were preordered day one. I really, really hope they make minimates of those two sooner rather than later. I had the original Flint and that was my favorite figure when I was little (I even ended up duct tapi
  10. This could end up being my favorite minimart line. I really, really hope the deal includes the possibility of vehicles. A minimart Joe line with H.A.V.O.C. & Hiss tanks would be unbelievably awesome.
  11. So based on the “will be” part of the quote does that mean Joe minimates are definitely coming?
  12. Same here. I would buy the heck out a Corba army build figure. Take that Target exclusives!!!
  13. My favorite joes were always Flint and Lady Jaye so I really hope if the line happens they are in it sooner rather than later.
  14. I would think if the first is a stand alone box set it will be Snake Eyes, Duke, Cobra Commander and either Destro, Storm Shadow or Roadblock.
  15. Lol. I was just coming over here to say that after seeing the Transformers box announced my mind went to the endless possibilities of GI Joe in minimates. I would be 100% all in for a GI Joe line. If they do one hopefully there is a way to army build the Cobra troopers, vipers, crimson guard and B.A.T.S.
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