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  1. Thanks for continuing to advocate for this line! It’s definitely the minimate line I am the most excited about unless of course LOTR comes back to minimates. . .
  2. I would be down for a minimate style Turtle Blimp or Van!
  3. Here’s to hoping that wave 3 & 4 pick up enough steam to get us an army builder that does so well that the vehicle talks start happening! 😁
  4. Super glad to hear that the line may continue on! Hoping Lady Jaye & Flont make it out in series 3 or 4!
  5. There is a GI Joe deck building game? That’s neat. If only my wife or kids were into deck building games. I don’t think I have played one since middle school.
  6. Definitely got the reference and I would be all in on Princess Bride minimates! Very curious to see what the new initiative is. Really hoping to see more Joe & Cobra mates so hopefully it pans out. Maybe Pulse will eventually get on board and support a vehicle or two or ten. . . I will hold onto hope even if it is a fool’s hope.
  7. Same here. At around $17 per figure unless you find them on sale it feels expensive for what you get and like others have said it is a step back in articulation from the original figures. They are trying to mimic the cartoon so there is some nostalgia to me but it just isn’t my thing. I do like their Ultimate figures but they are very expensive compared to minimates.
  8. I would much rather have more Joe minimates than the page puncher things.
  9. Indiana Jones would be epic for me at least. Although with the constraints Disney seems to have put on Hasbro I don’t know how far that line could go. Hard to last too long when you are so limited in making villains. I would love for LOTR minimates to come back.
  10. Could it be the license for the Lego movie? I always thought they would make great minimates.
  11. What does his shield look like? I can’t remember if I still have him or his shield but I can take a look.
  12. Maybe I am more of an oddity than I realized because to me GI Joe seemed like it would be a perfect fit for minimates. There are no real scale issues since pretty much everyone is an adult human. You have plenty of unique looking characters (lots of them can double for army or civilian characters in other collections) and plenty of army builders. Vehicles would work great and there are tons of easy exclusives (Tiger Force, Python Patrol, Night Force, etc.). Obviously it looks like the market does not agree with me. It does make me wonder if maybe the line would have had more success if it came out back when TRU was still around and had that exposure. I mean when you look at all the different properties that have been made into minimates it’s hard to believe that GI Joe cannot get past wave 2. There were 3 waves of Muppets!!! I might just be a curse for minimates. My favorite has always been Lord of the Rings (2 waves with promos shown for a wave 3, I still search EvilBay in hopes of finding them some day).
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