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  1. Most Joes would not need bulk in Mate form. Hell most of the 3 3/4" weren't bulky.
  2. That would be awesome. There are enough vehicles to do a set for every 1-2 characters. Great designs all around.
  3. After Series 85 not being my cup of tea, this one really delivers on new characters.
  4. Happy ending to our tail. DST sent me one, it fits perfect! Thanks @DSTZach for the guidance and helping push that through!
  5. As much as I'd love a New Warriors set my suspicion is that the 90's set will be X-related. We seem due.
  6. I too am not a fan of the tape.
  7. That took me a second. Well played.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation Hellfire. On the plus side he balances well without it.
  9. I got my Zord Vinimates and the Dragonzord does not have a tail. Looks like there was space in the blister for one. Did I get a bum set or did that not cost out or something?
  10. It's decidedly fun - and rather challenging (at least with 2 players). They also make a Transformers one that seems needlessly difficult.
  11. I wonder if the initiative is to include a gaming element. Renegade Games seems to use Diamond for their shipping (which surprised me). Could be cool. I love their G.I. Joe Deck Building Game.
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