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  1. What if... Flint, Jaye, Zartan and then Tomax or Xamot with parts to make the other twin? And if not doing Serpentor or Shipwreck... hmmm. The below had 'seven' right (Flint, Jaye, Zartan are for sure,if the Twins, that makes five). Bludd had been missed in my first attempt at brainstorming... As for sets 3-5, Imma still support Flint, Jaye, Zartan, Shipwreck, Spirit, Serpentor, Firefly, Mindbender, Stalker, Zarana, Gung Ho, the Twins and the Dreadnok trio of Buzzer, Torch and Ripper are the big, important ones.
  2. So, is that wrong? Shoot. Um. Flint, Jaye, Gung-Ho, Shipwreck. Serpentor, Zartan, Mindbender, Firefly? Zach, you seemed to have enjoyed Mindbender, and he was big in the cartoons back in the day, so if you guys are focusing on arcs, he makes sense for Arise, Serpentor, Arise. And guessing Gung-Ho, but Spirit would also be a good shout out. I think you guys would need to pay extra for Sgt Slaughter, so not adding him to the mix. But I am 'sure' on Flint, Jaye, Zartan and Serpentor.
  3. But seriously though... a Serpentor would be dope dope dope dope. Would inspire me to go make a Serpent Society for my Marvel display.
  4. Sigma Six mini adventure vehicles are perfect size. The hiss tank from them isn't the OG but its stil great
  5. Hmm. You had said Firefly had not made it in yet... So... Flint, Jaye, Zartan, Serpentor, Mindbender, Shipwreck and Gung Ho as the seven I named. And if it's 2 Joes, 2 Cobras, the Major Bludd is then one I missed.
  6. Add Viper for the 4th and blammo, you have what I have been saying! ^-^ It's the perfect set. Then, if they wanna go nuts and it sells, do an environment set with Eels, Snow Serpents, Range Vipers and Alley Vipers. Or do a Python Patrol repaint of the viper/trooper/CG/BAT. Or do a ninja set, with a Night Creeper, Aleph/Night Creeper Leader, Red Ninja and V2/Joe Storm Shadow. As for sets 3-5, Imma still support Flint, Jaye, Zartan, Shipwreck, Spirit, Serpentor, Firefly, Mindbender, Stalker, Zarana, Gung Ho, the Twins and the Dreadnok trio of Buzzer, Torch and Ripper are the big, important ones. Just spitballing opinions. ^-^
  7. As a Joe fan, I humbly suggest Flint, Lady Jaye, Zartan and Cobra Trooper would be a great set; can be many different stories. Unless you wanna do a troop builder set; BAT, Viper, Crimson Guard, Trooper. EZ.
  8. I want this movie to be good so I can have a new fandom to follow.
  9. Hey @DSTZach I saw the NYCC display; looks like Leo wasn't there, he is still in next pack, right? And Baxter is still in the third? And another foot soldier?
  10. I am genuinely excited for Spider-Gwen to upgrade the one on my shelf, and I like that 2099 Miguel.
  11. I hope I like the movie and pick these up, but being real, I dunno what I would use these parts for. They're crazy cool just not something I see myself needing. Hopefully, movie catches me and I can get into these.
  12. Pie in the sky, Resident Evil or Cyberpunk 2077...
  13. The Valkyrie one would be perfect for a mod for Panam's hair. Shuri's hair might be good, though...
  14. Direct to consumer. Hasbro did this with Joe (on card backs, but still). Sell some to stores with boxes, but sell others, DTC, but in bags?
  15. Tis why I would want Hasbro to sell them on their site, or elsewhere, too.
  16. I just need her hair. My Panam is using the Silk Sands hair from Spirit, and it feels.. okay? Ish?
  17. Listen to me very carefully; Hi. Karu. Shida. Also, Jade Cargill, Athena, Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, Saraya, Statlander, Nyla Rose, The Bunny, Abadon, Anna Jay, Tay Conti, Taya Valkyrie, Red Velvet, Leyla Hirsch, Sky Blue, Willow, Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh, and- *goes on for hours*
  18. Not the worst, but I kind of dislike the front part. The bun is a bit small on the O Ren.
  19. I would be... a lot less upset if @DSTZach could confirm that. Further, hey, ZACH... Any chance you guys have like... a spare prototype piece, or a STL file for that hair, or something. Asking for a friend! >.>; Here is a look at the hairstyle I am kind attempting- Also need a better Judy, if anyone has a suggestion; currently using a cut version of the old Emma short hair.
  20. So... with the Echo minimate pulled, anyone know of a hair that is close? The bun look was perfect for my Panam Palmer custom.
  21. Swerve, MJF, Wardlow, Shida, Saraya, Statlander, Soho, Lucha Bros, Christian Cage, Bryan, Luchasaurus, all must haves. I believe Sting and Darby confirmed for a later box set.
  22. I think the death of Toys R Us, which was one of the biggest provider of smaller companies, was the biggest blow.
  23. I have mine going through a table... behind the ring I bought. I loved CM Punk years back in WWE. The resentment he seemed to have towards them was how I felt, about their product, their morals, their choices. When AEW came out, I was so happy, so glad for it. And when Punk joined, it felt like seeing an old friend realize their potential. And then.... I am glad he is gone. He has no place in a locker room, if the things we read (on consensus) are true.
  24. "I have good guys; I need bad guys for them to fight!" "I have bad guys; I need good guys for them to fight!" "This bad guy is cool; oh, there are good guys for him to fight!" I know of Joe fans who have collections of literally 500 of different enemy troop builders. Hell, there is a guy who gets a dozen or so of every version of the BAT, at *least*. Seriously, make these, market these, and they will sell. I myself will buy 4, minimum, plus probably 2-3 more for parts.
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