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  1. My apologies @Nessex - you win the "no prize" for this one! Her main look will be the red Malic look as shown below. And then she will include the 2nd Karima Shapandar head with the more accurate colors as shown below, rather than the dark gray mask the ML figure had. I do not have a hair piece for this figure, so you will need to supply that yourself, but you can make sure it is the comic-accurate black or *very* dark brown color, as opposed to the light brown one from Hasbro. 😊
  2. Nailed it! It is Omega Sentinel, and she comes with heads for her 2 different main looks, Karima Shapandar, and Malice (basically the 2 heads that came with the Marvel Legends figure). She also will have a unique arm cannon that looks really cool while still keeping with the Minimate style.
  3. Here is a hint for my next custom: This character has gone back and forth between being a mutant exterminator and a mutant protector, and they are not always the same person!
  4. Thanks guys! Here is the preorder link: Yes shoot me an email or DM. 😊
  5. I forgot to drop clues about my next custom, but she is here! Husk is a mutant who has the ability to morph her skin, and she has been a member of Generation X and the X-Men. She comes with an alternate head with metal skin (includes 2nd hair piece for easier head swapping). Husk is a limited edition of 30 and she will go up for public preorder tomorrow. For those of you who preordered Riot, he will be shipping this week.
  6. Very nice! I especially like that Deathbird. 😍
  7. These arrived earlier than expected! Here is a yay shot and packaging shot:
  8. They arrived early! Here is a yay shot and packaging shot:
  9. I think Cesar has some pics in his Facebook group. Here's my own group shot:
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