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  1. This pic from a convention set-up seems to show it on the ground as a separate piece. It doesn't look like there is enough room behind Scott's head for a separate cowl piece with the blast attached, like we have seen in the past. But I would also be surprised to see it released this way.
  2. Thanks guys! This custom pre-sold out before I could post the link publicly - I'm sorry that everyone couldn't get one. If anyone else would like to buy one and couldn't preorder, I can make more if you supply the two parts I am short on - I would need a Neomorph or Teenage Neomorph from Alien Covenant (the Toddler and Chestburster will NOT work) and a Hooded Michonne hood. Feel free to hit me up over email or messenger.
  3. If you were a subscriber of my last Marvel custom Minimate subscription "year", or if you purchased all of those customs separately, check your email as you will have first dibs on my newest Marvel custom (or if you are BHM you know you are good to go). I made the decision to let these individuals preorder first due to limited availability, and I apologize in advance if anyone who wants one is not able to get one. This is one of two special releases that fall in between subscription "years" (in quotes because it took me more than a year last time). This re
  4. It took a few days for my Diamond rep to get official confirmation, but he just got back to me, and this box set will not be allocated - production numbers have not been set yet, and retailers can preorder as many as they want for the next 30 days or so.
  5. As far as I can see, retailers can order as many of these as they like. But I do have a call with my Diamond sales rep on Monday, so I will clarify with him.
  6. Kane is up for preorder! He includes a fire extinguisher accessory and he is a limited edition of 25. You can preorder him here: Stone Cold Steve Austin will ship on Monday morning for those who selected individual shipping.
  7. I don't have a timeframe yet, sorry! I have been up to my eyeballs in other work.
  8. Sounds good, I can make several without jacket and shoes if anyone else wants one, and this might be a good option going forward for newer customs that sell out, and also for older customs that I still have some of the parts for.
  9. I'm sorry but he sold out! I could make another without the jacket (from Eddie Brock) or red shoes (from Sin City Series 3) if that helps at all.
  10. Here is a hint for my next wrestler: He wrestled in WCW (where he lost his only match to Sting), Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) and the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) before joining the WWE in 1995. Outside of the wrestling world, he and his wife own an insurance agency.
  11. Wither is up for preorder! He includes an alternate face and chest, victim Minimate with gun, and Hellions training room backdrop. I only have parts to make 28 of him, so he is a bit more limited than usual. You can preorder him here: He is the last custom in this subscription series. I will have more details on upcoming customs soon.
  12. Thanks guys! And he has the "bullet proof" design with the skull on the back of his vest.
  13. My next WWE custom is up for preorder - Stone Cold Steve Austin! He includes an alternate pair of legs (jeans) and a mini-sticker kit with 4 different shirt designs you can use on any black Minimate torso. He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here: Triple H is shipping out tomorrow morning for those of you who selected individual shipping.
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