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  1. The torsos are from a First Avenger HYDRA and Jane Foster.
  2. Clone Saga with Jackal or Kaine would make sense for the 90's set. If the 80's one is Inferno, Darkchylde Magik could be the very different costume, with Wolverine, Sinister, Maddie, and a Marauder or demon.
  3. Kora's in the poncho, Nemesis is the witch, Atticus is the Wolfenstein-y guy, and Jimmy's the robot? This movie's supposed to be Star Wars-adjacent, right? Will Nemesis' (?) swords be translucent?
  4. I think by Hobie they meant Spider-Punk, not Prowler. The Best Of Spider-Man didn't have leg muscle detailing either, like the plain inner wrists it makes sense that something would get skipped with all the weblines.
  5. The GI Joe Super 7 retro figures make even less sense to me than the ones they do for modern properties, they're simpler than the actual vintage figures at the same scale.
  6. I'd like more Superior Foes, but Spider-Verse seems like the obvious choice. I'm going to guess Pavitr, Punk, 2099 (since they've just had their profiles raised), Morlun (so it's not just Spider-people), and one other... Sp//dr or UK, maybe? Making Paul would be a pretty great publicity move.
  7. It wouldn't take much to make one Warpath that could be Liefeld or Capullo - two sets of armbands, chests, belts, and hair - and then the set would be a clean 50/50 split between the two eras. Feral's Capullo costume is also a pink bathing suit, but it's a completely different design from the Liefeld version.
  8. Grandmaster has silver hair that's appropriately poofy for 80's Atom. It's got pink ears, though.
  9. Did Cyclops ever wear a jacket with this costume? I know an old ToyBiz figure had that combination, but did it show up anywhere else?
  10. You drew for West End Games' Star Wars RPG, then? That's really cool, I love their books.
  11. Other Shi'ar/X-Men characters like Fang Wolverine, Polaris, Eric the Red, or Deathbird could take those last two spots, too.
  12. I'd rather one of the later Roger Stern lineups. You could still have Jan and/or Jen, but with less rehashes and lots of characters with recently-raised profiles.
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