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  1. I could deal with that as long as the joe in each pack is different. I just don't want ta situation where I have get 10 Chuckles, Quickkick, Alpine etc. just so I can have 10 Cobra Troopers. I can deal with 10 Greenshirts to get those 10 Cobra Troopers.
  2. If we get army builder packs; I'm hoping they throw in a member of each faction in the pack. Greenshirt vs. Cobra Trooper, Steel Brigade vs. Crimson Guard, etc. Not keen on the idea of just one faction in each pack since then one side becomes bigger than the other collection wise.
  3. I hope this line does well & we get some Beast Wars characters. While vehicles have been a licensing bane for some linesh I don't see why we couldn't get Beast Wars 2pks with one mate in bot form & the other in beast mode.
  4. Damn it. I go without checking the site for some time & I come back to this news. Needless to say I have now sent my money to Luke's store for 3 sets. Easiest army builder for this would be the Red Ninjas since all they gotta due is just re-use the tampos from the Hand Ninjas we got already. If we don't Red Ninjas the I gotta scrounge me up some Hand Ninjas.
  5. I'll take those & a quick easy way for army builders would be a re-release of previously made characters. No new tampos or tooling needed. AIM, Hydra, Hellfire Club, Vault Guards etc.
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