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  1. In D&D, when you roll a 1 on the die which is a critical fail. I was making a play on game terminology in my desire to not see the set axed.
  2. Hopefully the production of the set avoids a nat 1
  3. So if there is gonna be another SDCC set; what are the odds it could be based off of the 2003 cartoon? Doubting it would be based off of the LR2: Re-Evolution comics given issue #1 just finally hit this month after many delays. (But would definitely buy a set based off of that book **nudge nudge**)
  4. @DSTZach Sorry if this has already been answered but after the Technodrome & Party Wagon is that it for Turtle mates or is there a possibility for more merchandise such as more mates or maybe say a Vinimate Krang to tower over the others?
  5. I just checked my set since I had not yet opened it & mine has the tail so it is sounding like you unfortunately got a bum set
  6. Looking forward to those sets especially the Party Wagon for Casey. Just got my Last Ronin sets from the LCBS. So far this is my favorite Turtle made but I do wish we had gotten all of the new weapon molds that were shown in the solicitation shots or at least the new full katana shown so it matched the broken one with the round tsuba. Maybe with luck that mold will pop up in a future set.
  7. ....... Both happy & mildly irked at this news. Looking forward to buying a few sets yet irked since I had diverted the funds originally intended for them towards the D&D sets at my LCBS this past weekend after hearing Ronin was delayed to late December. Time to juggle things around again. Lol At least on the plus side this means I can pick up some sets around the same time I go in to get issue #1 of TMNT Last Ronin 2: Re-evolution .
  8. While I don't have the Dreadnought; comparing inhand Warduke to the pics of Dreadnought on the database; it doesn't look like the blues will match as Warduke is a flat blue & the Dreadnought appears to be a somewhat different shade but in a metallic color. If you are looking for a blue arm for Warduke for an original toy accurate look then I suggest trying to pick up a spare Eric figure from the first set by itself. That is what I did as the blue on his arms is a match for Warduke's leg & it also has the mail printing on it to match as well.
  9. So no birthday gift for myself this month; lol. It appears I will have to settle for my own Christmas gift instead.
  10. Recalled due to cigs would be weird since as pointed out by another we already had KP's big cigar from the start & numerous other cigs since along with dildos,bongs & blunts (you can tell me Silent Bob is just holding a cig but in my mind he ain't smoking tobacco with that piece).
  11. A box of Putties would have been nice but there is another minimal new tooling option as well. The Mutant Rangers would have been able to use the pieces from the existing Rangers with the slight tweak of making their boots & gloves all gray instead of white with the diamonds. Only new tooling needed would be the monster that led them since the puttt meant to become the Mutant Red Ranger didn't make the team but if one were to forego that 100% show accuracy, then the last could just be a Mutant Red Ranger to flesh out the count. Only downside is it might not have been a big draw due to essentially being re-colors of existing figures. While I want more Ranger mates; I'm happy we got the whole team of core Rangers (grew up with MMPR so to me they are THE TEAM. No discredit towards later lineups) before the possible end of the line.
  12. @DSTZach Any info on when the Last Ronin sets will release? I know sites with pre-orders available state a Fall 2023 release but was wondering if there was more specific info on the timeframe.
  13. Hoping the blue & red on this 2099 matches the Walgreens one so I can do a simple swapout the lower arms & cape onto that one for a quick upgrade. I do like the new web effects for these & thwip hands but wish the 2099 had some clawed hands since that is part of his design in the comics & the movie
  14. If this is Spiderverse based then with what I remember; the main female spiders were Gwen, both versions of Jessica Drew (616 & Ultimate); Spider-girl & Silk. I personally would hope that the female would be Silk since we only got her once before as a chase figure in the blind packs & not a fan of her secondary prices now. If it isn't her then I'd hope either Spidergirl or the Ultimate Jessica Drew as we have only gotten those characters once before as well. (Not counting the animated Spidergirl since she wears Peter's suit instead of Ben's like the comic version.) Definitely want an updated comic Miguel. The animated one was nice but we need one with the cape, clawed hands & sculpted arm fins. If Ben Reilly is involved; my guess is that it would be based off his classic Spiderman suit given that is what he wore during the main story & the Scarlet Spiders side book for Spiderverse but Zach mentioning "Ben Reilly may be invloved" opens up the possibility it is a set based off the Dead No More storyline instead in which case that would make Ben the Jackal. Really don't want a standard Peter given how many there are available. If it is a comic Spiderverse set; that leaves plenty of choices without Peter of characters that have only been made once, animated only or not at all to pick from for additions to the line.
  15. I wish I could buy a bulk pack of those mid-air stands with the waist peg. Never have enough for all the Spidey mates I got.
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