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  1. Yes you are correct on all parts! I used the Angel from the champions set for the arms and legs. They work great for Adam Strange because the red matches perfectly! I wish minimates had a more subtle jet pack. I need a more comic accurate look for the character as that angel chest block is way to expensive to risk messing up. I took some “artistic” licenses with this one haha
  2. Adam Strange QC custom I’ve been working on for a while.☝️ Sorry for not adding text to photo I still am confused how to properly add a photo😵‍💫
  3. Oh I’m sorry by head piece I meant the head covering. The “hat” if you will because they both look like the same piece. Sorry to be a pest I am really into expanding my DC collection lately since falling in love with the older DC stories through the DC app. I was a marvel guy 100% till I gained a new respect for older stories
  4. Amazing work on these as always! Very creative use of various parts to create something cool. What head piece did you use for Faust and Blitzen? It looks familiar but cannot place it
  5. Oh thank you all for your responses and answer to my question that face is perfectly menacing and evil looking! A great choice for earth 3 Superwoman
  6. These look amazing! Good job! I gotta ask which head was used for super woman. It looks familiar but I cannot figure it out for the life of me😵‍💫
  7. Classic DC had such cool and simple designed costumes for such iconic characters. Minimates should give DC another crack if licensing mades sense. Superpowers would be so cool! Luke did say he might do a DC sticker kit at one point. That is my only silver lining for my beloved DC character's in minimates form
  8. I’m very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace and Godspeed Joe
  9. Awesome Luke thanks! I’m happy to hear this project isn’t lost forever! I’ll be the first in line for whatever you cook up!
  10. Any updates on the possible custom sticker kits Luke? This DC and Minimates fan has been eagerly awaiting news. Your marvel customs are amazing but the DC Minimates line needs some love
  11. Looks great! I’ll throw my hat in the ring!🎩
  12. Adam strange! I’ve saved the helmets of the Buck Rogers boxed set to try and make a custom strange for years. It looks almost perfect as is
  13. I would buy the hell out of these stickers! Atom (Palmer) Zatanna Mr. Miracle Ragman Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) Ms.Martian Ra’s Al Ghul Manhunter (Kate Spencer) Poison Ivy huntress Jade Sandman (Dodds) Metamorpho I don’t have links to images but basic classic version for all
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