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NYCC 2022 MInimates


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THIS is the JRJR Typhoid Mary I remember!  😍

I'm loving the 'radar rings' effect with Daredevil. Are they attached to the helmet, or do they slot in under the head on the neck post?


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12 minutes ago, youbastards said:

Great work on the web store, DST.

So when they said i had “free shipping” (their exact words), that meant they forgot to charge me shipping. I am waiting for my Power Ranger set to be cancelled as well for the same reason. If its a mistake, be honest. I can be flexible. Don't blame me for your web error.


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20 hours ago, HellfireSamurai said:

If you zoom in on the pic; there appears to be a red area around a yellow neck post so my guess is slip on.

Ah! good catch. I totally missed that.
That's probably for the best, because now it can potentially be used on other DD minimates too!

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Ok 84 is pretty sweet! Lots of characters I didn't think we'd be getting but glad we are.

A question though, wasn't there supposed to be an additional character that could be made with an alternate attire?

Yeah read Zach's comment in the 83 thread, "three new characters four if you count an alternate look for one of the heroes." 

So... Parts for Echo to make her Ronin attire?

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Zach was nice enough to give me extra AEW promo mates to pass along to friends. So I'm going to give them away here! I have 4 extras, sound off below and I'll do a random pick for the winners on friday.

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