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  1. It looks like gambit from the x-men wave 60
  2. @DSTZach will this only be available on Diamond Select's site?
  3. @DSTZach No problem! I was wondering.
  4. What walgreens were these found at? Is this the movie set that was being talked about? @DSTZach
  5. Anyone need the black widow sets yet, please pm me. (us only please)
  6. I find it strange that after this happened, there a vote by the Minneapolis city council to defund/disband the police department. Yet in Minneapolis this past weekend there was 19 shootings at bars and clubs, 1 of which resulted death.
  7. How do you add instagram pages to the message?
  8. @DSTZach any update on Wave 81 solicits?
  9. Dave

    wave 79

    what do you mean with the last part, that you are sorry?
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