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  1. Does not sound like the Gwenom I was looking for anytime soon.
  2. Order in, thanks Luke! You’ve been killin’ it with these last couple customs!
  3. Foot Clan Knucklehead "Mech/Robot", TMNT Cheapskate "Mech/Robot"
  4. this was 35 in store but 25 online. Looked pretty good.
  5. Thanks. He’s using Tim Roth Pumpkin from Pulp Fiction. Sylvie using the black Hood piece from TMNT Casey Jones skull face. Luke Cage Netflix has one too.
  6. Loki Season 2. I had Mobius, Sylvie, and TVA Loki done from last season. Added some quick customs of supporting characters. Renslayer,Mobius,Hunter B15,Loki,Sylvie,Victor Timely,OB Ravonna Renslayer using animated Peggy Carter as the outfit. Victor Timely using Jamie Foxx from Spider-Man movie. I would use animated TMNT Baxter Stockman if anyone wants to sell me one. I also thought about drilling a hole and using BSG Imperious Leader for Hair but decided not to. Not sure it’s the right hair anyway like wanting to make a IT Crowd Maurice Moss custom. Ouroboros, OB. Had to decide which glasses face to use, movie Spengler or Big Bang Leonard good choices but I went with Peter Pan John. And for the outfit I think most of the Ghostbuster jumpsuits work well. Real GB Tully might be the best choice. At the moment I’m using one of the Spectral mixed with Peter Pan’s Cubby the Lost Boy for rolled up sleeves and some random GB parts like the belt. Miss Minutes I would add too but not sure on that yet. There’s a Heroclix, a mini Funko that’s too big that came with Renslayer, some Pins, maybe a Lego custom or just print out the image.
  7. Dark Tower is actually a really cool story combining all King's books into the same universe. If we're going to go mainstream, how about a Taylor Swift Minimate?
  8. The Ring with Announcer is up for preorder on ToyWiz
  9. My Echo custom uses Gotham Tabitha Galivan for the hair which is a ponytail. You could also use Thief Of Thieves Boxset Agent Elizabeth Cohen, Ragnarok Valkyrie, a couple others. You could even use Star Trek Uhura if you don't mind earrings or Flip around Wakanda Boxset Shuri. I changed my movie Valkyrie up and then used her old face for Echo with the white paint on it and used the feathered arm from Dragon Age Morrigan and the other arm is a Thor 2 Dark Elf.
  10. o man I thought we were getting new movie mates for a sec. Interested too!
  11. i'm quilling to believe you as there's recently been a spike in animal related minimates
  12. Dark Knight Joker, would love Movie Bane too but needs a physical piece for his mask (any ideas?) Braniac 5 Shazam Family, Different Color Uniforms Lex Luthor, classic look Pink collared shirt Bob the Goon, 89 Batman Joker Goon Jacket Snyderverse Joker designs Wonder Twins, can't remember if you did this already Bloodsport Movie costume James Gordon and Harvey Bullock, Batman Animated Phantasm, Batman Animated Batman Beyond Batman Forever Riddler Impulse
  13. Picard Season 3 was so good. The first two seasons were a mess but I did make a custom Jeri Ryan using her 7 Face with new long blonde hair and use Fury 161 Ripley or something similar for the body to make her Ranger outfit.
  14. Indiana Jones has new toys with vehicles in same scale as Star Wars Mission Fleet. Two different Motorcycles, a Horse, and a Mini Plane. Target is selling them too.
  15. Holy buckets, not many Phase 4 MCU listed dontcha know. Spidey is the only recent hotdish. Oh yeah sure, you betcha. Uff da.
  16. Rat King would be really cool. What about Tatsu? and Tokka and Rahzar? I'll just dream about a Secret of the Ooze boxset with those 3 plus David Warner(RIP) and Vanilla Ice
  17. Predator Blind Bag series of Gary Busey character. I use it for Dark Knight Returns older Joker.
  18. That Train is cool. only 20 bucks. I wonder if anything would work for extra car attachments?
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