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  1. Haven't posted on this is a while so first I'll post what I have pics of and add some more eventually. Marvel's Bonebreaker Marvel's America Chavez and Elsa Bloodstone Marvel's Phyla-Vell Marvel's Captain America Falcon Sam Wilson
  2. Captain Falcon using a bunch of other Falcons and an old Cap America. The real mini is hard to find now. I'm sure this will eventually get remade and look nice and fancy.
  3. Custom Phyla. I think I may switch up the gloves and add some silver in there.
  4. I just saw this and wow it sure is cool. The ghostbusters firehouse was like 100 when it came out and discounted under 50 now. Huge cash grab at 500
  5. the newer one where she looks like a popsicle
  6. Phyla Vell seems to be missing from the new character releases. What other omissions should be in future comic book waves?
  7. Those Seinfeld mini funko sets are coming out. Will those fit with minimates or too small?
  8. Krampus was my fave NBX character, hasn't been made yet.
  9. Even if you knew what was coming, isn't knowing only half the battle?
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