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  1. Even if you knew what was coming, isn't knowing only half the battle?
  2. Season 1 was pretty dang cool. So many fun characters. Had to go looking for my minimates. Can't find my Atom Eve if someone has an extra. Or I could just wait for new minimates of this to get made. Let's doooooooo it!
  3. So if I preorder this set on Amazon is it really being released September 29th 2021?
  4. Cobra Commander looks especially pretty. Nice helmet bro! what about Sgt Slaugter and Refrigerator Perry? Are they off limits?
  5. If you guys are gonna call Scarlett, please remind her she still has my sweatshirt.
  6. does the license include Sgt Slaughter and Refrigerator Perry? Looks like I can finally make customs for the Village People! 1987 had most of my faves: Chuckles (Hawaiian Shirt), Gung Ho (Marine Dress), Crystal Ball, Taurus, and Blaster. Forget vehicles, I want some playsets.
  7. I'll have what he's having.
  8. Alpha 5 and Ivan Ooze Bulk and Skull
  9. Happy Birthday Luke! appreciate ya!
  10. Episode 5 character and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are two versions of Marvel characters I've been waiting to get minimated.
  11. New movie monster in the self titled, Psycho Goreman. He's a big purple guy, like a bloody Creature from Black Lagoon. I think the closest match I've seen that sort of looks right is Loyal Subjects Ork, or Translucent Purple Skeleton (which is SDCC exc). Who has seen it? How to make PG in minimal scale?
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