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  1. Nice I think I used old school Loki’s yellow cape when I did Space Ghost years ago. How’s about The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton?
  2. Svengoolie single Promo whatever. Fun convention exclusive. He’s got his own Neca and Super 7 toys now and a Mego type doll. Now is the time. He’s on MeTV and I heard they like money. plus, he fits the Minimates brand.
  3. I think Kaine’s cleavage is sexy.
  4. Andor the Disney Plus Show. but really… 7 Piece Boxset Rogue One: Star Wars Story Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K-2S0, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook the Pilot, and Saw Gerrera. personally I would sub out the Pilot for the Villain Ben Mendelson’s character Krennic.
  5. Simpsons House with Homer
  6. Peter B. Parker with baby holder. also X-Men 97 that older Jubilee would be awesome along with other characters that have never been produced.
  7. See what you wanna do is combine the Marvels, as the film suggests, to create Hard Light Kamala. Mix the Walgreens Ms. Marvel with arms and legs from Walgreens Captain Marvel (packed with Red Hulk) and add an unmasked face. Tory from Battlestar works.
  8. I think my Beast Boy is just a Hulk head on a purple Skrull body without the neck piece. And for Aqualad I use Ant Man 2 with black arms and hair from Tekken Raven.
  9. Toot Toot, hop on the One Piece (sea)train. I'm starting to see some merch for the One Piece Netflix show. Funko keychains blind bags and a wave of Capsule toys in the likeness of the Netflix show characters. The anime has been around for a while so there all sorts of statues and different sized figs/minifigs/capsule toys. The closest to minimates I've found were two waves of the early main cast called Cube Mates which were keychains that the chain could be removed. A little smaller than Minimates but larger than the Capsule toys; and with joints. The next closest thing to Minimates are called DeQue or Unifive but are a bit too small for minimates. Featured some cool characters though. The Netflix series has gained popularity, hit em up @DSTZach , Let's do this!
  10. Does not sound like the Gwenom I was looking for anytime soon.
  11. Order in, thanks Luke! You’ve been killin’ it with these last couple customs!
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