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NYCC 2022 MInimates


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$50 is the standard price for a six-pack now. $30 is the standard price for a 4-pack. Fewer accessories in this set is unfortunate, but for most 6-packs we try to include extra parts, figures and accessories. Keep in mind, they all have removable helmets and hairpieces, as well. 

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On 9/28/2022 at 6:51 PM, DSTZach said:

I believe pre-order is Wednesday at midnight EST/9 PM PST, leading into Thursday, the first day of the show. 

I think D&D will be in the case at NYCC, and art is in my presentation. 

Scarlett's chest:

Zach Oat (@zachoat) • Instagram photos and videos

I see the NYCC sets have been put up for pre-order, but they don’t list an arrival ETA. Any idea of when they should ship out?

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1 hour ago, Onyx_6 said:

Free shipping you say? Are you a radical @Padrino?

Or is it a promotion that I missed?

It said $12.99 until checkout. Then, it gave me the price plus sales tax and said “Free shipping”


2 sets of the GI Joe mates was about $68 total (2 plus tax and shipping automatically shifted to free)

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