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  1. Bastion? πŸ€” really hoping we get him at some point. lol I missed out on when @luke314pi auctioned off the custom ones he made.
  2. X-Cutioner for the obscure villain? I wonder...
  3. Bumping this post up because: 1) RIP Akira Toriyama & 2) This post has the most interest in MMs! The market for this certainly sells itself, no @DSTZach? Not giving up because I never thought we’d get Power Rangers and it happened l!
  4. Gotcha. Nonetheless, excited to see some X-Men 'mates. Sounds like Kitty Pryde might make a comeback if it's the 80s!
  5. Any chance we could get some new X-Men minimates from their latest comic line? Some really cool designs in those new series.
  6. I thought they did end up selling well? Ugh, it can't be overstated that this line is a goldmine! @DSTZach; Can the line incorporate characters from Boom! comics?
  7. It's hard to hold your tongue when things like this come up. How do you have the movie suits, the show versions, but no villains? No Ninja suits? No minimate megazords? Hopefully in the future. But make it make sense!
  8. @DSTZach, what do you need from us to keep this line going? The thought of getting the Zeo team, with the GOLD ranger!? It's a gold mine of a Minimate line! πŸ‘€
  9. @DSTZach@luke314pi; Any word on when series 2 will be released?
  10. @DSTZach, can we expect more Power Rangers mates after series 2? Would they be from Mighty Morphin? Any chance for the zords to be minimates too?
  11. This would have been an amazing Box set with the new armors in it. I know we haven’t had a movie mate in a while but the designs in this film are too good to pass up on.
  12. Second a ninjetti pack πŸ‘€ also recommending a villain pack πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
  13. @DSTZach, The Power Rangers Minimates have been a dream come true. Can we expect to see and expansion of the franchise, with villains? Or into the other series? Too early to call? May or may not be buying spares to make sure the sales are up...
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