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The Great Mystery License

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So we got a TV license, something still running, not a streaming original and not any of these listed shows:

South Park

Golden Girls

Rick and Morty

Game of Thrones

What We Do in the Shadows

The Walking Dead

Saturday Night Live

Top Gear

Impractical Jokers


Grey’s Anatomy

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Bob’s Burgers

Dancing With the Stars

Family Guy


Aight detectives. What’ve you got?

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I would love What We Do in the Shadows! That show got us through the pandemic. I would also buy the heck out of a Golden Girls set!

GOT has good customizing potential. The rest I'm kind of "meh" on.

If I am being cynical, I'd say Impractical Jokers, since Joe Gatto recently announced he was leaving. 


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American Horror Story would be cool.

Finally getting the Arrowverse would be epic - Starting with The Flash

The NCIS shows would truly be a WTF line.

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I had thought Sesame Street briefly too, I think it would be very cool. But since Zach's latest post came after that guess, I think we can discount anything preceding his post.

  • Masters of the Universe? That wouldn't be very WTF though, as many have been clamoring for this license to be picked up.
  • If it's CSI: Your City Here, that would be both a WTF and a big fizzle for me.
  • Sex in the City? Bridgerton? They'd both be WTF. The Bachelor? Dr. Pimple Popper?
  • Modern Family?
  • "What If?" would be literally WTF, although would that qualify as a new license?
  • Could it be one of the DC shows like Superman & Lois, where the "WTF" would be "WTF aren't you doing regular DC Comics waves?"
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so many options! would be nice to know if it’s animated or not. idk why but i’m just gonna guess dragonball series? that’s still going right…

either way i’m excited to see something new

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31 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

I'm thinking of venerable mainstays. Doctor Who, anyone?

that was honestly my guess for live-action.

30 minutes ago, Padrino said:

that would be AWESOME! 

i wish i shared the enthusiasm, but i know it’s got a massive following so i could totally see this being real.

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Doctor Who would be great, but only if it includes Classic Who.

I'm guessing it's not that though.

Unfortunately Zach gave us too many clues, because eventually we can just name every TV show lol.

I'm excited at the possibilities though!

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I want to lean toward adult animation, but Rick and Morty & Bob's Burgers we're checked off along with other adult animated series on other networks. 

Just have an inkling it's something animated.

A live action guess would be The Expanse.



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I think it could be wrestling. It definitely would have been totally unexpected (at least by me). The wrestling toy lines have lasted a long time and are in the major retail stores so it could potentially lead to getting minimates into Walmart and back into Target. I could also see them making a ring and other props to go with the figures. I would guess AEW over WWE since they are trying to get name recognition and are probably a cheaper license than WWE. Not my thing but I could see it being successful and it could bring some neat tooling if they made chairs, tables, rings, etc.

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