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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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39 minutes ago, Kotter Comics said:

So I also originally thought of the inappropriate along racial/ethnic terms.  But now I'm hoping that a bronze age Son of Satan is popular enough to qualify.  By all that's (un)holy, I hope I'm right.

Nailed it! My next release will be Hellstrom (Son of Satan). :)

I expect him to go up for preorder next week. Leper Queen should ship this weekend. 

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Here is Hellstrom!  He includes his Netheranium Trident and he is a limited edition of 32. Preorder links were just emailed to past subscribers, and I will post the public preorder link here tomorrow. 

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1 hour ago, Tribble_WC said:

Looks great!

May I ask what fabric you used for the cape piece?

Thanks! The collar is a Lego collar piece, which seems to be made of plastic-coated fabric of some kind.

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