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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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On 9/13/2022 at 4:47 PM, elhonez said:

Zabu has typically been depicted as un-striped, so I may do a little further customization -- @Luke do you think an acetone solution would work on those? I'm unfamiliar with Lego decals.

Hey I just remembered about this - the only type of paint remover I currently have is Goof-Off. It did take the stripes off, but it also took the glossy coat off, leaving that area with a matte finish. You could do that on the whole tiger, but that would also take the paint off the eyes. Or you could do it in just the striped areas, and then add a glossy clear coat to those areas afterwards. 

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"anti-mutant X-Men villain" gives a LOT to play with. 
Boliver Trask? Leper Queen? Graydon Creed w/ some FoH thugs?

X-Cutioner would be a great minimate! V toyetic.
Despite having some trading cards featuring him, and the 90's ToyBiz figure of him... I don't think I've ever read a comic that he was in. Imagine my surprise when I got to the end of X-Cutioner's Song.... and didn't see him once! 


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my thoughts went to the possibility of an intricate and highly-detailed, deluxe graydon creed minimate

black suit with custom head and hair!🤪

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Leper Queen is up for preorder! 





Leper Queen is the masked leader of the Sapien League, an extremist anti-mutant organization that is similar to Friends of Humanity. She includes an enhanced shotgun and laser pistol. The preorder link was just emailed to past subscribers, and I will post the public link tomorrow. For those of you who ordered Cardiac, he will ship on Monday!

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On 12/10/2022 at 2:35 PM, Freaqualizer said:

@luke314pi, Cardiac arrived today and I’m simply over the moon with him! He’s everything I imagined his minimate would look like! Thank you, you’ve made one of my bucket list minimate dreams come true! Merry Christmas!

I'm glad to hear it! ☺️

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