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  1. Well, I am going to mimic the figure, but I don't have the Angel figure you used. So I will likely make a decal for the chest block. Thank you for sharing your concept. I like it and never really though I would make an Adam Strange for my collection until I saw yours. Great job, creative licensing is permitted when the actual parts are not available.
  2. This is a nice QC of Adam Strange. I may have to see if I can find the parts in my fodder to make one for myself. I see you used an Angel Chest block and hip section. Who's arms and legs did you use? The helmet is form Buck Rodgers and the jetpack from a Spiderman, correct?
  3. I WANT ONE! But I don't have a 3D printer.......
  4. Thank you, I worked him up using the multitude of images I had come across and merged what I liked. Thank you for the comments.
  5. So I have worked up two versions of Vandal Savage. I am leaning to keep #1 in my collection and yet I like both versions. Version 1 of Vandal Savage Version 2 of Vandal Savage I have also made Scarecrow, who is likely one of my favorite Batman villains. Version 1 of Scarecrow. I sculpted the hat and used some crafting burlap material to cover a head piece and the top of the chest block. I now the hands are from a Sabretooth figure and I believe the chest block is from a Gabe Jones minimates, not sure about the legs. Version 2 of Scarecrow, I sculpted the head and hat along with the part over the chest block and used a Anti-Ghostbuster body. Then I made Sinestro Corps Scarecrow. I am liking this one but may give him the burlap head treatment as I did sculpt and extra hat just incase. (Note: My six year old niece made the lantern for me as she saw it on a picture and thought Scarecrow needed one of his own.)
  6. I have been tinkering with a Scarecrow and even. Yellow Lantern Scarecrow. I have the parts gathered to try to make a Vandal Savage as well, just need to look at all the parts to figure out the right combination. Stay tuned.
  7. So have decided already to adjust some of my New Reichsmen from Earth 10 customs. I remade Green Lantern, as I made him using my interpretation since the images to find are limited. I remade the Martian Manhunter to look more like some of images I found, but his head and torso are still up to my interpretation of the character. And I also revised my New Reichsman Red Tornado. I finally found the parts of a Regular Red Tornado that used the rest the original for a Red Vision custom in my Spider-Bat line. So I hope these are better as I am going to keep them in my collection and retire the original three I made. I also tweaked Underwaterman and added a piece to him to make him look more the part.
  8. Thank you everyone who has commented so far. I appreciate the feedback. I hope to keep making DC and more Star Trek customs as I have the time.
  9. Minimike: thank you for the interest in my customs. The head of Martian Manhunter is that of Heroic Hobgoblin. I appreciate it and the question about the parts is welcome. I hope you are able to expand your DC collection like I am doing. Happy Customizing!
  10. Thanks, Zach. I never read the story arc myself but found the images in the DC wiki when looking for alternative versions of our favorite heroes. I know that these versions may be seen in a negative light but I have a thing for history and I like to see the alternate variants of characters.
  11. No worries, Corvus Glaive. If I had a Jaga helmet I would have used it for Faust. But the Corvus Glaive helmet was what I felt was best looking for Blitzen.
  12. Thank you for the acknowledgment. I appreciate the kind words . The head for Faust is that of Bison (player two). While the head for Blitzan is that of Crimson Viper.
  13. Earth Ten is part of the DC Multiverse but in this universe the Earth was conquered by the Germans during World War II and thus the superheroes are in place to serve the government. Here are the New Reichsmen which is the Justice League of Earth 10. Overman (Superman of Earth 10) Brunhilde (Wonder Woman of Earth 10 who is actually a Valkyrie from Asgard: after all this is a German based character and they were part of the realm of Norse Mythology.) Leatherwing (Batman of Earth 10, he is the grandson of a World War 1 fighter pilot, Evil Ace.) Underwaterman (Aquaman of Earth 10, He was part of the team but over time did not fully believe the motives were the right side of things.) Blitzen (The Flash of Earth 10) Green Lantern (The Green Lantern of Earth 10. This is a placeholder more or less until I find better source images to make a more accurate version.) So I figured out I can put my own twist on the Earth 10 New Reichsmen Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter. Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter (my interpretation of the two characters. I am happy with Manhunter but may still tweak Tornado at some point in the future.)(*NOTE: I have changed my Earth 10 Red Tornado and will share an updated image of him once I have taken more pictures of customs.)
  14. Here are some concepts for Justice League Legacy. Hunter Prince (Wonder Woman's son, raised by Superman, in a future timeline) Eldoris Curry (Aquaman and Mera's daughter in a future timeline.) Cube (Cyborg's son in a future timeline.) Jenny and Jason Allen (They are the twin children of Barry Allen's The Flash and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in a future timeline.) They are also Lanterns that can channel all the colors of the spectrum not just Green. Jenny favors White, while Jason leans to the Black but each use all of them. (from what I have read about them.) I am still trying to work on a Nora Allen for the series but not sure how to do her just yet with the parts and such I have. However, I am still going to be toying around with the figure.
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