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  1. Zach, you're going to need to get us a set with Ospreay, Mercedes, and Okada.
  2. I do the same thing, especially now that we're getting so few Marvel Minimates compared to years past. On the other hand, I'm pretty far out of what's currently going on in Marvel Comics right now, so a character that *I* don't think deserves to be 'mated may be one that's actually pretty prominent right now.
  3. So could a reasonable person guess MJF, Sting, Darby Allin, and Bryan Danielson and sleep through the night?
  4. Going to guess MJF and Bryan Danielson will be in this set, but the other two are hard to pin down. I would think Darby and Sting, but it's been semi-confirmed that will be the next two pack, right?
  5. Not sure about some of the hair choices but otherwise these look great.
  6. LOL I actually meant solicits for a third box set or a second two pack (which I assume is Darby and Sting). I should have been more specific!
  7. A troop builder set with a standard Cobra soldier, BAT, and Crimson Guardsman would be super cool.
  8. Very glad to hear about the renewal, which I assume also means more Transformers. And maybe we'll get really lucky and they'll let y'all do Rom or the Micronauts.
  9. They also have the Villains set, but that one is full price. Still, if you buy both you'll qualify for free shipping even with the discount on the Heroes set.
  10. If anyone is still looking for these, they are being carried by Hasbro Pulse, and the Heroes set is part of their Season's Savings deal, so you can get 25% off your order (35% if you're a Pulse premium member, which I am not). This is the first time I've seen them carry Minimates, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this set as part of the sale.
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