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  1. Got my ring today; it's very cool. I do still question including an announcer with it rather than, you know, some wrestlers; I understand the thinking that it will force people to go and buy one of the box sets, but I think it's just as likely that people will pass on this set entirely because they don't have anyone to play in it with. Stick MJF and Eddie Kingston in here instead of Excalibur and all the weapons and I think you've got a total home run. Anyway, I am very much enjoying the AEW line, though I do wish we had some belts for these guys. I need to declare some champions! I was looking at that old WWE line from a few years ago to see if they had any compatible parts, and I had forgotten just how awful those figures were. Maybe the worst minifigures ever made?
  2. Considering his prominence in the new Image comic, Jetfire makes a lot of sense. I like the idea of the Fire in the Sky set and would be very happy with Ironhide and Ratchet (though Wheeljack remains my number one want). I'd be very happy to get another Soundwave in cartoon colors, especially if he comes with some cassettes. I could also see the SDCC set as a good chance to get Devastator (I'm not up on my specific Transformers episodes enough to know who else should come in a set with him). But really, I'll be happy with anyone. These sets have all been great and I can't get enough of them.
  3. A super fun set. Peter, Gwen, and Miles have all been done plenty, but it's always nice to get updates, and I love the new web hands. Ben and Miguel are wonderful (and much needed) updates. A lot of care went into making them. But the star...THE STAR...AT LONG LAST...SPIDER-HAM! Even without articulation it's still a thrill to finally get him; I feel like I willed this one into existence at long last. Now all I need is the Rocketeer and Usagi Yojimbo! Also, I got another cool new Minimate product from Luke's Toy Store (your only source for Minimates) and had a little fun with it:
  4. Last Ronin would be my guess too.
  5. Zach, just tell me now that the TMNT set isn't going to include Usagi Yojimbo so I don't get my hopes up.
  6. That looks great! Apparently I never preordered it, so it gave me a reason to place a nice big Luke order. 😁
  7. Pleasantly surprised to hear we're getting exclusives this year!
  8. Yeah, I think this is a good read. I think we tend to conflate the two in our minds, but I think Transformers is significantly more popular.
  9. AEW set three is now up for preorder from most retailers. As always, you should use Luke, because he's Luke.
  10. Cool, thanks. 🙂 AEW has such an impossibly deep roster. You could make a set just of people that have debuted (or will debut) this month and it would be awesome: Ospreay, Okada, Mercedes next week. Just an embarrassment of riches. I'm considering making a Timeless Toni Storm black and white custom. There's definitely enough pieces in the Sin City line to start with, though I think a different hairpiece will be needed. More research must be done (hail Ivan).
  11. Are these going to be available to other retailers, or just on DST's site? I always try to order from Luke (as everyone should), but if he's not going to get them I'll gladly preorder now.
  12. LOL I'm just glad he doesn't come with a can of WOOOO Energy.
  13. I agree with you, but I also totally understand Zach's point and if they can sell some extra sets and we get more AEW Minimates because of that, it will be a good thing.
  14. Well that last one is...unexpected:'s+Last+Match)+-+Mar.+3rd+(65d7b24bd1cdcc64e2723a16)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend
  15. This would be a good week to announce the AEW Minimate set with Sting!
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