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Modifying Marvel Minimates


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I had dug out all of my Outback-related X-Men mates, and recognized that with Mirage Michelangelo's spinning 'chucks I could make a pretty decent QC. I'm still not 100% on the head (TWD Gabriel), but it works for now.

And if I get ambitious, I may someday use the second spinner to do a Talisman (80s Contest of Champions), the only other character I know who uses a bullroarer.

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Didn't realize how many customs I'm making since there's so few minimates coming out

Yelena Belova. This is a rare one for me, all QC parts, no paint (well except for the alt hair I made for her)

Hit Monkey. Suit body with arms as legs. Face is an old man Logan. Glasses were cut off Jack Bauer hair(I think) hands, feet and hair from werewolf by night. Tail from nightcrawler, Shaved off the point at the end

Matt Fraction Hawkeye. No specific parts.

Battle damaged Sabretooth. I picked up the torso from Zombie ST and repainted the orange to match the Jim Lee ST

Bulked up, all sand Sandman. The specific parts are obvious from terminator. The rest are random parts.

Jim Lee Punisher. Torso from First Appearance Punisher. Boot and glove cuff and thigh straps from a strike force figure.

Sabertooth. Just repainted a fur coat and put it on Axis Sabretooth

Sam Wilson Captain America. Just the comic figure with the MCU wings repainted.


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Thank you all for the kind words! 

big thank you to @Heinousfor being so supportive and patient with me as I ALWAYS bug him with questions and ask for his opinion. 

@Padrino, thank you so much!

@elhonez, I wish the ears were a bit more rounded, which I may end up doing in the future. However, it’s a lot of cutting to make that piece fit with the Kuma torso. Steal away! 

@AFMcGill, I love all manner of obscure characters. LoL. Headsman was one of my favorites from the Thunderbolts. I’ll have to look for that Goblin. 

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8 minutes ago, WookieFodder said:

Any ideas to make Khonshu from Moon Knight? Maybe there's a Roblox that looks similar, I know they have some Egyptian looking ones.

A friend is also looking to make one, and I think the closest we’ve seen is the Adam Maitland scary head from Beetlejuice

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